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SafeMoon Lowdown (May 24th, 2022)

Updated: May 25, 2022

Cryptopia | SafeMoon Chart | SafeMoon Community

"How Did You Come Across SafeMoon" Poll | FXStreet Article

Twitter Space (SafeMoon Talk with Zeus): One Immortal | Crypto News

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SafeMoon Tweeted, "Some of the #SAFEMOON team will ABSOLUTELY be visiting #CRYPTOPIA on May 26th! 🥳 A bunch of you were asking... now you know! 🙌"

Scott Paul, a SafeMoon supporter and co-founder of the event, added, "It’s gets better! Anyone who was at our first event in January gets a key to Cryptopia: an NFT for being [an] OG."

SafeMoon Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing retweeted the post saying, "I'm going 😄Who am I going to see @CryptopiaSLC?"

Community member Randolph said, "You need to sort a UK one...... no pressure."

Hayden replied tagging @scottycoin and saying, "Let's talk." SafeMoon added, "#UnitedCrypto in United Kingdom?" and Hayden responded with, "Uhmmmmm you genius."

Affinity will also be at the event! They Tweeted, "This week our CMO @CptPoundTown

will be in Utah by himself for @CryptopiaSLC and then in July we are booked to be at the

@NFT_Expoverse and can meet our friends over at @EnhanceToken!" Hayden replied saying, "Nice! Stop by the office @CptPoundTown"

SafeMoon Chart

As of 10am UTC, SafeMoon is GREEN on the 24hr chart (+7.4%), 7d chart (+41.3%), 14d chart (+43.6%) and the 30d chart (+3.0).

SafeMoon Community

Yesterday, SafeMoon posted this question to the community:

"A brand new and happy shiny Monday to you! ☀️ Why don't we kick the week off with a nice question! 🙌 What is it that drives you to be so involved in the #SAFEMOONARMY? What is it that you believe makes the #SAFEMOON community special to you and perhaps to others? 🤔 GO! 🚀"

Here are just some of the responses we've read so far from our amazing community:

"I love the evolution of the project! The way how SafeMoon evolved from an chaotic project to an well structured company with clear visions and an formidable leadership :) I am very confident in #SAFEMOON future! That’s why I invest my free time to support the #SAFEMOONARMY" - Hydra

"I got into SafeMoon because a friend told me to throw $100 at it... After a week of figuring out how to, I did. lol I stayed and because part of the community, at first, because of the #Tokenomics. It meant that I didn't have to try to "play the market" to make money. I decided to fatten my $100 holdings to an undisclosed amount, after listening to John speak, learning of his background, and learning of his dreams for the company. That is when I really became an advocate for the company and have tried to be someone the community could turn to for help or questions, if they needed it. Now, I have some great friends and family in the community, that I didn't know just over 1 year ago. Cheers!" - SafeMoon Spidey

"The hopes that Safemoon will release products one day that will increase the value of my investment to a point that I can be financially free enough to continue to do what I love, regardless of how much money I do or do not make from it. And I love that I’ve found many like me." - Metaverse Josh

"I just really love to point 👈 And without #SAFEMOON and the #SAFEMOONARMY I would have nothing to point at. 😢" - JohnKaronyPointingAtThings
"On a more personal level, though. Since being part of this community I have grown into a better person, am more happier and think more in terms of a future than the past and the now. The #SAFEMOONARMY has many great people to be around. Creatives, educational, fun and friendly" - JohnKaronyPointingAtThings

"How Did You Come Across SafeMoon" Poll

Community member Tony posted a poll on Twitter:

"I'd like to know how you came across #Safemoon. 🤔Tell me your story in the comments, I'm interested in hearing how you found your way to us.🙂"

  • Friend/Family Member

  • Times Square Billboard

  • Twitter/Facebook/Reddit

  • Other (Comment Below)

There are 2 days left to participate! We are looking forward to reading everyone's stories!!

FXStreet Article

FX Street has written an article about SafeMoon! They highlight the following points:

  • SafeMoon price is set to rally back to at least $0.001500000, the high of April.

  • SAFEMOON breaks its downtrend and turns higher.

  • Expect more investor inflow, underpinning the price action and seeing more pops.

Check out the full article here!

