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SafeMoon Lowdown (May 30th, 2022)

Updated: May 31, 2022

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Video Credit to @Hypafly1

Swap & Evolve

SafeMoon announced that Swap and Evolve is officially live!

"Swap & Evolve has now gone LIVE! 🔀🏁🙌 If you'd like to understand more about this feature there will be educational material in the next few days! 📗 In the meantime, you're welcome to dive into the #SAFEMOON communities & get curious! 🔎 Happy Sunday!"

Status Display

Glubiz added a Swap & Evolve progression bar to his site!

"A Swap and Evolve Progression bar is now implemented on the Dashboard of the website. It tells you how many BNB is in the contract (Green) and how many is left to Swap and Evolve (Red). Once it's completely green Swap and Evolve will be triggered."

"The progression bar has been fixed now Took a little time to add the Holders change as the actual number of new holders instead of the percentage too."

"Getting close to a third completion in just a little more than 14 hours. At this rate the contract will accumulate 132.32 BNB every 2.2 days. The rate will slow with as the price increases, but increase as the exchange rate between Safemoon and BNB lowers." - Glubiz

It looks and sounds like the S&E progression bar is a hit 👀 This is the site traffic over the past 24 hours, I wonder when it went live 🤔😂 I appreciate all the amazing feedback I get! You all are the reason why the site is what it is 🙏

Educational Articles

The SafeMoon Education Team released two education articles about what Swap & Evolve is and how it works! Stay tuned for educational images.

For a simplified explanation of Swap & Evolve, click here.

For an in-depth technical explanation, click here.

S&E Memes

SafeMoon Spyros made some memes I am sure many of us can currently relate to right now. 😆

"In a nutshell, S&E is a great thing for the price that affects it positively, unlike the S&L the contract was running all this time." - Spyros

"I can't be the only one." - Spyros

Community Thoughts on S&E

SafeMoon Spidey shared his thoughts on Swap & Evolve.

"OK, let's talk Swap And Evolve (S&E)! Let's start at the beginning, #Tokenomics: SafeMoon's fee is 10%: 4% reflections 3% LP 2% Burn 1% Growth The 3% LP is what we are going to focus on. When someone Buys or Sell's SafeMoon, the 3% fee is collected in the token it is purchased with (BUSD or BSC). That 3% is collected until it reaches a certain limit, which is going to be 132.32 BSC according to the contract. When the limit has been reached The BSC will be split; 66.16 will be used to BUY SafeMoon and 66.16 will kept as BSC to pair with the recently purchased SafeMoon and both put into the LP. These buys should be exempt from tokenomics. So, what does this all mean?

#SafeMoon launches the #SafeMoonExchange, FOMO kicks in and the price goes launching up! Guess what, S&E kicks in and makes the price go higher! After the launch, people take profits and/or whales sell... Guess what, S&E kicks in and helps boost the price. What else?

With every S&E that happens, the LP is reinforced making it so that LARGE sells have less and less of an impact on the price. So, the sells have less of an impact on the price, BUT S&E can STILL have a POSITIVE impact on the price! WHA?!...

That took me a LONG time to work out... I couldn't fathom how a sell could have less of an impact, while buys still have a positive impact. It almost sounds too good to be true, but trust me... it's true. If you want to understand WHY that works... Then you need to research how the price on a Defi LP is created. So, that is not all... ANY transaction that has a portion of the tax, that goes into the LP will ALSO contribute: - Card tax .03% - Transfers 1% - SWaP .17% Future: CEX? Blockchain? Turbines? NFTs? Connect?

We are early, but what about the future when we go into our next recession? The LP is getting continually reinforced and when the #SafeMoonEcosystem & #GloToks are added, it is going to be built up faster! This is going to help keep creating volume and KEEP the price from...

Being floored as easily... TLDR; Basically, FOMO, price goes up MORE bc of S&E. Big SELLS, price reduced less because S&E makes buys to help increase price. Things that contribute to S&E: Buys/Sells/Transfers/SWaP/Card Buys are tokenomics exempt. Did I miss anything? Reference: Contract:…


Spidey continues on to say

"Why is #SwapAndEvolve huge? Aside from what I have already said? I mean, I have already told you, but let's extrapolate a little bit more... When #SafeMoon drops the #SafeMoonBlockchain and becomes #SafeMoonCoin, that will presumably be paired with USDT or another stable coin, AND having S&E still active, we will have the power to potentially break away from the market that is controlled by Bitcoin. Will we be able to break away completely... That is left to people that are smarter than me... but.

I do think we can break away from the bitcoin control, but using S&E, Reflections, AND the deflationary BURN! #Tokenomincs is HIGHLY under-rated and I, personally, think that #SafeMoon built their tokenomics perfectly!

The BIG question is... Assuming that we can burn through the supply pretty rapidly without the price increasing too much (since price increases slow the burn)... What would they do with the 2% from the burn, one it is turned off? LP? Reflections? Ecosystem? Split evenly among? @OBgynFl Just made a good point... If/when they turn off the burn, they could lower the Tokenomics by 2%, making it 8% versus the 10% we have now... That is a thought too!"

SafeMoon Standard

SafeMoon Anthem

"AS REQUESTED: MORE COWBELL!!! I don’t mess around! 🤣🤣🐮🐄🤠"
"Psst @safemoon There was a prescription for more cowbell, and the order’s arrived."

"Another piece for you all Love you ❣️ @safemoon"

Community Contributions

"Seeing all the talent in the #SAFEMOONARMY Uncle FOMO brought out the 🎷🔥🔥! He heard about the @SAFEMOON album 👀 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂"

Created by SafeMoonArmy

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