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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 4th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Table of Contents:

Birthday Gift | Innovative Tech | Upcoming Challenges | Birthday Video Transcript

SafeMoon Swap | SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

Best Crypto Practice | John on Discord

Birthday Gift

🎁Another Birthday Gift🎁

➡0% Fees on MoonPay!!!⬅

🗓Starting on March 5th, 2022 for 14 days!

⏰Time TBD. 🎉🎉🎉

"Ask not when, ask “why” we are dropping this when we are?

Strategy always. Load up.🤓 " - Ryan

Innovative Tech

"My 1st tech startup took 2.5 yrs b4 🚀[launching] a product & making its way into NATIONAL restaurant chains.

Our supporters never wavered bcuz they understood GREAT tech TAKES TIME.

Reminder: @ #SAFEMOON we have launched multiple b4 our #SAFEMOONBIRTHDAY


"Is there anything you would change or would like to change with how products are being rolled out and your development approach to these challenges?"

"Of course! We are always improving and adapting, process and product development is never “done”. Especially in emerging tech! There’s always new ways to do something & different approaches we uncover. It makes our work both exciting and rewarding!"

"Thanks, last question as I'm inspired by your ambition and that of your team. I'm a IT Pro looking to step into development. What are three pieces of advice you could give to an experienced IT professional looking to step into development."

"Never, ever underestimate the power of a passionate team member. Also, never allow “old thinking” & “conventional process” be a determinant in who you hire or how you lead. Conventional process is a great starting point but rarely = innovative progress."

"I am head of digital for one of the world’s biggest brands. We started a development project around the same time. We are still getting budgets approved and making decisions. @TheFudHound and @safemoon in the meantime have delivered."

Upcoming Challenges

When a SafeMoon community member asked John what the main challenges would be in the coming months he replied, "3-6 months I don't foresee any challenges. There are a few unknowns, however, challenges - no. We are finishing out a lot of things we started. I am excited for the next 6 months. One of the products that you will see, SafeMoon (co) will actually be implemented into our business operations. So win/win."

Birthday Video Transcript

With the help of Kerr, a Discord community member we have transcribed SafeMoon's most recent Birthday branding reveal video for all of our SafeMoon family whose native language is not English and anyone else interested. Also included is the YouTube video. Click here to read/view.💕

SafeMoon Swap

24hr Volume Chart

Created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra!

SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

Community Thoughts about SafeMoon's First Birthday

Since the beginning of March, we have been showcasing some awesome community members who want to share their thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon and the SafeMoon Army.

First up today, we have a SafeMoon Space regular, Randolph!

How did your journey with SafeMoon start?

Got into to SafeMoon by chance. My business partner's 14 years old asked me to look at SafePanda, SafeMoon popped up, and the rest was history.

How has SafeMoon affected your life?

SafeMoon has not affected my life in any way in regards to investments. However, it has affected me via Twitter Spaces. I have made some good friends who I speak to on Spaces on a daily basis and made some great friends who I voice chat with on a regular basis...

Are you excited about this birthday month?

To be honest, the 1st birthday is a great milestone but I'm not excited about it. I'm in SafeMoon for the long haul of 5 years or more, so the next 4 weeks doesn't define anything for me.

Where do you see SafeMoon going this next year?

In the next year I see SafeMoon with their own exchange. blockchain, SafeMoon Mastercard, listing on two major exchanges, Naughty Nauts integration, pos facility and an announcement on breakthroughs in The Gambia. Also, maybe some more insight into other parts of the 85% we don't know about.

What's a fun memory with the SafeMoon Army you'd like to share?

Funny memories... The drinking game Space was hilarious... And just generally in Spaces we have some good fun...

Which product are you most eager for?

The gif is regarding what product I want most... it's too difficult to give one answer and it reminded me of that Friends scene. Difficult question...

Exchange - Cryptonomics is a game changer Blockchain - Because it opens up the whole ecosystem Safemoon Connect - Could also be a game changer.. If SafeMoon achieves what I think is the vision, then we will all be happy in 3-7 years..