Twitter Space (SafeMoon Talk with Zeus): One Immortal

Thank you for Zeus, Dreaming and Apollo for asking some great questions and for Dennis and Kellen spending time with the SafeMoon Army and answering the questions!

What is One Immortal?

Dennis (CEO): So One immortal is a crypto-to-fiat payment service. Think of it as a wallet that comes with a credit card that enables you to pay with your cryptos and all the merchants and retailers all around the world will get the payments in fiat. So we're the bridge between crypto payments and fiat payments, and the real world, so to say.

And we've been building this out for the past year and a half, working with Harmony, working with Polygon, working with SafeMoon for the last couple of months and yeah, it's been a great trip working with the SafeMoon team as well. We have a couple of announcements we're gonna be making tonight. We're pretty stoked.

Kellen (CFO): We launched our token on the Harmony Network and have recently bridged to Binance as well as Polygon. We are on SafeMoon Swap as well as Sushi Swap, recently within the past two months now. We're actually going to be coming out with a farm here on Sushi Swap, probably within the next few days. We have a few more [pieces] of exciting news coming up here that we'll start exploring and sharing here.

What else is coming up for One Immortal?

Dennis (CEO): So we've been working closely with the SafeMoon team. It's all about bringing utilities to crypto or to blockchain through NFTs. For most of the people who have heard us talk in the past AMAs and Twitter Spaces, it's been about an NFT that gives you fractional ownership and rights to dividend payout from cafes and restaurants. We've been testing this concept out for the past six to seven months now and we've finally decided to go ahead with it.

We're releasing the first fractional dividend NFT in Munich, Germany, so the concept is being built in [there], soon to expand to Phoenix, Arizona and Dubai, but the first NFT is going to be in Munich where people could actually buy the NFT and will be able to get dividend payouts through the profits the café makes.

It sounds a little more complicated than it is. The most complicated part of this was the regulations [side for] each and every different region, but we got it figured out for the European region and we're moving out the United States as soon as we have that figured out as well.

Oh, and also to let you guys know, we've had talks with the SafeMoon team as well. We're gonna be offering three of these NFTs for free. It's gonna be a giveaway for the SafeMoon community. It's like I said, it's just to test out the whole concept. We're only offering 100 NFTs from the start for this concept, but three of those will be given to the SafeMoon Army.

Kellen (CFO): Just to further what you were saying, we do currently have a restaurant in Munich and with this next NFT, fractional sharing is what we're offering for our next location here in Munich. First location is running very well; that's where's we kind of gained our understanding for the restaurant business. There's no "right route to take" with our concepts of quality food, sustainability and just giving a place for people to get an organic community together and grow organically with our cafes. We're ready to move it out here in the US, Dubai, Portugal, and start from there so. We're stoked about it.

How much will the NFTs cost?

Dennis (CEO): The 100 NFTs are actually going to be given away because we're not really asking for anything. It's just to see how users really get to use their funds, get to receive their funds, get to know about how they're making profits, how the websites interact with the users, and also learn more about where their funds are being generated or how they're being generated.

Special Munich Event Information

Dennis (CEO): On the 27th of August we're gonna have our first, or actually SafeMoon's first blockchain event. It's going to held in Munich and in partnership with us. SafeMoon is sponsoring the whole event and it's going to be free food, free drinks, free everything with the [as well as an] after party with live DJs. This will be the first party we're gonna be having at our Munich location with the NFT franchise dividends payout so that's the next best thing we have coming in, SafeMoon's first official event.

There are going to be a lot of people representing SafeMoon there and there's gonna be free swag from SafeMoon, just giving out freebies from SafeMoon. So it's going to be a dope event. Just trying to onboard people. The theme of the whole event is youth empowerment.

It's sponsored by BMW, banks coming out of the German area, Redbull... Yeah, we can't wait to host this.

Kellen (CFO): And just to give a little bit more explanation on the event, there will be a hackathon as well as other partners coming in, getting to know the project, getting to know the communities, some people with the hackathon, those from the German and European area. It's going to be huge.

You guys got some major sponsors then.

Dennis (CEO): Oh yeah, we've been working on the whole concept for about 2-3 years [now] and it's a main aim of ours, community building. And what's the best way to build and really fuse and connect communities other than an event, to help people learn more about partners or sponsors and what we're building, what they're building. To be honest, we've talked to BMW, Redbull, Coca Cola, other big brands, and they all love the concept of being able to reach a community other than their normal community, speaking of the crypto community. They're stoked as well, we're stoked, SafeMoon is definitely stoked, so why not?

