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SafeMoon Lowdown (May 27th, 2022)

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Twitter Space

Community member Jeremiah Tweeted, "The SafeMoon Water Cooler will be broadcasting live 5/27 today from the @Safemoon headquarters in Utah. Our special time will be 11 AM EST. My co-host @SafeAddict will be joining us and a few surprise guest! See you in the morning!"

Who is joining them, I wonder 🤔🤔🤔

Cryptopia/SafeMoon HQ

SafeMoon Tweeted, "Anyone going to be saying hello to the #SAFEMOON team at @CryptopiaSLC today? Rumour has it there may be some t-shirts too! The password is... CHEERS, MATE!"

Hayden also Tweeted, "Who are @SafemoonJonas and I seeing today @CryptopiaSLC? Looking forward to meeting you all "

SafeMoonDreaming found Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing and Sales and Growth Manager Jonas Harmer at the Utah crypto event! She replied, "Me! Love you guys! Fabulous day! #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY"

"Look who I found! @SafemoonJonas. Love #SAFEMOON"

"Where could I be?" CryftWizard teased.

"Cheers Mates! @SafeMoonWing @SafemoonJonas"

Mad Clovers commented, "They do exist" Awesome picture, guys!

Troy also got to meet up with everyone at the HQ! "Straight from the #SAFEMOON HQ!! @LeetCoins @DeFi__TJ @JEREMIAH1SFMWC @CryftWizard @DonBaileySpeaks @SafeMoonWing @SafemoonJonas"

The wonderful Don Bailey was able to get a picture with Cheese and Sketch! "I was able to find Sketch and @SafemoonJonas ... not pictured. @SafeMoonWing holding the boom mic"

Wallet Update

"Hi - an Android update for the #SAFEMOONWALLET has just been pushed live. Primarily to update the new code for the Wyre Widget, but we have also added a couple new features. #SAFEMOONARMY" - Galan of Taa

WHAT'S NEW (Live on Android & iOS)

  • Updated Wyre Widget to new specifications

  • Token Balances from "My Tokens" partner list now appear in the SWAP

  • Token contract addresses added to token info popup

Behind the Scenes

"BEHIND THE SCENES: This is NOT currently in development, but, it gives you a small window into how we consider designs for our products. In this sample, you can see some re-thinking of the #SAFEMOON wallet, it's contrast schemes and our evolving design language."

They added, "BEHIND THE SCENES: It isn't just the wallet... We consider how our design language might apply to all our existing and future products. Here is a 'prototype' example of how the #SAFEMOON SWaP could have our evolving design language applied."

CEO John Karony retweeted adding, "BEHIND THE SCENES: We are always evolving. I love what I am seeing so far. Great work team!"

Did You Apply?

Did you recently apply for a position with SafeMoon? You may have gotten an error when trying to submit, but have no worries!! SafeMoon Tweeted to reassure everyone:

Those of you that had an error message after applying for the new position, we can confirm that:

Your submission arrived 🙌

The visual error should now have been corrected

Remember you can check out this exciting #SAFEMOON role and others at👏

SafeMoon Twitter Account

Community member and Twitter Space host SafeMoon Zeus brought attention to SafeMoon's new icon saying, "#SAFEMOON is a work of art in my opinion #SAFEMOONARMY.🏅"

SafeMoon Standard

Enhance CEO Chase "Ace" Coleman Tweeted, "I WILL #ENHANCEDEFI. You can’t spell #UNITE without #EUNIT#Motivation" Ace is most definitely SafeMoon Standard material!

Enhance Chief Information Officer MegaTron shared, "When I first met Ace I realized this man was something special! A motivator, a mentor, a brother, who never focuses on how large the challenge is but how to overcome that challenge look, down on the summit of victory, reach out his hand to make sure we are all right beside him."

SafeMoon Educator Tweeted, "A champion team will always beat a team of champions We all learn & get better every day. As a unit we can do anything, we only need to have our common goal in mind. And it does not end there, because this is only a stopover to greater deeds #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY"

Malibu 32

SafeMoon Tim got a conversation going between Hayden and Malibu Rum on Twitter recently! He got Hayden involved in the conversation by commenting, "The #safemoon army loves Malibu also!🚀🏖️ First stop, a beach chair, then the moon! Hey @SafeMoonWing can we make them the first official Rum of @safemoon🍹" Hayden replied, "Malibu Moon Mix has a nice ring to it 😉" and added, "Let's talk! I have lots of things we could discuss😉"

Malibu Rum responded with, "tell us what's on your mind 😌," then Hayden replied, "Let's take this convo to DMs to we don't spoil any potential surprises."

SafeMoon Discord moderator Hoffy asked the Twitter community, "What would you call the @SafeMoon and @MalibuRum mixed drink? Moonjuice? Fudders Tears? 32Malibu?"

What do you think #SAFEMOONARMY? @MalibuRum I really like the sound of Malibu 32 😉" - Hayden

Community Content

"When the #SAFEMOONARMY gets an interview @SAFEMOON HQ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂" - Safemoon JuJu

SafeMoon's Vice President of Operation USA, Josh Chilcutt, replied, "Not going to say it's true, but... hahaha"

"Yup, I had to post my car again in celebration of how well Safemoon is doing today! I hope everyone is doing well and having a good day!" - LectricTraveler