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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 5th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Wallet | SafeMoon Wallpapers | Birthday Presents | Fund Launch Live

Mandala Update | SafeMoon Swap | SafeMoon Birthday Celebration

Veno's Puzzle | Innovators of Utah | SafeMoon Standard | Brand Awareness

Xidax PCs | Reminders

SafeMoon Wallet

"🍏🎉A new version of the #SAFEMOONWALLET is available for the #SAFEMOONARMY! 🎁Download it now 📲 #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONBIRTHDAY" -SafeMoon

The new Wallet update is live! Here is what all has been included in the update:

  • Press and hold balance to view selected chain or all chains

  • Press and hold calculator multi-token button for native or custom tokens

  • Press and hold multi-purpose calculator bag button for balance and more

  • Info page for NFT’s for collectibles module

  • Hold and drag collections and NFT’s to re-arrange

  • Link to individual token charts for CMC and Tradingview

  • The default currency value of each individual token now appears on the main screen and transaction history

  • Upgraded “Manage Wallet” page

  • The bottom field in the swap is now editable

  • Join community page added in settings

SafeMoon Wallpapers

"We've now made it incredibly easy for you to get the recently released #SAFEMOON #wallpapers and Twitter header templates. You can browse and download them at" - SafeMoon Tweets.

A SAFEMOON WALLPAPERS section was added to the website.

"Download free wallpapers for your desktop and phone. Or even use them to create posters.

We love seeing where these show up so please tag us on socials when you use them."

Birthday Presents

"You can now get 0% payment processing fees when using @moonpay until the 19th of March🎉

Thank you #moonpay for helping us deliver this birthday gift to the #SAFEMOONARMY


#SAFEMOON tax still applies." SafeMoon Official Twitter tweeted in response to MoonPay's most recent Tweet.

"Happy birthday month @SafeMoon


It's live! 0.0% MoonPay fee in this screenshot taken in the SafeMoon Wallet.👀

Ryan Global Head of Products tweeted a reminder for the MoonPay present too:

"💳 0% 🌝 Pay Fees

🕰 17:00 MST (Utah) March 4th

19:00 EST (Florida) March 4th

00:00 GMT (London/UK) March 5th

🗓 March 5, 2022 - March 19, 2022

🎁📲🪙 🌕"

Director of Marketing & Strategy Mr. A said, "Take a moment to really consider what this means. Anyone can grab the #SAFEMOON wallet on the 5th and take advantage of 0% fees! More to come as part of the March birthday!"

When a community member asked, "Is this a limited-time deal?" Mr. Adult replied, "Yes. 14 days I believe."

Fund Launch Live

Co-Founder at Investment Fund Secrets Bridger Pennington posted this photo on his Instagram with the comment "CEO of SafeMoon @john_karony is speaking at Fund Launch Live. SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency and ecosystem with a market cap of $698 million and millions of users. John is also a former all-source analyst for the US Dept of Defense. John is gunna light the stage on fire with the future [of cryptocurrencies] and NFTs. See y'all April 28-30th"

When a member of the Discord posted the photo in chat, John replied, "Spreading the word. Was invited to speak there. This is a more mainstream audience, so being able to educate is good for SafeMoon and crypto as a whole."

Mandala Update

Mandala CTO updated everyone on the SafeMoon global tokenomics issue in their Discord.

"SafeMoon Update:

We have isolated the issues that caused the SFM launch to be delayed and have scheduled the work to resolve them.

The SFM listing was a bit more complex than usual due to the custom tokenomics involved which ultimately caused us to delay. We work in very measured software development schedules(weekly sprints, they're called) and had to fit this work in alongside everything else we are currently working on and leave time for testing, as well.

We have a tentative timeline of early-mid April to have everything fixed and tested.

We'll keep everyone updated as we progress and let you know if anything changes. Thank you for your continued patience and support. -Z"

Thanks for the update Mandala Team!

