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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 23rd, 2022)

Table of Contents:

| BlockTelegragh Article | Twitter Space with Ryan | SafeMoon Swap | SafeMoon Standard |

| Glubiz | John on Discord | Jonas Practicing | SafeMoon Positivity |

| SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration | Reminders |

BlockTelegraph Article Covering SxSW wrote an article titled, "SafeMoon Advances the Broadening Conversation on ‘Return on Impact’ at SxSW." To read what they had to say, click here!!

Ryan Arriaga Visiting a Community Twitter Space

Ryan recently popped into a Twitter Space to provide the Army with some insight. Full audio and transcript are available here.

"And I'm just gonna say this from a leadership standpoint. In every organization I've ever been a part of, in every startup I've helped build, and in every product I've launched, it's who you let in that matters. And this is true for your mind, this is true for an organization, this is true for a new movement, anything you let in matters." Ryan Arriaga SafeMoon Global Head of Products

SafeMoon Swap

24hr Volume Chart #45

Created by Hydra

Shibnobi - Moon partner

"Huge #Shibnobi sports marketing deal signed while in #Dubai 5 games to start. Did you hear the announcement in tonight’s AMA ? 👀⚽️🥷🔥🔥🔥"

"#COINMARKETCAP: The team is aiming to have #Shibnobi verified on @CoinMarketCap , which will help to increase our rank on their platform. #Shinja"

Shibnobi's Partner Page

Empire Token - Comet Partner

"BIG DAY today! The World Blockchain Summit 2022 is happening right now! 🔥Tomorrow, Empire’s Founder and CEO Dulla will be having his talk at the summit to finally introduce DefiGram 💯 Who’s excited?🙋‍♀️Keep Climbing! 🧗‍♀️"

Empire token Partner Page.

Affinity - Meteor Token

"While we wait to add liquidity back to the #SafemoonSwap after they have completed the upgrade, the ONLY impact is the inability to trade through #Safemoon. NOTHING changes with staking, rewards, or you ability to trade on pancakeswap and #ADAPT."

"New staking pool incoming! It's been a great 4 months with the #AutoCrypto staking pool. It's that time to change things up. Stake your #AffinityBSC to earn @safemoon starting this Friday! The pool will be available for 4 months."

Affinity's Partner Page.

Rhythm Token - Comet Partner

Rhythm is the 8th highest market cap for music tokens!!

Rhythm's Partner Page.

SafeMoon Standard

"I only work for projects that allow me to have influence over the vision & integrity of it. If my 'reputation' is on the line & that key element changes I will pursue other opportunities because I will be forced to follow my personal code of ethics."

"Never change that stance!" - SafeMoon Tim

"I will not, no matter the pressure. I put in 30k at a high before I started the FUD Hound - I came here to make a difference & do what I know best, to push product & help others like myself who also put in hard-earned dollars into this project."


Glubiz has added new features to his site!

"I might have done something👀The rebuild has come to the point where it complete enough to be published, soooo... The new additions cannot fit in one tweet, so some of them will be posted below😅Hope you like it!"
"New features: - Collecting dex volume myself - Expandable holder brackets - Buy / sell pressure - Updated UI - Completely new architecture that allows for easy expandability + faster loading times - Logging most stats now More stuff will be added soon!" "Forgot to mention that the calculator now calculates the reflections and burn at the same time, making it more accurate."

You can visit his new site here.

John on Discord


John: Be advised, SWaP is in the process of evolving. Who's excited for the new SWaP upgrades?

SFM Holder: Is everything going to plan, so far? Do you see any obstacles in the near future?

John: Right now yes. Team is working on the evolution. Will keep you appraised of the situation.

SFM Holder: What happens if one of the partners doesn't migrate fast enough and take 2weeks?

John: What happens if x happens? We adapt and overcome. We are working through the process right now. Standby while we work. We thank you for your patience. Please check official communication channels for more information regarding the upgrade.

SFM Holder: Are we talking a IOS upgrade or hardware upgrade?

John: I ain't giving you a new iPhone nor are we apple, cant upgrade IOS. So its an upgrade to the SWaP on the apps and web app.

SFM Holder: I'm gunna hit a workout then hopefully try and understand this more. The principles around the swap when buying are no different it seems.

John: To the user on a CEX and a DEX, it can seem that there is no difference between the user experience. However, there is a big difference. One example of this difference is on a CEX, that transaction or purchase happens off chain. Off chain is just a jargon word for "it didn't technically happen on the blockchain" (IE on BSC or ETH). This means that while you did send 1 SFM to your friend, it never was actually recorded on the blockchain. It was however recorded on the CEX ledger. When your friend moves their 1SFM from the CEX into their wallet (IE SafeMoon Wallet) then it is recorded on the blockchain. Usually as a transaction (TXHASH) from the CEX hotwallet to your friend's wallet.

