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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 25th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Swap Update | SafeMoon's Website | SafeMoon Education's Newest Team Member | Top DeFi Projects by Social Activity SafeMoon Swap Volume and Partners Reminders

SafeMoon SWaP Update

"A quick update on the #SAFEMOON SWaP upgrade! 📰 Thank you for standing by, #SAFEMOONARMY! 🙏 We'll share another update with you soon. 🎉"


SWaP upgrades are proceeding nicely.

  • The core upgrade is now complete.

  • Mainnet QA/testing is underway.

  • There will be at least another 24 hours of downtime to ensure everything runs correctly before deployment and seeding.

SafeMoon's Website

The team section has been updated on the SafeMoon website. 👀👇

SafeMoon Education's Newest Team Member

Our wonderful friend and fellow educator Gandalf has officially joined the SafeMoon education team!!! We are beyond thrilled that you are on this journey with us. Thank you for all of your hard work and we look forward to collaborating with you in the future to spread crypto education! 😊💜

"On my continuing mission to be a guardian of the #SAFEMOONARMY & keeper of knowledge for us all I’m humbled to now be part of the #SAFEMOON education team full time. I will do my best to be there for the #SAFEMOONFAMILY on this exciting journey 🚀🌕 I am happy beyond belief ❤️"

Credit to HypaFly for this awesome video!

Top DeFi Projects by Social Activity

According to LunarCrush, SafeMoon has the 3rd highest social activity in DeFi! That's a cause for celebration (and more Tweets🤭🤭)

SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

Since March started, we have showcased some awesome community members who wanted to share their thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon.

Many in the community have been immense help behind the scenes.

Our favorite clown, Hallogen (@HalogenTheClown), is sharing with us today!! Not only is he a Discord regular but an amazing community manager for the MoonCraft server as well!👇👇👇

How long have you been a member of the SafeMoon community?

11 months

How did you first find SafeMoon?

A friend introduced me to a "new crypto that he was involved in"

Did you share your excitement on SafeMoon with a friend / family / others?

I have shared with several friends and a few family members.

What platform do you spend the most time on?


What's your favorite part about hanging out with them?

I've met some amazing people in the community over the several months. I have acquired some true friendships from both the moderator team and the community. I have had the privilege of being a part of the SafeMoon journey. I view life as riding on a train. Some people may leave the train and others may get on it. It's the journey of the train that matters to me and the people I share these moments with.

What's been your favorite part of the birthday month so far?

The new branding video that was done by Mr. Adult

What's a good/funny memory you have with the Army?

October 2021 Halloween event. I've never thrown more pies in my life but the amount of enjoyment I had and that others had made me truly feel a part of the community.

Please share your favorite SafeMoon meme!

Of the announced products so far, what are you the most excited about?

Currently the card, I would love to have a physical product that I can use and have.

What are your dreams?

To live a comfortable life where paycheck to paycheck isn't something I have to think about. I don't have to be rich, but I would love to be comfortable. To enjoy the little things in life that tend to be missed when distracted by work or money. To love my friends and family with everything I have. To collect experiences from all around the world.

Thank you so much for sharing Hallo.🙏💙

SafeMoon Swap Volume and Partners

24hr Swap Volume #47

Created by Hydra

Reflex - Comet Partner

"#ReflexLegion, here's more previews of our Launchpad, DEX & Farm! 🔥 The upcoming migration to V2 will open us to these possibilities and more - so if you're staked and haven't done so already, pls DON'T FORGET TO UNSTAKE to be ready for the big things coming 👀 #Crosschain #BSC." - Reflex Finance CEO
"What gorgeous previews of our platform! Launchpad, Dex, farming... so many great things just around the corner! Also, thanks @Legion_CEO for the reminder - if you haven't claimed your tokens please do so by Saturday!"

Reflex Finance's Partner Page

Doxed Token - Comet Partner

"Good morning #DoxedNation So many great things are coming for the Doxed community and we are getting closer to the launch of our KYD platform and the list of projects that have already contacted us is amazing. $MWWC #DOXED #ETHDOX Launches April 16th on @Uniswap"

Doxed Token's Partner Page

Puli Inu - Comet Partner

"Our SweepStake For A Chance To Get Whitelisted For A Puli NFT Will Launch Soon! Don't Miss Your Chance To Lock In The Major Benefits Across The Entire Puli Ecoystem... Learn More... (Big Exposure Incoming)"

Puli Inu's Partner Page

Affinity - Meteor Partner

"The #AutoCrypto partner #staking pool has been paid out for the final time. Please unstake from that pool at anytime. No need to worry, you will have the option to unstake for many weeks, but we will no longer fund the AU pool. #Safemoon staking starts tomorrow!"

Affinity's Partner Page



WHY I HODL SAFEMOON by Pheonix Rising

If you haven't read Pheonix Rising's three part article, we highly recommend it!

Part I: SafeMoon Is The Evolution: What It Means & Why You Should Be Ecstatic About The Future

Part II: Short- And Long-Term Catalysts To Look Forward To SafeMoon's Birthday Month & Beyond!

Part III: 7 Simple but Effective Tips for Stress-Free Hodling

BlockTelegraph Article Covering SxSW wrote an article titled, "SafeMoon Advances the Broadening Conversation on ‘Return on Impact’ at SxSW." To read what they had to say, click here!!

Router Upgrade

On March 22nd EST, the SafeMoon Swap router upgrade process began.

For more information on the router upgrade process click the image below



Did you miss MoonCast? Would you like to listen to it or read the transcript? Our amazing transcription team has just finished it up! Click here! You can now listen to MoonCasts on Spotify and Apple Podcasts as well!

SafeMoon Trends

A new Official SafeMoon Discord made for those within the SafeMoon community who wish to be more involved with marketing and branding! The goal is to get the community working together in unity to assist SafeMoon in becoming a household name. For more information, click here.

SxSW Discussions Panel

Want to watch/read the SxSW Panel Discussions with John Karony? With the help of our fantastic transcription team, the transcript for each panel is now available.


Panel 1: What is Venture Philanthropy? Panel 2: Fast Launch - How to Create (and Sustain) a Giant Community Panel 3: How to Engage the 'Crypto Curious' Panel 4: Impact's Next Era: Impact Everywhere Panel 5: What does it truly take to create effective DeFi?

Birthday Presents:

So far this month, SafeMoon has announced:

- New domain - 0% MoonPay fees until March 19th

- New SafeMoon Wallet update

- New branding

- New SafeMoon Swap Listing

- Router Upgrade (Cross-chain Swap)

- Hire reveals

- More to come!


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