SafeMoon Swap


Doxed is one of SafeMoon's Tier 3 Comet Listing Partners! Recently Doxed introduced their team on Twitter!

Meet the Team

"...🤝The CEO of Doxed 🔥Brandon Hoffman - Developer, A Marine with a family of 5. Recently ran the entire water system for the entire city of Jacksonville. Business enthusiasts and just went full time for Doxed quitting a job over 6 figures a year. The man has no quit💪"

"...🤝COO Neil Schmidt of Jacksonville, FL Has been involved in crypto trading since 2017. Currently a finance manager at Mazda! Love's helping others, and most importantly, He love's short walks on the beach preferably back to his beach chair with a cold one waiting 🤣"

"...🤝 Marketing Lead Jude Gil aka (KING CRYPTO) Has been investing and learning about crypto since the Silk Road 🏴‍☠️. Jude is from South Texas and his current career is a cable splicer/lineman electric worker for the city until we reach the moon 🌙. .$MWWC #DOX"

"...🤝Community Mod 🔥Tim Keane resides in North Florida since 2010. Started trading crypto in 2016. Tim has been in the import automotive industry for 5 years on the financial side of the business. Married for 5 years with a 6 month old son that is his world ♥️"

"...🤝Corbin Johnson our Community Mod is from the North Florida Area, and has been investing in crypto since 2014. Currently, a finance manager for Mazda and has been in the automotive industry for over 7 years. Also enjoys long walks on the beach 🤣#MeetTheTeam $MWWC #DOX"

"...🤝 Community Mod 🔥Troy King is from North Florida area, and has been investing in crypto since 2013. Currently a System Coordinator for one of the top 50 utilities in the nation for the last 8 years. In his free time, he enjoys to surf, fish, and run competitively."

Thank you for sharing! What a great group! Awesome to meet you all! 💕🤝

Doxed Official also Tweeted this "#Doxed is a #Crypto Security based token focusing on identity verification. We offer a platform for developers to dox through our #KYD system legitimately. KNOW YOUR DEVELOPER🔥$MWWC #Doxed #SAFEMOONSWAP #Diamondwallet"

Empire Token

Another SFM Comet token partner, Empire token recently tweeted this along with a video on how to buy using the SafeMoon SWaP. "SafeMoon Swap is a decentralized exchange developed by SafeMoon, one of the most sought-after projects in the DeFi space. Learn how to buy EMPIRE on SafeMoon Swap in this step-by-step guide 🤓 Keep Climbing! 🧗‍♀️ #DeFiChain #Definews #BSC #BSCGem #Empire"

Affinity Token

When an Affinity community member posted a photo that reads, "AFFINITY STAKING COMING SOON" and Affinity x SafeMoon logos, a SafeMoon community member asked, "Wen?" in which the Official Affinity Twitter responded, "Later this month 🙂"

Another person asked, "Can we stake with the SafeMoon Wallet?" which Affinity replied, "You will be able to before this happens." 👀

An Affinity community member then asked, "Is it SFM staking for Affinity or the other way around?" They were answered with, "Affinity will be replacing the Autocrypto pool with a SafeMoon pool when the time comes."


Another partner, Puli wished SafeMoon a Happy birthday with a gift! 👀 Thanks Puli!

"For a limited time all buys and sells at #SAFEMOONSWAP & #SAFEMOONWALLET for $PULI will be at 0% taxes. Happy Birthday @safemoon! #PULI"

Head on over to for more information

on SafeMoon's listing partners.

24hr Volume Chart

Created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra!

SafeMoon Birthday Celebration

Community Thoughts about SafeMoon's First Birthday

Since the beginning of March, we have been showcasing some awesome community members who want to share their thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon and the SafeMoon Army.

The first SafeMoon Story we are sharing today is from an amazing community member by the name of analyst. Not only does he host Arabic SafeMoon Spaces but he also translates a lot of the content we make every for the Arabic-speaking community! I am so grateful for the work that he does! Check out his story below! 👇👇

How did you get into SafeMoon?

