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SafeMoon Lowdown (May 28th, 2022)

Updated: May 29, 2022

Mod-Hosted Twitter Space | CoinMarketCap Update | Utah Meetup

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SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

Mod-Hosted Twitter Space with Space Capsule Giveaway

SafeMoon Discord moderator Sharcaan Tweeted, "I'll be hosting a twitter space tomorrow at 10am EST during which I will be giving away two Official SafeMoon Space Capsules. To be eligible to win you must follow myself and @SafeMoon and Like, retweet and comment #SAFEMOON32 on this tweet."

Veno Retweeted commenting, "Two more #SafeMoon Space Capsule giveaways?! You don't say! One of the last opportunities to win a capsule! Don't miss out #SafeMoonArmy!"

CoinMarketCap Update

SafeMoon's information on CoinMarketCap has been updated! Now you can see data such as core team members, socials, and more!

SafeMoon community member Danny commented, "#safemoon I like this update this gives more transparency for new holders 😎"

He also added, "Just checked a few other [popular] tokens and they don't have this feature, only saw it on the big top tier coins like BTC, ETH , Cardano, TRON and Avalanche."

Utah Meetup

VP of Operations USA Josh Chilcutt shared, "Had the pleasure of hosting some of the #SAFEMOONARMY at the #SafemoonHQ. Shouted them some #Pizza and yes, @CptHodl there is #Pineapple on the 1st pie!!!"

Hayden added, "Top notch group of people right here! CHEERS MATES 🍺"

"🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 🍍👀"

Community member Don Bailey Tweeted, "Guess who??? @JoshuaChilcutt

at @safemoon HQ…."

SafeMoon Dreaming posted this photo saying, "Look who I ran into after our show today at #SAFEMOON HQ. @JoshuaChilcutt ! We are SO lucky to have the BEST development team EVER in Decentralized Finance! I'm so proud to be apart of the #SAFEMOONARMY HODL family!"

Affinity CMO Zach met up with Hayden, Jonas and the rest of the gang to hang out!

He also posted, "Thank you for the tremendous dinner last night @SafeAddict! Also it was a pleasure meeting the @CryftC creators and minds behind the project. Spent good time with @SafeMoonWing and @SafemoonJonas! Was able to spend a lot of personable time with all these people"

He continued, "@LeetCoins@DonBaileySpeaks@JEREMIAH1SFMWC@CryftCreator

@CryftWizard@stefskye@DeFi__TJ If I missed a tag, I’m sorry, I’m trying to remember everyone’s handle on the fly and I know I forgot a couple. It’s always different doing business in person & just learning about people."

Don Bailey Tweeted, "To be clear: @safemoonwing does indeed have on

@safemoon gear today."

Jeremiah Tweeted, "I just want to give a special thanks to the @safemoon

team again. You guys rock!!! @SafeMoonWing@SafemoonJonas@CptHodl #SAFEMOON#SAFEMOONARMY"

"Just had an amazing experience at the #EgyptianTheater with @JoshuaChilcutt @safemoonstacey @CryftCreator @stefskye @GarrettHutslar @DonBaileySpeaks @TroySmothers3 @DreamingSFM @Williamsroller"

Community member Addict Tweeted, "What a day, what a few days, Just Wow! #SafeMoon is The Way! Such Great People at #SafeMoon This is why I have always been so dedicated [to the] #SafeMoonArmy and #SafeMoon the Company! @SafeMoonWing @SafemoonJonas @JoshuaChilcutt @CptHodl @safemoon"

"Another amazing day with the #SafemoonFamily. @DeFi__TJ @LeetCoins @JEREMIAH1SFMWC @CryftWizard @DonBaileySpeaks @DreamingSFM @stefskye @KeveHeavy"

Limited Edition SafeMoon Energy Drinks by Enhance

Enhance CEO Chase Coleman Tweeted, "Y’all ready for a Friday? 1,000 Retweets and I’m dropping this Limited Edition @safemoon Can from #EnhanceEnergyDrink where ALL PROCEEDS go towards our New #SafeMoon Staking Pool so we can continue assisting the #SafeMoonArmy safely to the moon! What else today?"

SafeMoon Retweeted with, "🧉🌑🚀"

Enhance Tweeted, "Per Request of the #SafeMoonArmy @SafeMoon

Energy Drink Cases are LIVE on SHOP.HELLOENHANCE.COM

#SafeMoon X #EnhanceToken Brought to you by @EnhanceToken"

"You guys are the best! Thank you for all the love on SHOP.HELLOENHANCE.COM We appreciate you🙏❤️" - CEO Chase

Enhance V3

Version 3 of @EnhanceToken is now LIVE on the #SAFEMOON SWaP! Find them at🙌 It's always a joy to see partner projects maturing and evolving their products to keep moving toward their visions🚀 Please join us in celebrating their evolution!🥳

SafeMoon Glubiz

Glubix Tweeted, "The first of the updates to come is the ability to see exactly how many tokens are bought and sold the past 24 hours. Toggle the new stats by clicking the text above the progression bar 🙌"

He made yet another improvement! "Just made another improvement for 👀 The navigation menu text has been replaced with icons to make the menu less chunky on mobile devices - I hope you like it 🙏 More to come 😉"

BSC Daily

BSC Daily Tweeted, "@safemoon Wallet - the Evolving Design Language Applied 💪 #SafeMoon Wallet - it's not just wallet 🔥 #SFM - A human-focused technology and innovation business expanding blockchain technologies for a brighter tomorrow🚀"

Twitter Space Live from SafeMoon HQ

Check out this community-run Twitter Space, hosted by Jeremiah and Addict from the SafeMoon HQ with special guests Hayden and Jonas!

SafeMoon Song

Darren Tweeted, "Guitar idea… Maybe a SafeMoon chant of some kind should be added over this… Brainstorming and having fun…"

He added, "This could be the theme song - or I can go a totally different route. I still am unsure what musical genre it should be. Rock? Hip hop? What do you think? I’ll write it right now."