I wish it were stateside because I'd love to go.

Dennis (CEO): Oh, don't worry. We're planning one for the United States. We don't know if we could hit it this year, but I think Kellen [had said] Phoenix, AZ where the next NFT franchise pathway's coming as well.

What do you have next for the Army?

Dennis (CEO): Oh, we have one more thing coming. That's the dual LP pools but, since Kellen is the CFO, I'm gonna let him go [over] this one because he could best explain it. I don't want to say anything wrong.

Kellen (CFO): So we've recently been in contact with both Hayden and Jonas as part of SafeMoon and we've come to an agreement that SafeMoon will provide us with SafeMoon tokens and we'll be having an Immortal/SFM LP to where it will be a dual reward system to reward those who've farmed the LP with both Immortal and SFM. There's no timetable on that but very very soon this will run out. Once we have more information on when it will be released we'll provide that info.

So it's definitely a win-win. A win for Immortal and a win for SafeMoon.

Kellen (CFO): Absolutely. So yeah, it of course goes both ways looking at the financial aspect of buying pressure on both sides so absolutely. It's a win-win. Those [who hold] SafeMoon would receive reflections, of course.

What are your long-term plans and aspirations with the project?

Dennis (CEO): Our long-term goal is to bridge and make accessible crypto-to-fiat payments. We've partnered with CoreCards, that's a payment processor, to be able to provide credit cards to crypto users to be able to use their funds and pay in crypto at merchants and retailers worldwide and receive rewards for payments.

So I could just go to the grocery store and fill up on gas [with crypto], right?

Dennis (CEO): Exactly, as long as Visa and Mastercard are accepted you could pay anywhere and with anybody worldwide.

Is this something that you know you scan like a a card and then you select which crypto you want to use. Say you hold five different ones you can select which crypto you want it to come from. Is that how it works?

Dennis (CEO): Yes, it's kind of like that. Maybe we should share a video later on about that but it's more like you have a default payment method so whenever you go to pay it would always take it out of that default payment method, but you could always choose between 5-6 major cryptocurrencies in which you would like to pay with. So depending on the amount you have on your crypto wallet, which will be the Immortal Wallet, you could pay anywhere worldwide. You just have to make sure you have enough funds on it or you could just choose a default payment method.

Crypto News

Fed report finds most Americans who own crypto tend to be high income hodlers

According to the CoinTelegraph article, "Only 12% of American adults used crypto in 2021, and the demographic gap between those who invested in it and those who used it in transactions was enormous. The United States Federal Reserve Board has included data on cryptocurrency in its new Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in the 2021 report. The Fed’s ninth annual report looked at survey results from 11,000 people questioned in October and November 2021." To read the results of the report, check out the article here!!

WEF 2022: Most DeFi protocols aren’t really decentralized, says European Parliament VP

"To properly regulate DeFi, we must first determine whether these protocols are actually decentralized, according to Eva Kaili. Most decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols aren’t truly decentralized, which means we need proper regulations in place to understand the inner workings of this emerging technology, according to European Parliament vice president Eva Kaili." Read about CoinTelegraph's exclusive interview at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in their article!

SafeMoon Partner News

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's most recent news.

SafeMoon Stats

SafeMoon Glubiz

Swap Volume by Hydra


MoonCast Check out the timestamped transcript and video of episode #39 (15 May 2022) of MoonCast. Where Education Manager Cats recaps the month of May so far and also answers some community questions.

📝MoonCast will resume in June! Education Manager and Mooncast Host CatsRus is on a much-deserved vacation!!! We all hope he has a wonderful and safe trip!


Fund Launch Live

SafeMoon CEO John Karony delivered a keynote at Fund Launch Live in Las Vegas on April 28th, 2022.

Click here to view the full article

John Karony, SafeMoon CEO, in a keynote presentation at Funding Launch Live, Las Vegas, April 28, 2022


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SafeMoon x Mandala

An article was posted that covers all you'll need to know about the SafeMoon x Mandala partnership, answering questions about fees, reflections, SafeMoon Spin-Off, and more!

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So much that happens every month! Check out April's progress in the new SafeMoon Pulse!