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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 7th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Ecosystem | SafeMoon Swap | Community Concerns Addressed | Roadmap

| Blockchain | The Gambia | Timelines | MoonCraft | SafeMoon Trending

SafeMoon Birthday Celebration | Reminders | Calling for Peace | Community Creations

SafeMoon Ecosystem

It’s also about how it ties to the rest of the ecosystem. From Swap and evolve, cross-chain, SafeMoon Connect, etc. They all work together to have a solid foundation. —John Karony

SafeMoon Swap

Reflex Legion

"There are certain people you meet where you know they care about their rock stars & moving quickly with low friction to get stuff done ✔️ Great meeting last night. I like your vision, respect, and leadership! Big things! @Legion_CEO #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONWALLET #SAFEMOON"

"Before I was the CEO of @Reflex_Finance, I was an investor & PROUD member of @safemoon army. I still am. I trust @CptHodl @SafeMoonWing @TheFudHound These men represent the BEST of this community, & are truly committed to changing the world. AND THEY WILL.. Happy Birthday 🤜🤛"

Shortly after these SafeMoon Officially announced their partnership with Reflex!

"IT'S TIME FOR A NEW #SAFEMOON LISTING! 🎁Today we are thrilled to announce the first steps of a beautiful new partnership with @reflex_finance! 🎉Please give them a big #SAFEMOONARMY welcome 🤝You can now find them on and in the #SAFEMOONWALLET 🙌"

Added to the SafeMoon Partner Portal and placed in the SafeMoon Tier 3 Comet partner section!

Puli (Comet Partner)

Did you know that Lightspeed Crypto Services, LLC is the company behind Puli?

The Official Puli account tweeted this yesterday. "The company behind $PULI (Lightspeed Crypto Services, LLC) has been verified and added to Google Play Console. We will now add the development team to the Console and we will start getting alpha testing going for #PULIRUNNER#PULI !" With this tweet, they added an image showing they've been approved to publish apps on Google Play!

In response to this Puli's CEO tweeted "If you want to witness a startup break into the mobile game market from the very beginning, $PULI is it. We’ve been hit with all sorts of roadblocks and we keep moving forward! #PULIARMY#BSCGems Loyal #PULIFAM". Way to go Puli! 👏👏

24hr Volume Chart

SafeMoon Swap Volume

06 Mar - 07 Mar 2022

Created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra!

Community Concerns

Marketing and Strategy Director, Mr. A responds to a Reddit post in which a SFM Holder expresses questions and concerns regarding the SafeMoon Roadmap, Blockchain, Gambia project, Puzzles, Timelines, and more.

Mr. Adult :

Firstly, thank you for the support, effort, and care you’ve put forward so considerately. From the support of the project itself, to how you approach your comments here on this subreddit. It makes a gigantic difference when we get to engage with considered conversation over anger or frustrated words… even if we are frustrated. So thank you.

It’s going to be tough to address all your concerns and comments to a conclusion you’re going to be 100% settled with as things stand today. But I can offer perhaps some first steps that should be better than simply having no reply at all.



We’re not doing roadmaps anymore. They create exactly the problems that your latter points here create. Just like Apple doesn’t have a roadmap, we don’t plan to do so either. Just because it is something others in the space do, it isn’t what we plan to do. Some are not going to like this. But that is how it will be.

THAT SAID - in the weeks ahead when we overhaul the site and content we will look to set out more of a ‘product tree’ that will at least go some way to showing the current and upcoming ecosystem of products and services. We want to make it easy for people to know what is ‘in play’ and what has been announced as ‘coming up in a clearer way.

I believe much of the frustration simply comes from ‘no updates’ and ‘no change’. Something we have recently started to change (See Captain’s Logs and Pulse) but will be doing more of as we move forward. There has been a change of team and approach when it comes to comms and marketing materials that you’ll see more of in the coming weeks.



Totally understand and appreciate the desire for details. The short story is that we won’t comment on past employees or internal product development before it is ready. So please don’t expect details on the questions you have asked, they will not come.

THAT SAID - we will start releasing more Captain’s Logs and other updates that start to explain the blockchain features, ambitions, and status as things progress. In line with my comments about a refreshed marketing and comms strategy above. I believe you’ll learn more and feel like you’re getting what you need in the weeks and months ahead.



The last update we provided was in December. The video is still on YouTube. The reality of this size of project is that things don’t move at the speed that the crypto community might like.

The moment there is something to share we will. But, this is on the community to manage expectations that we’re looking at months of work, not weeks. It’s not all about implementation, it’s also about logistics, management, permissions, and other significant projects that the other parties have to deal with.

This is a big project. It will take time. That’s just the reality.

Again though, as per above, we’ll be doing our best to bring more comms and updates moving forward as we do understand ‘silence’ is worse.


