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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 27th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Team | SafeMoon Army Birthday Q&A | MoonCast Reminder

Utilization of SafeMoon | SafeMoon Swap Volume and Partners

Community Creations | Reminders

SafeMoon Team

CEO John Karony shared some wisdom about the importance of team culture.

"Team cohesion, and culture fit is super important for a team to run effectively. As leaders, we do what we can to cultivate that culture, even if that means pruning on occasion. “We” not “I”. Teamwork makes the dream work. #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!" -SafeMoon CEO John Karony

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing replied to the Tweet with this wholesome gif:

Community Manager and fellow SafeMoon Education team member Pulse also shared her thoughts on our Captain's growth 😊😊

"The leadership growth I've seen him achieve in such a short time, all while juggling the challenges he's faced, is incredible. There are good leaders and then there are GREAT leaders! We are fortunate to have a GREAT leader. Time will continue to prove this. 👏 @CptHodl" - Pulse

SafeMoon Army Birthday Q&A

Since March started, we have showcased some awesome community members who wanted to share their thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon.

Many in the community have been an immense help behind the scenes.

Today we have Price Discussion channel regular and Discord mod Danny!!

How long have you been a member of the SafeMoon community? How did you first find SafeMoon?

I bought my first bag somewhere in March, it wasn't until the beginning of April that I actually joined the community aspect of it. Starting with Reddit and soon followed by Discord. All the lovely people in the discord just stole my heart and made me want to connect with the community even more which is why I eventually applied for the amazing moderation team which I've been a part of since July/August 2021.I found SafeMoon through some obscure Telegram group of coin snipers.

Did you share your excitement on SafeMoon with a friend / family / others?

I absolutely did. Through my excitement I got many, many people into SafeMoon.

What platform do you spend the most time on? What's your favorite part about hanging out with them?

That would absolutely be the Discord. Our servers feel like home to me, where I come in, be myself and kick it with like-minded people. I've met some amazing people on there who I hope will still be a part of my life in decades to come.

What's been your favorite part of the birthday month so far?

The reminiscence of old times really. Looking back at what an amazing year this has been. The people I've met, the experiences I've had, the things I've learnt. All breathtaking.

What's a good/funny memory you have with the Army?

I usually hang in the Price Discussion (PD) channel on the main SafeMoon discord server so there's an abundance of funny memories I could choose from. I love that channel and the people that reside in there alike.

Please share your favorite SafeMoon meme!

Someone call John, I just received 32 pineapple pizzas that were delivered by a cat in an oddly colored Porsche. Why? I don't know, this is not laughing matter.

Of the announced products so far, what are you the most excited for?

The ecosystem as a whole. Obviously.

What are your dreams?

I just hope the people I care about do well in life, are happy, healthy and are able to enjoy the many little things life has to offer.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Danny!! We appreciate you!🙏💙

MoonCast Reminder

It's Sunday and that means another SafeMoon community podcast with Education Manager CatsRus, SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf, Director of Marketing Mr.Adult and Community Manager Veno!

Join us TODAY for MoonCast at 9PM CET/3pm EST/1pm PST on Discord, YouTube, or Facebook! After it's over, we will also be uploading the podcast to Anchor FM as well as Apple Podcasts!

If you are interested in posting questions for Cats, Gandalf, Mr. A and Veno, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

Utilization of SafeMoon

Singapore Fintech Company Paybolt has just implemented SafeMoon as a form of currency to use with its merchants. DISCLAIMER: Paybolt has not collaborated with SafeMoon and we can't vouch for the product, service or team. This is just an interesting educational piece/reference. Please do your own research if you decide to make use of this 3rd party service

"Here's for the great @safemoon family. Come see, now #SafeMoonArmy can buy real things online/offline with $SFM via #PayBolt's web3 #crypto payment gateway. Coffee? Dinner? Electronics? Buy anything!!🔥🔗"

SafeMoon Swap Volume and Partners

24hr Swap Volume

"This week our SWaP by SafeMoon added $6,229.53 to our LP, provided $1,832.21 to the SafeMoon eco-system and burned $1,099.33 worth of SafeMoon!"
Created by Hydra

Shibnobi - Moon Partner

Shibnobi is holding a giveaway!! The rules are simple:

  • Must have '#SHINJA' on your palm, 'COMM-UNITY' written on the inside of the heart & be short in HD/UDH! (Look below for a reference)

  • There will be 30 winners which will be picked at random and announced at 8pm UTC on March 27th.

  • The winners will be given .1 ETH!

  • Upload your photo here.

Shibnobi's Partner Page

Glow Token V2 - Moon Partner

Glow's VP of Education Jared has a request for their holders! He posted, "Hey everyone! Some of you may be aware that we are working on creating a podcast that will be available on the Apple Podcasts platform. We have decided the name will be 'Glowing Up DeFi.' A requirement of Apple Podcasts is to have an image for the show. This image must be specifically 3000 x 3000 px and in the .png or .jpg format. We thought it would be a great opportunity to get you all involved by opening up the design to the community.

The image will be the first thing users see when searching for our podcast and will be displayed on every episode so the image will need to be professional but exciting and 'glowing.' It also needs to incorporate our logo and the show title of 'Glowing Up DeFi.'

The image most [Glow logo] reactions will be the image chosen for the podcast. Also as an added bonus, I will send out $50 BUSD to whoever's image is the winner! The contest will end on 4/6/2022 at 11:59pm EST. Please submit all entries [to the Glow Discord in the #podcast-challenge channel.]"

"'If you’re going through hell, keep going' - Sir Winston Churchill Never give up, never quit working, believing, progressing💪🏻🚀"

Glow Token's Partner Page

Empire Token - Comet Token

"Our BitMart listing is now complete and withdraws are available🚀 We will continue to develope utilities and announce new partnerships as well as listings🔥Better days will come🙌🏻 Keep Climbing!"

Empire's Partner Page

Reflex Finance - Comet Partner

"I want nothing but the best and success for EGC. It is important to understand we are in a different market since our launch than it was the month of Oct, up to 1 Nov. nonetheless, we won’t let you down. I promise. Our next announcement alone should pave the way.." -Myles, CEO of Reflex Finance

Reflex Finance's Partner Page

Doxed Token - Comet Partner

"#Doxed KYD Soft launch Coming🔥"

Doxed Token's Partner Page

EverGrow Coin - Meteor Partner

"Tune in to @_TheAbstract_OR live Ama on 03/27 to see how #CRATOR is coming together in the #Metaverse"

EverGrow Coin's Partner Page

Puli Inu - Comet Partner