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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 21st, 2022)

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Table of Contents:

New Swap Router | MoonCast | SafeMoon Centralized Exchange | SafeMoon Swap

SafeMoon Wallet | BitMart Trending Coins | SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

John Karony on Discord | Reminders

New Swap Router

"🥁The General's Playbook is provided below for the incredible #SAFEMOONARMY! This Playbook outlines the process for our March 22nd Swap Upgrade, so EVERYONE is informed & on the same page! 'Do or do not. There is no try.'"

We encourage everyone to watch Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga's video below! 👇

Credit to Spyros 💙


Yesterday was another episode of the SafeMoon community podcast, MoonCast, with Education Manager CatsRus, SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf, Director of Marketing Mr.Adult, and Community Manager Veno, and this time SafeMoon CEO John Karony joined in to answer some questions.

Stay tuned for the transcript. If you'd like to listen to it go to the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel.

SafeMoon Centralized Exchange

Remember SafeMoon Official's post with this KYC screenshot? Well, on MoonCast yesterday SafeMoon CEO John Karony confirmed where it was from:

"Yeah, so that is an actual screenshot from the UI design that they're right now coding in for the SafeMoon Centralized Exchange." - John Karony

Time Stamp 16:46

SafeMoon Swap

AVAX and Polygon Integration

"Big upgrade coming to We are crossing the chains #SAFEMOONARMY! You will be able to now bridge from BSC <> ETH, with more chains being added in the future (SFM is the middleware). PS. #SWaP is a DEX, which is different than the #SAFEMOON Exchange."

SFM Holder DarwinntheTurtle responded to John's Tweet.

"This is excellent news. I need a quick bridge for BNB to AVAX."

John then added, "AVAX and Polygon are two chains we are looking at integrating."

24hr Volume Chart #43

Created by SafeMoon moderator Hydra

Shibnobi - Moon Partner

Shibnobi CEO Cliff Fettner welcomes the new Shibnobi CTO, Tedi Ganja. "We just had one of the brightest minds in the business join the @Shib_nobi team. Give a warm shout out to Mr.@TediGanja. Be on the lookout for another big announcement from Shibnobi coming soon....."

To learn more about Shibnobi, check them out on our partner page.

SafeMoon Standard

SafeMoon CEO John Karony posted this image on his Instagram.

"At SafeMoon we don't compare ourselves to others. We're playing an infinite game. Compare what is 'now' to what is possible 10 years from now. Our future is our competition. That is your competition as well - the comparison to yourself today to your 10-year future self."

SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon's wallet has been updated!

What's new: Fixed an issue with liquidity removal from the Web SWAP when using wallet connect with an external browser. Minor bugs were fixed as well as stability improvements.

SafeMoon Senior Moderator Galan of_taa created a guide and video for those that need help with how to remove their Tokens in preparation for tomorrow's SafeMoon Router Upgrade.

BitMart Trending Coins

Bitmart Research shared this image on Twitter with SafeMoon being in the top 10 for Weekly Search Popularity.

SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

Since March started, we have showcased some awesome community members who wanted to share their thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon.

Many in the community have been immense help behind the scenes.

First up today we have Deep Safemoon @Deepsfm! He's been an active and kind member of the SafeMoon Army.

Hi everyone! My name is Deep Safemoon and you can find me on Twitter and on Reddit as well. It feels amazing that we have completed 1 year together in a beautiful journey where most of what is there is yet to come!

Getting to share what I think directly with other holders through the lowdown feels good! So, I really want to thank some special people who have set up SO much for the community, Momo, Pulse, Mr Adult, Gandalf, discord folks, Veno, and so many more. You all have put in love and brains for our community to feel inclusive and comfortable. This is a very impressive feat and I am thankful!

About me.. I have been in the crypto space for a while and have invested in assets since 2017. However, I got into Twitter for the sole purpose of SafeMoon and I was on Reddit for a while before that. Seeing this journey from up close has made me realize a lot of things. There's so much I would like to say but I will keep it to 3 points for our community.

Before we get into those, I want to acknowledge that from a crypto investment standpoint, SafeMoon is one of the best investments one can make considering the solid and dedicated leadership team, strong product plans, some of which have been already realized, and a beautiful smart community. So this feeling is the best on it's own, yet I will move on to aspects other than investment that I have been greatly positively affected by SafeMoon, they are

1) The people who make SafeMoon and also the ones I have been able to connect to.. The number one feeling that I will never take for granted are the ones who make our leadership and community leaders. I truly have never found a better group or community who are down to earth, smart, focused, and kind. This is a feeling that only lucky people get, and I am grateful to connect and follow such people. It's made my life better and more powerful. Thank you, Captain, for being so level-headed and focused, the words you use, the way you say it, all the maturity you have displayed even when things are not easy, and the belief and work towards a vision, we all can see it. You and the team will make history.

2) I am a part of something amazing even as a community member. We are a part of amazing change. Things like safety / security, quality, and accessibility are important for us to make the change and we are looking to work on things like energy, telecommunications, payments, and passive income. I truly look forward to our goals being accomplished and the team has the community's support!

3) Finally, the luck for me to be connected with people who teach me even other things I like. Example, on Twitter, I have started following and learning from people who teach from their experience of SaaS businesses, and I actually run my own. In fact, what I have learned on Twitter from such folks has never been taught to me anywhere else. I will never forget how I got connected to this side of things in the first place.

Before I close, I wish us all an amazing future and also one day would love to work for SafeMoon.

Cheers, all.

Thank you so much, Deep, for sharing and for being a part of this community! 💕

As mentioned in the previous Lowdown, Pheonix Rising @PheonixRising32 has decided to share a blog and, due to its length, we decided to split it into three sections and today is part III. Enjoy!

Hello and welcome to the final segment of this 3-part series!

If you’re still here reading, first of all, I want to thank you for coming along this journey with me.

I would hope that your being here means that you’ve gotten value out of this series so far because that was my only intention.

Today, we’ll be wrapping up with the most critically important piece, which is why I saved it for last, and that is how to win the game inside your head.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it! Click here for PART III!

John Karony on Discord

SFM Holder: You’re up early👀

John: or up late?

SFM Holder: Any news on operation pheonix

John: Not at this time.



SafeMoon Trends

A new Official SafeMoon Discord made for those within the SafeMoon community who wish to be more involved with marketing and branding! The goal is to get the community working together in unity to assist SafeMoon in becoming a household name. For more information, click here.

SxSW Discussions Panel

Want to watch/read the SxSW Panel Discussions with John Karony? With the help of our fantastic transcription team, the transcript for each panel is now available.


Panel 1: What is Venture Philanthropy? Panel 2: Fast Launch - How to Create (and Sustain) a Giant Community Panel 3: How to Engage the 'Crypto Curious' Panel 4: Impact's Next Era: Impact Everywhere Panel 5: What does it truly take to create effective DeFi?

Router Upgrade

March 22nd is quickly approaching!! Friendly reminder that SafeMoon will be upgrading their router on March 22nd and will therefore need ALL Swap LP providers to remove their pairings from the LP, or you can lose it! This includes anyone who has ever used the "Add Liquidity" feature on SFM Swap! ⬇👀 SafeMoon Senior Moderator Galan of_taa created a guide and video for those that need help on how to remove their Tokens.

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus has created a guide for those unsure of how to remove their LP. Check it out here.

Birthday Presents:

So far this month, SafeMoon has announced:

- New domain - 0% MoonPay fees until March 19th

- New SafeMoon Wallet update

- New branding

- New SafeMoon Swap Listing

We're only in Week 2! More coming soon!


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