32 will not stop

It is part of our culture. The majority enjoy it even if everyone doesn’t. It harms nobody and people can choose to not engage.


Puzzles etc.

This is part of our culture. What we are making sure of as we move forward is that they get tied to more outcomes. We are not going to stop community engagement. Again, we can’t please everyone. The frustrations are amplified because they are not BALANCED with delivery and more fact-based items. Something we are now committed to addressing.

So I would hope that with more balance (the things you want) the more fun stuff won’t upset people as much.



We won’t give timelines for the reasons stated above. Until we have them 100% on lock. While we would love to say things to please, historically they just hurt us all. Because we’re not working from templates and instructions… which means even the most generous of timelines can be pushed out further. We don’t want to be setting you or us up for disappointment.

I can say for example that the card is progressing well and we are on track for Q2 as originally announced.

I can also say that we have things delivering during this month.

Over the next 30 or so days (I won’t say 32 just because I care about you :) ) we will be delivering product updates, releases, and more. We’re confident this month will feel like a change of pace, content, and progress.

My deepest hope is that it will bring some solace and where possible…. Joy to you and others who feel the same way.

We take zero joy in asking people to wait. We are just as excited (if not more so) to get things out the door and into your hands. But we also see, hear and feel the frustrations in the meantime and have zero desire to dismiss those.

So… I hear you. Totally get your frustrations. We’re working hard over the weeks ahead to address all of this and if we get this right… exceed expectations. A tall order, but what we are aiming for.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts. I am 100000 miles an hour getting this March material up and out of the door, so please excuse my reduced engagement here. But, the team has a direct line to me and we talk a lot.

We’re working hard and tirelessly (I get about 4 hours of sleep a night but don’t tell anyone) to get everything and more delivered for you.

I appreciate that these are just words. But it is what I have right now and they are sincere.

Thank you again for being you.

Mr Adult

This is what Mr. A was responding to: ⬇⬇⬇

SFM Holder :

"First of all, this is not FUD. Its just questions and concerns I'm having and I am sure many others have.

I am an average holder who once believed in SafeMoon to the level that I 50x'ed my small investment and I did not cash out a penny. As a matter of fact, I kept buying and buying until I am now in a loss. I don't care because I still believe in SafeMoon, its just not the way I used to do before.

What we are missing is a legit roadmap, that will help us know where are we and where are we going. This will attract new investors that we actually need.

We need to have explanations to what happened behind the scenes, like what was Thomas working on last year. Where is the blockchain that he supposedly built and was ready? Did the team decide not to go with the blockchain he did for some reason, and are building a new one? Or was the blockchain not there from the beginning? This is really vague to me and to many holders I'm sure. There need to be an explanation from the team on this.

Speaking of the blockchain, we need to know what the blockchain is actually about. What does it provide or what it will be used for. Why do we actually need a blockchain in the first place. What will the blockchain provide that other blockchains don't.

They say we are a tech company, okay so what tech did we produce or what tech are we working on?

What the heck happened to Gambia and "Operation Pheonix", no updates regarding that matter. It was supposed to be revealed and launched on the beginning of the year, but no updates on this.

We need to stop those mystery clues and puzzles, this is just silly and makes us look like kids. And please for the love of god, stop it with this (32) BS. I get its an inside joke but there is no meaning for it to be trending on twitter just because someone asked you so! It just does not make any sense.

I am not asking for updates every week or so, I am asking for a realistic timeline of what we can expect in the future, and explanations for things that are unclear. This will give more faith to the holders and will bring new investors as well.

Let me know if you agree with me or if you have anything else concerning you."


MoonCraft updates! - v1.0.6: Fishing Update

Hello @everyone! We have released a Fishing Update, reworked many of the fishing mechanics, added new rewards, fish types, competitions & more!

Azkaban Prison:

  • + Added Fisherman NPC near the Spawn lake.

  • + Added 20+ Fish Types.

  • + Added random measurements to all Fish.

  • + Added rarities to Fish, ranging from Common to Legendary.

  • + Added fishing competitions with trophy rewards.

  • + Players now are able to purchase Fishing Rod.

  • + Fixed the incorrect money amounts displayed in the /monsterbook

  • + Various small bug fixes

(( View the image to preview some of the new content! ))

Thanks for playing on and supporting the server!

- The MoonCraft Team


SafeMoon has once again been at the top for trending coins on BitMart.

BitMart Research just tweeted the "USA Top 10 Trending Coins on BitMart."

  1. 🥇 $BRISE

  2. 🥈 $SFM

  3. 🥉 #SAITAMA

SafeMoon Birthday Celebration

Community Thoughts about SafeMoon's First Birthday

Since the beginning of March, we have been showcasing some awesome community members who want to share their thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon and the SafeMoon Army.