I hope that helps a little bit with your understanding. And as always, NFA (Not Financial Advice).🙂

Don't worry, we are here to help and educate. We shall get there eventually. We all win when Blockchain knowledge and jargon is common knowledge.

Scholar: Will all transactions on the Safemoon CEX be off chain? Or will the CEX also do on chain transactions to ensure global tokenomics, for both SafeMoon and other reflective tokens? Or will you discuss that at a later date?

John: will discuss at a later date.

SFM Holder: John, what benefits do you see coming from the swap upgrade?

John: I am personally excited for the cross chain. Meaning the ease of use when bridging from BNB to ETH. Super beneficial towards the accessibility pillar. A lot of folks don't understand how to use bridging DAPPs, so this makes it easier for folks to participate and helps remove a little bit of a knowledge barrier for some others.


SFM Holder: Can you please give us a turbine update? One of the things I am most excited for. How close are we to getting them operational?

John: It feeds into other hardware.


SFM Holder: John, how excited are you right now!

John: Extremely!

SFM Holder: more than ath?

John: I don't discuss price action 🙂

SFM Holder: why not?

John: because I don't and won't 🙂

John: I'm excited for all of 2022.


SFM Holder: How many more gifts we got left for the month?

John: I don't know i just work here.


SFM Holder: Whiskey and I just out here chilling waiting for hoodies

John: SAME!


SFM Holder: Wen SFM develop nervegear i wanna play [Sword Art Online] already

John: I DONT! Did you watch the show?

SFM Holder: U ever watch Ready Player One?

John: I have. Would do that, but not SAO.

Jonas Practicing

"Hey #Safemoon army. Check out this impressive training video I obtained of our very own 🥷🏻🧀 @SafemoonJonas aka, Cheese! I can’t wait to watch him on TV at the Ninja Warrior competition📺 @SFMInsider @safemoon #stud"

SafeMoon Positivity

SafeMoon JuJu sharing some more positive vibes with the SafeMoon community.

"It’s still our BIRTHDAY month?? Let’s go!! I’m excited! Cross the chains!! Let’s go #SAFEMOONARMY!!!SAFEMOON is about to bring the ENERGY. So we have to as well!! #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOON32 #ENERGY #PositiveVibesOnly"

Thanks for the laugh, JuJu.


SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

Since March started, we have showcased some awesome community members who wanted to share their thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon.

Many in the community have been immense help behind the scenes.

SafeMoon Christine @ChristineSFM decided to share with us today!! Christine is a regular in the SafeMoon Twitter community. Check out her story below 👇👇👇

Dear SafeMoon Team + Army,

SafeMoon was the first crypto I ever invested in, and I found out about it by pure luck. I had only recently learnt what Bitcoin was, and I was eager to invest into crypto when my moms neighbour told us about SafeMoon. What drew me to it was how hard it was to buy, and the REFLECTIONS. Something unique and appealing.

Ever since then I have experienced the best community, the best people, and the best team I could ever imagine. John (& now Ryan) are a huge part of that for me. I always had confidence in the SafeMoon project, and I owe a lot of that to John. I don’t come from a crypto background, as this was my first investment, but I do know a lot more about business. The month I invested into SafeMoon, was also the same month I launched my first business on my own. I saw a lot of qualities in John and SafeMoon that I saw in many successful businesses. He was ambitious, knew how to adapt, and knew how to delegate. Everything the SafeMoon team set out to do, I knew they would get done the RIGHT way, because of people like John and Ryan. I will always appreciate and admire their work ethic and their values.

But who I truly want to dedicate this letter to… is the SafeMoon army. This army has some of the most amazing, funny, caring people I have ever met in my life. I have always had incredible faith in SafeMoon, almost like a gut feeling when you know something will succeed, and the army shared my exact thoughts and feelings. It’s like half of the world were skeptics and thought we were crazy, and the other half just got us. I don’t know how my Twitter following grew so fast, but I am so thankful for all the kind + amazing people I have become friends with.

The hardest time in my entire life.. losing my sister, the SafeMoon army was there for me. I told the community before I even told my friends. The way this community supports each other and is there through the toughest times, makes me emotional. The way we’re there for each other through personal struggles, FUD, bear markets… because we see the potential in this one year old company is truly amazing.

I’m very proud to be a part of this community, and I can’t wait for the future with the SafeMoon army. I have all the faith in the SafeMoon team for the years to come, and like John says…. We have the easy part… all we gotta do is HODL!




Router Upgrade

On March 22nd EST, the SafeMoon Swap router upgrade process began.

  • Trading on SafeMoon Swap will be halted for 48 hours to give Swap partners the time they need to prepare.

  • This may extend due to 3rd parties

  • Updates will be provided throughout this process

  • There is nothing for you to do unless you provided funds to the SafeMoon Swap liquidity pool.

For more information on the router upgrade process click the image below



Did you miss MoonCast? Would you like to listen to it or read the transcript? Our amazing transcription team has just finished it up! Click here! You can now listen to MoonCasts on Spotify and Apple Podcasts as well!

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