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SafeMoon Lowdown (May 3rd, 2022)

SafeMoon Wallet Update | MoonCast | Fund Launch Live | Networking Statistics

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SafeMoon Wallet Update

Android Update

  • Maintenance update

  • Fixed gas speed allowances in the swap to accommodate higher volume and volatility for bsc tokens.

  • Fixed an issue where the currency converter was not recalculating when reversing the fields.

  • UI improvements in collectibles


  • SWaP Improvements

  • Walletconnect issues resolved

"Maintenance updates for the #SAFEMOONWALLET have been released for iOS/Android. If they don't appear in your region yet, they will roll out to you soon I've included the Android list. iOS has swap improvements and Walletconnect fixes. #SAFEMOONARMY" - Galan


Another edition of MoonCast, SafeMoon's Educational Podcast took place on the 1st of May 2022 where SafeMoon Education manager, CatsRus shares the SafeMoon Pulse April Monthly recap followed by a Q & A. All questions asked are posted below.

A special thank you to Pheonix and Burns for helping with the transcription of this weeks MoonCast! We appreciate you both so much.

  • Are cross-chain and Swap and Evolve coming?

  • Do we have an update on the merch?

  • How do we feel about SafeMoon being implemented into metaverse?

  • When will bank transfers be enabled in the SafeMoon Wallet app?

  • When and where can we see John in the Las Vegas video?

  • I transferred some of my BSC crypto from Bitmart to my SafeMoon Wallet and it showed up on BSCscan as from Bitmart Wallet 2. Is that correct?

  • Do we have an update on pTokens and cross-chain?

  • What were the reasons for the router upgrade?

  • I spent over 250 hours playing Mooncraft server and spent $800-$1,000 for diamond rank perk and crates. Will I be getting anything back now that the Mooncraft server is closing?

  • Is SafeMoon having better luck getting GloToks (global tokenomics) programmed in our own CEX than these other exchanges having tried to program it in on their already-developed CEX?

  • Can we have details of the different tiers for the partners yet?

  • What happened to Enhance [Token]? Why are others' vetted projects failing?

  • Any info on what's going to happen with the current accumulated tokens of Swap & Liquify?

  • When will the gas fees be decreased on the wallet?

  • Since we will be getting NFTs, will there be a way to stake the NFTs like other projects have done?

  • When will SafeMoon's wallet UI be updated?

  • Have you heard how things went with John in Vegas?

  • What are the odds of enterprising individual holders being able to contribute and offer the fruits of their imaginations and creative efforts and the proposed merchandise store to others in the community that may wish to possess them?

To view the MoonCast Q&A Click here

Fund Launch Live

CEO John Karony tweeted, "What an amazing conference. Fund Launch Live went really well, met and had discussions with some great folks. Sketch and team are processing the footage, we will release it when they get done. Keep an eye on the socials."💚

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden responded.

"It was pretty incredible to see our CEO up on stage giving a shout out to the #SAFEMOONARMY in front of a thousand Hedge Fund, VC Firms, and Real Estate Moguls. ROI <—-> ROI" - Hayden

Networking Statistics

Did you know?

  • 65% of new business comes from referrals [New York Times]

  • 92% of people trusted referrals [Nielson]

  • 49% of people find a new job through networking (which is much higher than any other way). []

  • 85% of customers are acquired through word of mouth. (Good thing we have an amazing Award-winning community!) [allignable]

  • 25% of business people don’t do any networking [Hubspot]

Read more on Networking in April's SafeMoon Pulse monthly recap.

SafeMoon Website Sneak Peak

SafeMoon's VP of Operations tweeted the Sneak Peak of the SafeMoon Website. In response a SafeMoon community member asked how things were.

@JoshuaChilcutt Hope you're doing well Sir. I hope all the noise and social media dramas have not affected the work on progress for @Safemoon employees & the company.

"The Safemoon team and I are well. Not everything worth doing is easy, but it is worth it!"

The sales team chimed in, "Well said Joshua!" 💚

Mandala Update

Mandala Community Manager confirmed SFM will first relaunch with local tokenomics. "Global Tokenomics to follow" however no timeline has been announced yet for Global Tokenomics.

⏰SFM trading will go live on May 10th @ 2AM UTC with Local Tokenomics implemented.


"Just because it is not happening right now doesn't mean it never will."
"Gm 🌞 Remember not to rush things you want to last & don’t allow anyone to take away your peace today! 🤍" - Whiskey

SafeMoon Partner News

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's most recent news.

SafeMoon Stats

Swap Volume by Hydra

SafeMoon Glubiz



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SafeMoon Key Moments

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