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SafeMoon Lowdown (May 15th, 2022)

Updated: May 18, 2022

MoonCast | SafeMoon Space Capsule Shipping | Food For Thought | Cheers Mate

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Another Sunday, another MoonCast led by our very own CatsRus!! This will be the LAST MoonCast of May, so be sure to not miss it!

⏰ Sunday at 9 pm CET/3 pm EST/12 pm PST 🗺️ Discord, YouTube, or Facebook

If you are interested in posting questions, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

After it's over, we will also be uploading the podcast to Anchor FM as well as Apple Podcasts!

SafeMoon Space Capsule Shipping

The community spoke and we listened! The international shipping rate is now a flat rate of $59! Check out everything you can get in the Space Capsule below👇👇👇

Food For Thought

"All of us start from zero. We take the right decision and become a hero When you think positive, good things happen. There is no time frame on when good things can happen, they come to those who are patient (and sometimes sooner than you think)"

Cheers Mate

The Team has been greeting the SafeMoon Army with "Cheers Mate 👋," and the community is trying to understand why! 🤔

SafeMoon Official Twitter replied with:

Jonas also replied, "Cheers SafeMate."

Crypto News

Bitcoin Sentiment

How do you feel about #Bitcoin today? 73% Buy 21% Hodl 4.2% Sell or avoid 2% No opinion Data represents 3,066 #LunarOpinions given on LunarCrush over the last 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency Prices One Year Ago Today
"#Bitcoin: $46,456 #Ethereum: $3,587 #LUNA: $16.18 #VeChain: $0.18 #MATIC: $1.71 #Solana: $47.20 #DOGE: $0.51 #AVAX: $36.51 #SHIB: $0.0000177 #ADA: $2.30 #CRO: $0.15 #BNB: $562 #XRP: $1.45 #UST: $1"

NFT visionaries are doubling down on community ethos amid a bearish cycle

"Time Magazine, Rarible and Aleksandra Artamonovskaja share insights into the values and visions that leading NFT projects and figureheads seek to uphold as the market enters a financial downturn." To read this article, click here!

Source: CoinTelegraph
$1.9T wipeout in crypto risks spilling over to stocks, bonds — stablecoin Tether in focus

"The dangers posed by stablecoins to the traditional market cannot be dismissed due to Tether's exposure to the U.S. credit system. The cryptocurrency market has lost $1.9 trillion six months after it soared to a record high. Interestingly, these losses are bigger than those witnessed during the 2007's subprime mortgage market crisis — around $1.3 trillion, which has prompted fears that creaking crypto market risk will spill over across traditional markets, hurting stocks and bonds alike." Click here to read more!

Source: CoinTelegraph
Bitcoin and Ethereum had a rough week, but derivatives data reveals a silver lining

"BTC, ETH and altcoin prices were crushed this week, but the futures funding rate shows retail traders are not ready to become permabears. This week the crypto market endured a sharp drop in valuation after Coinbase, the leading U.S. exchange, reported a $430 million quarterly net loss and South Korea announced plans to introduce a 20% tax on crypto gains.

During its worst moment, the total market crypto market cap faced a 39% drop from $1.81 trillion to $1.10 trillion in seven days, which is an impressive correction even for a volatile asset class. A similar size decrease in valuation was last seen in February 2021, creating bargains for the risk-takers." Read more here!

Source: CoinTelegraph

SafeMoon Partner News

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's most recent news.

SafeMoon Stats

SafeMoon ($SFM) once again ranking high at #2 of the BNB chain's greatest social volume captures.

Top BSC Projects By AltRank

According to LunarCrush, SFM is the #2 BSC token by AltRank!

Top Cryptocurrencies in the World by Twitter Followers (May 14th)

According to WatcherGuru, SafeMoon has the 8th most followers of any cryptocurrency!

"Top 10 Cyptocurrencies in the World by Twitter Followers (14/MAY/2022) 1. #BNB Binance 8.7M 2. #Bitcoin 5.23M 3. #Dogecoin 3.34M 4. #SHIB 3.31M 5. #XRP 2.5M 6. #Ethereum 2.4M 7. #CRO 2.1M 8. #Solana 1.7M 9. #SafeMoon 1.39M 10. #Cardano 1.31M"

Whale Dominance by SafeMoonBot
"#safemoon whale dominance 🐳 : Top 10: 37.9319 B (6.73%) Top 50: 59.4754 B (10.56%) Top 100: 70.6498 B (12.54%) Top 500: 102.7535 B (18.24%) Top 1000: 120.9978 B (21.48%)"

Swap Volume by Hydra
"SWAPDate#97 The SWaP by SafeMoon had an Weekly Volume of $40,235,095. It added $68,399 to the LP, provided $20,177 to the eco-system and burned $12,070 worth of SafeMoon!"

SafeMoon Glubiz


Fund Launch Live

SafeMoon CEO John Karony delivered a keynote at Fund Launch Live in Las Vegas on April 28th, 2022.

Click here to view the full article

John Karony, SafeMoon CEO, in a keynote presentation at Funding Launch Live, Las Vegas, April 28, 2022


SafeMoon Labs

API. Application Programming Interface. What is it? This was the topic in Gandalf's recent SafeMoon Labs! View the audio and accompanying article here. If you have further questions feel free to reach out to Gandalf.


SafeMoon Space Capsule

How to buy

  1. Head over to!

  2. Select your size capsule (merch inside will all follow that size choice).

📝 Please note these SafeMoon capsules are aimed to be fulfilled in July 2022 and are limited-edition capsules therefore will only be available for the next couple of weeks!


SafeMoon Careers

To apply or see what listings are currently open visit anytime.


SafeMoon x Mandala

An article was posted that covers all you'll need to know about the SafeMoon x Mandala partnership, answering questions about fees, reflections, SafeMoon Spin-Off and more!

Click here to read it now!