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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 31st, 2022)

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Swap & Wallet Update | Cross-Chain Swap | Instagram Post

SafeMoon Army Birthday Story | SafeMoon Standard

SafeMoon Swap Volume & Partners | Reminders

SafeMoon Swap & Wallet Update

"🍏The #SAFEMOON SWaP is live!🎉 Please ensure you've updated your #SAFEMOONWALLET apps to the latest version. 📲 Some tokens may not show until their LP seeding has fully completed. Thank you, #SAFEMOONARMY and thank you to all our amazing partners"

Cross-Chain Swap

Community member: SFM-BUSD isn't on Swap V2 yet.. so the rest of liquidity still comes, I mean.

John: With Multiswap (Same chain, any token) the BUSD / SFM pairing is not needed. As you can still do BUSD <> SFM without the dedicated pairing.

Instagram Post

Many people in the SafeMoon Army couldn't help but notice the photo that John posted on his Instagram earlier, so naturally, someone on Discord asked him.

Community member: Are you in Utah or The Gambia?

John: That photo on my Insta was neither.

CEO John Karony posted this photo on his Instagram with the hashtags #safemoon #safemoonarmy

SafeMoon Army Birthday Story

Since March started, we have showcased some awesome community members who wanted to share their thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon.

Many in the community have been an immense help behind the scenes.

Every day is a Hollyday!!! Today, SafeMoon OG and avid SafeMoon community member Holly shares her story with us.

Hey SafeMoon Army – Holly here, also known on Twitter as HollyGirl.

I’m super excited to have been asked to share my experience with SafeMoon, so here it goes….

How I got started? Well, in mid-March ‘21, my little brother told me about SafeMoon. He shared a YouTube video that explained what SafeMoon was and how to purchase it. Whoa, was that a process and I thought he was crazy. I joined twitter because I was invested in Doge and needed to see the next crazy thing Elon Musk was going to say, when I decided to start doing more research on SafeMoon.

The SafeMoon team is beyond what I’ve ever experienced before. The passion and drive that they have is indescribable. I have been lucky to have been around to witness the trials and tribulations that this team has faced, and they’ve always came out on top.

While looking into SafeMoon, I stumbled across the SafeMoon Army. I can’t help but giggle a little as I type this, because this army has forever changed me for the better. I have made so many new friends, not only on twitter but in person as well.

I have seen what this army can do, from dominating any poll that mentions SafeMoon to fighting FUD for 72 straight hours on twitter spaces. I’ve not only seen what this army can do for SafeMoon, but what we do for one another. There have been times where people have gotten scammed, and this army, they came together to help that person in any way, whether it was to find out how it happened or just to make a donation. We still stick together, and I couldn’t be prouder to say that I am part of this SafeMoon Army.

Another thing that has been really cool, is that SafeMoon and I share the same birthday (3/2)!! This year’s birthday was by far my favorite birthday to date. The Army made sure that I was celebrated right along with SafeMoon. As this birthday month comes to an end, I have loved the presents that we’ve gotten and will continue to get. We must always remember that patience is key and all good things take time.

With that being said, I will leave you all with my signature saying…

Every day’s is a HOLLYday and as always, Be Kind 💙

Happy belated birthday Holly (I guess you also get a month-long birthday? 🤭) and thank you SO MUCH for sharing with us!!

SafeMoon Standard

"Being humble in any position and treating all people equally, is the way to lead and to create new leaders." -DarkMoon Tim

SafeMoon Swap Volume & Partners

24hr Swap Volume

Disclaimer: It's important to always remember that partners are their own entities. Please conduct your own research before making any financial decisions. This information is for informational and educational purposes only and is NOT financial advice.

One Immortl- Comet Partner

One Immortl's Partner Page

Shibnobi - Moon Partner

Shibnobi's Partner Page

Glow Token V2 - Moon Partner

Glow Token's Partner Page

DxSale - Moon Partner

"#dxsale is primed for the next wave of #web3 technology. Create and launch your token as easy as 1,2,3 -"

DxSale's Partner Page

Reflex Finance - Comet Partner

"#ReflexLegion, 📣 Just a heads up - for those using the #SafemoonSwap: We will not be seeding our pair on SafeMoon Swap until the V2 contract is live! We are still available for purchase on Pancake Swap and Bitmart! We appreciate your patience during this transition."

Reflex Finance's Partner Page

EverGrow Coin - Meteor Partner

"Just an update following this video. All dev & design resources being devoted to NFT Marketplace over coming days to get that launch event asap. Once live will move all resources to Crator & push hard to launch asap too. Better late than never, thanks for your patience" - Sam, EverGrow CEO

EverGrow Coin's Partner Page

Affinity - Meteor Partner

To listen to Affinity's most recent podcast, click the Twitter icon below!

Affinity's Partner Page

Pawthereum - Comet Partner

"Roadmap & The Pawthereum HODLing Room! Check out [the article] to learn what's in the $PAWTH. Thank you, Andi and @PAWStweets for coming up with that proposal for our community to vote on!"

Doxed Token - Comet Partner

"Every Project that runs through our system will have a #DOXED KYD stamp of approval if the identity verification passes. Ultimately reducing the risk of project developers rugging. $MWWC #DOXED #ETHDOX #SAFEMOON KNOW YOUR DEVELOPER"

Doxed's Partner Page



MoonCast Transcript

If you missed Sunday's 32nd MoonCast, it's not too late!! Cats, Gandalf, and Veno covered so many interesting topics that you won't want to miss! 😊😊😊 You can check out the video and transcript of the event here. We couldn't do this without our AMAZING transcribing team!!