This is one of the best parts that caught my attention for SafeMoon. I was reading some blogs on (which is related to Hive, a cryptocurrency). The writer said that they are about to release an exchange at that time. I opened SafeMoon's website, and it was like "join us in landing on the moon". I said, why not! After a month, blindly, without any DYOR, I got into it (exactly in April 17th). I started following community members on twitter since then to make myself updated, and now I am here!

How has SafeMoon affected your life?

SafeMoon has become a part of my life. Since May 18th (after a month of joining SafeMoon army), I created the @ar_safemoon account on twitter which is an initiative to bring SafeMoon to the Arabic communities of cryptocurrencies. So, I began with translating every single thing comes from the core team, official announcement and so on. Then, the work scaled a lot to translate what was inside SafeMoon Lowdown, Mazz articles, hosting SafeMoon Arabic Spaces on Twitter to educate people about cryptocurrency in general especially what happens within SafeMoon's ecosystem in details. Moreover, some people from the Arabic started killing the FUD around based on what they learned from us there. Right now, there is an "unofficial" group on telegram for the Arabic community managed by me and some great Arabic community members.

How are you feeling about the 1st birthday?

Personally, I am BULLISH and extremely excited! However, we haven't seen anything big yet. The YouTube video was impressive and I consider it as a great introduction for newcomers. I am thrilled to see the upcoming router upgrade as I love the decentralized mechanisms, DeFi, and smart contracts stuff. Now, we are starting a new era here in SafeMoon after crossing the bumpy road (2021).

Where do you see SafeMoon going in the next year?

Basically, it's going to where we don't even expect. We always say the moon, but we don't specify the exact moon. Therefore, as John said, we are playing the infinite game.

Do you have a fun memory with the SafeMoon Army you’d like to share?

Last year, in the last SafeMoon Sunday Space if I am not wrong, When it was Jeremiah's (@JEREMIAH1SFMWC) turn to ask, he was soo happy because V2 went live he turned on the "PUMP IT" Song. Immediately, John mute him hahaha. I still have this video in my bookmarks on Twitter. Another one which was within one of the Arabic Twitter Spaces when Me, Haithum (@poorman933), and Ninja (@CryxptoNinja) were speculating SafeMoon's price 😂 We were giving imaginary numbers that SafeMoon token going to reach in a small period of time.

Do you have anything you'd like to share with the SafeMoon Army?

Yes, Me and LUJO (@Lujokw) are working on a small simple video regarding SafeMoon's Birthday, and hopefully we finish soon.

Anything else you would like to add to the SafeMoon Army or the team?

Actually, this journey taught me a lot and forced me to gain wonderful friends of SafeMoon Army and some of our awesome discord moderators. All I wanna say is thanks for every single person who shared with me this phenomenal journey. One Moon. One Journey, SafeMoon is the Evolution!

We can't wait to see the video that you are LUJO are working on! Thank you for all of your hard work. I'm sure the community is also so grateful! <3


Here is a letter from LEET, one of our wonderful SafeMoon Space hosts. He has addressed it to you, the Army! Enjoy!

SafeMoon Army,

Our good friend and Official SafeMoon Lowdown Editor MomoKombat asked me to share my SafeMoon experience, so here to goes. I came to crypto in early February 2021 and started with the basics on Coinbase with BTC, ETH and DOGE. I heard about SafeMoon from a stranger in Discord who later became a real-life friend. I watched John and team deliver fun and free flowing YouTube videos; the excitement was incredible. I was impressed with the design of tokenomics and how powerful it can be if true utility is created.