The first person to share their story today is Discord Moonizen Kerr!! He has been an integral part of the transcription team and we are so grateful for his help!

How did you get into SafeMoon?

I remember my older brother calling me back in April telling me I "had to see this." He briefly told me about SafeMoon and that it was all over his Twitter feed. We both did a bit of research that evening and decided to jump in. I remember being super impressed with how many V1 tokens I got for the money I put in. I immediately started to do the calculations that we all are probably familiar with. Calculating how much money my bag was going to be worth if SafeMoon hit an x amount. It was an exciting evening for both of us.

Has SafeMoon affected your life?

It most definitely has. I hopped in for the money and dreams, but stayed for the community. In real life, I have that special friend that I always gravitate to. Oddly enough, on Discord I have many of those. I love hanging out with the community on Discord and help out where I can. The SafeMoon Discord feels like a vibrant city at times, which has really impressed me. Not all crypto-related Discords have this luxury.

Are you excited about the 1st birthday?

Very excited. The team has been tight lipped, but I’ve seen some hints here and there, that I am looking forward to. CatsRus talking about the fireworks later in the month, for example during this last MoonCast. Also seeing the team in general (from mods to core) breeze through these past times has been reassuring to me. Makes you wonder, what ARE you guys working on exactly? I know I believe in SafeMoon a lot, but some people in this team absolutely know more and seeing them so relaxed (in not so easy times), gets me excited in return.

Where do you see SafeMoon going in the next year?

Pricewise, I have no idea. I practice what I preach: I keep expectations low. This is crypto we’re talking about. Anything can happen. I however, do think SafeMoon has all the potential to become a real big player. A senior mod recently said that they had a lot of applications to process for the SWaP. Reading that made me very happy. Seeing SafeMoon being regarded as a go-to SWaP partner makes me proud to be part of this.

Do you have a fun memory with the SafeMoon Army you’d like to share?

There was this evening not too long ago, where I got bombarded with ‘Kerr memes’ and name jokes. Even the Dyno bot joined in on the fun (still don’t know what all that was about, by the way). But I loved it all of it. It was inKerrdible. (Sorry, I didn’t come up with this).

Anything else you would like to add to the SafeMoon Army or the team?

Firstly, I wish for everyone who joined us on this journey the most important thing: good health. Secondly, I truly hope for everyone that the goal that they’ve set when they invested in SafeMoon, will be reached. We’ve all put money in SafeMoon for a reason. Mostly to get a better life. There is nothing wrong with looking forward to that. I get a little impatient as well at times, but I’d really like to see some people give the team the space they deserve. Working on a blockchain, card, an exchange and windmills isn’t easy. I truly get the excitement, but don’t let that excitement cloud your judgement. Be sensible. Research and development takes a lot of time. Please give them the time. Second up today is the lovely and brilliant SafeMoon Dreaming who is a regular host in SafeMoon Twitter Spaces!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAFEMOON! This has been an exciting journey over the last year. I’ve been investing in cryptocurrency for the last 3 years, but for the last year I have rolled the majority of my portfolio into SAFEMOON. Here is what it was like to buy back in March of 2021…

I spent 2 days trying to figure out how to buy SafeMoon, then spent weeks trying to teach my friends and family how to buy it. It’s definitely gotten easier…. What I never expected in a million years, was to stumble into Twitter looking for information on SafeMoon and actually finding a family. The SafeMoon Army. We have shared highs and lows. Lots of growth and change and many, many rabbit holes. My biggest takeaway: If you want to go to the moon… it takes a strong stomach, many rollercoaster rides, and an undeniable will of patience. I saw something special in SafeMoon when I first bought in. I knew SafeMoon would be an investment that would change my life. The determination of John Karony to make SafeMoon successful, we see every day. I must admit there were moments, such as the first Miami conference AMA, where I was very skeptical. I thought, I hope these guys can get it together. Well, they have exceeded my expectations. To think we are only one year into this investment. At times it’s felt like years, and at times it feels like yesterday. These are very exciting times to be invested in SafeMoon. I am very honored to be apart of the SafeMoon Army. Happy ONE year Birthday SafeMoon! I toast this incredible development team! Here is to an amazing journey with all of you! #SAFEMOON to the MOON!

Thank you so much for sharing, both of you, and THANK YOU for everything you do for the SafeMoon Army! 💗💗


Cross-Chain Swap:

SafeMoon Official just introduced cross-chain swap and announced the date on which it will be live! The cross-chain swap will be launching on March 23rd!

Ethereum ➡ BSC BSC ➡ Ethereum

"SFM token will be the middleware."

With the 2% for every trade, which breaks down as follows:

▶1% Reflections