Our second contributor in today's Lowdown is the wonderful Danology! He wrote...

SafeMoon started with me doing my own research and learning as much as I possibly could about the company before I invested. I have always been very selective in coins/projects but I always liked what SafeMoon was doing. I watched the restructure and the leadership role that John Karony really grabbed by the reigns and I felt the passion that he had for the company and the SafeMoon Army. Once I saw my buy-in opportunity I was all in and I haven't looked back! This resulted in me being immersed in the SafeMoon Army, an award-winning community that lives and breathes the vision and values that SafeMoon stands for. It changed my life, it really feels like we are all in this together. Everyone tries to have fun, speculate, educate and HODL our coins! This has impacted my life in an extremely positive way and allows me to set goals that will help achieve financial freedom. I've met some amazing people along the way, a huge shout out to the SafeMoon core team and the education team! And here we are, year one in the books on 3/2, I was around when SafeMoon first launched, I remember what it was like, no I hadn't committed to the project yet but I observed from a distance. The almost instantaneous passion everyone had from the very beginning stuck in my head, I thought to myself "wow these people truly believe in this thing." I never stopped checking in on it, and now I'm a HODLER for life and a part of the SafeMoon Army, as we move into 3/2 the first birthday and BIRTHDAY MONTH at that, let us remember our accomplishments and how far this project has come!

I'm excited to learn more about our exchange, blockchain, pSafeMoon migration (as John stated he had some info on in March), merch perhaps and anything else it may entail. Then once March is all over we have the rest of the year to look forward too! I see product releases over the course of 2022. I believe John when he says we will be delighted by the end of this year. I remain bullish and continue to add whenever I can, this is a long game, and the token was designed from day one to be held, and watch it grow! I'll close with this; I was not a day one holder of SafeMoon; I watched and learned as much as possible. I saw a company go through initial growing pains, achieve a successful restructure, and is now making the moves necessary to make their vision an actual reality. I concluded that this should be a project that I commit to, it will take patience and time, but the rewards for maintaining this mentality will be well worth the wait. This team cares. I know it's hard sometimes to wait, and you may not like puzzles or the "digital wrapping paper," as John calls it, but try to remember, they are trying to engage with you without announcing something they aren't quite ready for!

Never stop believing, and I can't wait to reach the moon safely with all of you!

Love, Dan Jones #SAFEMOON32

32 Candles

Discord community member Sir Burns shared an entertaining story with us today! He said, "I asked for 32 of everything [for my birthday], and someone in my family actually thought I was still 32, so I'm just gonna own it and say yes! 🤣" Happy birthday, Burns! You are forever 32 in our eyes! 💙💙🤭😂

Best Crypto Practices

Vico, an active community member on both Twitter and Discord, posted this tweet: "Here are 10 best crypto practices that are helpful, share to help new holders. Find these and more on the SafeMoon Education site 🙂🙏."

Thank you so much for reminding the community about how they can stay safe!! 💗💗

John Karony in Discord

SFM Holder: when can we expect the listing of other chains like Terra,sol in safemoon swap?

John: Solana is mostly walled garden. But other chains are in our dev sprints.

SFM Holder: Can the devs please DO SOMETHING

John: John adjusts his position in his chair in front of the computer constituting doing “something”

SFM Holder: S&L disabled?

John: Yes, in preparation for Swap and Evolve 🙂

SFM Holder: Serious question, will safemoon support NFT? As in will we see new marketplaces that use safemoon blockchain?

John: The SafeMoon Wallet already supports NFT’s on the Eth chain. But additional support and features for NFTs are in the dev pipeline.

SFM Holder: John, I have said many times and I will keep my word. When SafeMoon reaches a dollar, whether it’s this year or 10 years from now, I will be renting out the Borgata in Atlantic City for 3 days for the army. Will you be there?

John: Will you make peace with the Autobots and unify Cybertron?


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