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SafeMoon Lowdown (May 11th, 2022)

Mandala Exchange | SafeMoon Hyper Launch | Community Creations |

Jump by Limitless Flight | BSC Ecosystem Coins by Social Activity | Crypto News

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Mandala Exchange

Yesterday Mandala Exchange opened SFM trading. Business Wire published an article about it.

"New exchange assists the rapid growth of the SafeMoon community and expansion of the Return on Impact model to support venture philanthropy goals"

View the full article

#SAFEMOON (SFM) now available on the Mandala Exchange! 👇🚀 #SAFEMOONARMY #MANDALAEX #CRYPTO

SafeMoon Hyper Launch

"Who should our next Hyper Launch Partner be 🤔" - Hayden

What does Hyper Launch mean?

"Hyper Launch means we are the first exchange to offer a token for trading after pre-sale has closed." - Jonas

Community Creations

"I like making things when I'm bored."

"SAFEMOON - Innovating For Good"

Jump by Limitless Flight


"We're ready for you to have the experience of a lifetime. Are you? JUMP BLUFFDALE OPENS MAY 28!" - Limitless Flight

CEO John Karony replied to this Tweet with "Great company, cool tech. #SAFEMOONARMY."

What is JUMP by Limitless Flight?

"JUMP is a real wingsuit, custom VR helmet, and a mix of suspension, wind system, and hyperreal multi-sensory stimulation."

"A JUMP Cadet inside the JUMP bay"
"The JUMP HQ in Bluffdale, UT"

BSC Ecosystem Coins by Social Activity

According to CryptoDep, SafeMoon has the 3rd most socially active communities of any BSC token!!

Crypto News


According to Blockworks, "Germany's Ministry of Finance: The sale of acquired #Bitcoin and Ether is tax-free after 1 year, even if used for staking/lending. Previously, crypto used in a staking/lending protocol needed to be held for 10 years for it to be tax-free."


The crypto world is in shock after Terra and its UST stablecoin plunge. At the time of writing this, Terra UST -51.9% while LUNA is -95.1% for the last 24 hours. According to this article, Terra was the 9th largest cryptocurrency just four days ago. Check out this video posted by CoinDesk for an understanding of what could've went wrong with Terra's UST stablecoin.

Terra cofounder Do Kwon provided an update on Terra's current situation to holders on Twitter.

Dear Terra Community: I understand the last 72 hours have been extremely tough on all of you - know that I am resolved to work with every one of you to weather this crisis, and we will build our way out of this. Together.

To read the rest of his message to holders, which explains in detail what happened, click on his tweet here.

SafeMoon Partner News

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's most recent news.

SafeMoon Stats

Swap Volume by Hydra

SafeMoon Glubiz




The transcription team has done it again! Check out the timestamped transcript of this episode of MoonCast with Joe Reiben, CEO of Mandala, and Mendy Parker, COO of Grove Token.


SafeMoon Monthly Recap

So much that happens every month! Check out April's progress in the new SafeMoon Pulse!


April Captain's Log

Click here to read the full Captain's Log!


Upcoming Card Features

Sign-up for the Pre-launch waitlist here


SafeMoon SWaP Listings

(Official links to partners in the bottom page link list)


SafeMoon Key Moments

(current and planned products/listings)


SafeMoon Career Opportunities

There are job openings posted within the careers section on the SafeMoon Website. If you'd like to apply you may do so here until July 15th, 2022.


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