I first bought SafeMoon on a 3-way Discord call with 2 strangers who helped me through the loathed multistep process of navigating TW, PCS and Swapping for SafeMoon. Holding a token with built in rewards caught my attention but everything that came after is what kept it. While we began to see copycat tokens arrive and developers creating SafeMoon supportive tokens, I inevitably found one that needed some extra help from the community as their original dev team had departed unexpectedly. I joined a project that supported SafeMoon because I loved SafeMoon. I updated the site and worked through some issues to help move things along. I eventually departed after my work was completed and I was unsure what my next adventure would be…then Twitter Spaces arrived.

I found myself coming up to speak, sharing thoughts and ideas publicly in a way that I hadn’t before. I was nervous at first to come up to speak in front of the so many incredibly brilliant people in DeFi with the SafeMoon Army being the cream of the crop. I have the wonderful opportunity to host multiple shows with some truly kind and giving individuals. I get to play tunes on my Leet Parties and talk SafeMoon with my friends and anyone who cares to listen to good vibes. These discussions have morphed my way of thinking about finance, technology and life, and for that I am very thankful.

SafeMoon is building what amounts to be a redesign of digital culture in their move to Web3. Whether its in financial wealth, renewable energy, application development, cybersecurity, mesh networks or point of sale systems; the SafeMoon Army’s imagination is the limit. SafeMoon’s 1st birthday will mark a milestone, but the legacy of what will be constructed will truly make SafeMoon a household name and take us safely to the moon.

Veno's Puzzle

It's puzzle time, friends! And you can win SFM this time! To learn more about the puzzles, click here.

Check out what Veno tweeted 👇

"Happy Birthday Month #SafeMoon! Here's another gift! Submit your answers on Discord for a chance to win SFM tokens! This time 3 Winners will be chosen!..."

Innovators of Utah

Utah businessman Brandon Fugal tweeted, "A meeting of visionaries involved in Web3, Gaming, Crypto, Defi & Hyper-Reality, focused on Utah being the center of gravity. Prepare for transformational change...the future is now."

When a SafeMoon community member asked where John was, Brandon replied, "@CptHodl will be at the next gathering!" John answered, "See you at the next one!"

SafeMoon Standard

"Waiting for your turn to speak is not the same as listening, but both must be performed actively."

-Vico, SafeMoon community member

Brand Awareness

Written by Reddit community member u/EveningCandle1025

Hello everyone, the best understand the topic of this post, I suggest you go and check out the SafeMoon video at this link.

Here we will talk about brand creation and brand awareness and why it is important and other content of the video above.

The creation of a brand that can encompass various aspects of a business is often the key to its success. When a single company pushes out different products, it's important that people can recognize they belong to the same system that shares the same ideals and goals.

Brand awareness is the way in which consumers recognize and remember your business. The greater the brand awareness you have, the more audiences will be familiar with your logo, messaging, and products. Brand awareness is important because it helps audiences understand, recall, and become comfortable with your branding and products. If you can build brand awareness among your target demographic, you can help your brand become top-of-mind when these consumers are ready to research and make a purchase.

The video speaks about creating a common motive for the SafeMoon ecosystem in which the user can find him/herself, remember it, and feel connected to it. Seeing something beautiful and interesting in logos and infographics helphelps customers to feel "home," and they are more likely to come back and trust what's behind it.

It was important to build it before products launching, and they did. Chapeau SafeMoon in this case. I loved the concepts; they are amazing.

More news: The card concepts are beautiful, I would always use that if I could, just for people to look at it and feel envious of the colors. At minute 4:04, a lock with some connections appear, I don't know what it means, just after the representation of a mesh network is there.

This is all for today!! TO THE MOON 🚀🚀

Xidax PCs

John shared the video posted below in his Instagram Stories saying, "PSA for the content creators in the #safemoonarmy"


MoonPay Gift Timeframe:

  • 0% Fees on MoonPay!!

  • Starting on March 5th-March 19th!

  • Time ⏰ ⬇⬇⬇

  • 17:00 MST (Utah) March 4th

  • 19:00 EST (Florida) March 4th

  • 00:00 GMT (London/UK) March 5th

Birthday Video Transcript