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SafeMoon Lowdown (May 26th, 2022)

Updated: May 27, 2022

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SafeMoon Website

Progression to the internal testing and review stage!

"PROGRESS UPDATE: The revamped site has progressed to the internal testing & review stage with the community team. 🔍 They are improving it on the behalf of the #SAFEMOONARMY so it serves you superbly! 🥳 NEXT STAGE: Inviting #SAFEMOON community members in the coming weeks. 🙌"


SafeMoon community member @cparb311 commented, "It's very clear that the team is working hard! Thank you😊👏👏👏"

SafeMoon responded, "You have no idea. Well. You have some idea...!😅Honestly, heroic efforts behind the scenes. That still doesn't really do justice to the effort, dedication and momentum going on in every department. We're deeply proud to be team #SAFEMOON!🙌"

NEW Career Opportunity

"PROGRESS UPDATE: What might V2 customer service look like? 🤔 What might world-class, empathy-driven customer service FEEL like? 🥰 We have a plan. Now we need the people! 😊 First position just went live! 🙌 CHECK IT: 👇👇👇👇" TIER 2 CUSTOMER SUCCESS AGENT

- SafeMoon

Space Capsule

Can't quite believe there are only 3 days left to get your hands on the limited edition #SAFEMOON Space Capsule!

SafeMoon added,

Unlimited supply. Limited time window within which to order. The number ordered is how many will be produced. But then they will never be produced again. This is why orders close on the 29th and the Capsules ship later following production.

Click here to order one of these limited edition capsules!

HQ Visitors

"Guess where we are?" - TJ

A few familiar friends from the #SAFEMOONARMY stopped by the #SAFEMOON HQ today! 👋 @DonBaileySpeaks, @JEREMIAH1SFMWC,@LeetCoins, @DeFi__TJ, @TroySmothers3 🥳 Cheers, Mates! 🍻
"A few familiar friends from the #SAFEMOONARMY stopped by the #SAFEMOON HQ today! 👋 @DonBaileySpeaks , @JEREMIAH1SFMWC , @LeetCoins , @DeFi__TJ , @TroySmothers3 🥳 Cheers, Mates! 🍻"

"When someone says "Cheers mate"

Social Engagement

"Which projects are receiving more attention from the @BNBCHAIN ecosystem 👀? Let's find out the answer through our graphic below showcasing the Top Projects by 24h Social Engagement 📊 @safemoon @CashCowProtocol @BabyDogeCoin @PancakeSwap @RichQuack #BSCNews #BNBChain #DEX" - BSC NEWS

SafeMoon Buys

SafeMoon Warrior Tweeted,

#SafeMoon buys are outperforming sells by a 9:1 ratio in the last 24h.

Crypto News

Ethereum's cofounder says we'll soon use 'soulbound tokens' to verify things like school and employment — all stored in a 'souls' wallet

According to the Business Insider article, "Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin co-wrote a 37-page paper this month laying out how Ethereum's future will center around an ecosystem called a Decentralized Society.

A key aspect of this theoretical future is 'soulbound tokens,' which will be available for use later this year. (Yes, the name is likely derived from the World of Warcraft's 'soulbound items,' which Buterin has previously praised.)

SBTs are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that a person can earn based in part on their job and education history. Unlike regular NFTs, they're non-transferable (though people can revoke them if they choose.) SBTs would represent a person's reputation and accomplishments, a kind of 'extended resume,' Buterin wrote."

Click here for the full article

JPMorgan sees hope for Bitcoin as one of its leading ‘alternative assets’

"Despite a huge sell-off in cryptocurrencies, JPMorgan believes that Bitcoin’s fair price is 28% higher than its present level. This would seem to signal a 'significant upside from here.' In fact, the firm had also claimed that $38,000 would be a reasonable price for Bitcoin.

Cryptos have also replaced real estate as one of the bank’s favoured 'alternative assets,' or assets that don’t fit into traditional categories like stocks and bonds. According to a note written by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou on Wednesday," as reported by AMB Crypto.

Click here for the full article

Partner News

Enhance token will be relaunching their new contract soon.

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's most recent news.

SafeMoon Stats

SafeMoon Glubiz

Swap Volume by Hydra


MoonCast Check out the timestamped transcript and video of episode #39 (15 May 2022) of MoonCast. Where Education Manager Cats recaps the month of May so far and also answers some community questions.

📝MoonCast will resume in June! Education Manager and Mooncast Host CatsRus is on a much-deserved vacation!!! We all hope he has a wonderful and safe trip!


Fund Launch Live

SafeMoon CEO John Karony delivered a keynote at Fund Launch Live in Las Vegas on April 28th, 2022.