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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 1st, 2022)

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Table of Contents:

MoonCast | Going Somewhere? | Grit Daily | SafeMoon Swap pSafeMoon | SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration | Building Tech | John Karony in Discord


Were you busy on Sunday? Did you miss out on the latest MoonCast? Have no fear, we've got it covered!! Click here for the video AND recap of the community podcast!

Going Somewhere?

CEO John Karony shared this photo on his Instagram with the message "Give me 32 seconds, just in the plane wash. #safemoon"

Then he posted another picture with the caption, "Sorry, still in the plane wash. Gonna be another 32 seconds."

Where ya heading, John? 🤔

Grit Daily

Grit Daily, a startup news source, released an article about our CEO titled "10 Things You Didn't Know about Entrepreneur John Karony."

Before going into information about John, the article states, "Through a community and user-focused development cycle, SafeMoon can create new fin-tech products and ecosystem advances faster and more efficiently than most other companies managed and funded through traditional forms of investment. Based on record-setting growth in 2021, SafeMoon is excited for continued progress and innovation in 2022, with the launch of the SafeMoon 2.0 protocol and additional growth of its user community of multiple million individuals, known on social media as the #SAFEMOONARMY. SafeMoon promotes transparency and freedom through the development and implementation of innovative technology. " To learn more about our Captain, click here to visit Grit Daily!

Upcoming Event - Austin, TX

Did you know that John is going to be at the Grit Daily House in Austin, TX on Saturday?👀 We can watch it live or online!! For more information, check it out here.

SafeMoon Swap

SafeMoon Official Twitter posted, "Did you catch @DoxedOfficial_, @puli_inu, @one_immortl and @RealEmpireToken joining the #SAFEMOONSWAP? 🎉 Find these projects & more on the SWaP and #SAFEMOONWALLET today!

You can also find them in our [SafeMoon Partner Portal]"

Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga added, "📣People wonder how we add Swap partners so fast now? When we said we BUILD FOR SCALABILITY, this is what we meant. All #SAFEMOON products are built with proper foundations now being launching. This is how we grow exponentially!"

*NEW* Empire Token

Empire Token's official Twitter posted, "Empire Token warmly welcomes the SafeMoon Army, as a new Comet Partner!🚀🌕We are very happy to see the #SAFEMOONARMY checking out our project, which is why we’d like to share with you some basic info about Empire." 👉Read about it here.

"We know you have all missed @DullaEmpire with his iconic 'Hey, Hey, Hey' 👑It's back! #SAFEMOONARMY needs to learn about it, I am sure they will here it more often in the future🚀🌑" Watch Empire Token CEO Dulla's video below 👇👇👇

To learn more about our new Tier 3 Partners, check out our Partners page!! Let's give Empire team and community a warm welcome to the SafeMoon Family! 😊😊

Here is a photo of the SafeMoon team and Empire CEO Dulla!

Check out this Empire Token x SafeMoon announcement video!

Puli Inu

Comet Partner Puli Inu tweeted, "What a great day for $PULI with the official listing announcement from #SAFEMOON as we bring #P2E into their ecosystem."

SafeMoon Mod SafeMoonWarrior tweeted, "$PULI is bringing Play to Earn (P2E) into the #SAFEMOON Ecosystem 🤯🧐," in which PULI CEO Mr Lightspeed replied, "Our team has already reached out to see how we can help with the #MOONCRAFT world. We think it would be cool to introduce #P2E or #NFT concept into it. Crypto can be fun when done responsibly and [we] would love to take on the challenge."


HoDooi just announced their V2 Beta!

"We are excited to announce the launch of V2 Beta, entering the next phase of development for our NFT marketplace📈

Key V2 Features on V2 include:

  • Updated User Interface/User Experience across the NFT marketplace

  • Decentralized platform including wallet with Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or WalletConnect

  • HOD token will be the only form of payment upon launch

Please read our two blogs 📰

Step-by-Step Guide V2 Updates Note🚨

  • Please use MetaMask due to technical issues with WalletConnect during Beta launch.

  • V1 Withdrawals are being finalised for migration."

Token Listings

24hr Volume Chart

Created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra!


On February 8th, Ryan replied to a question regarding pSFM migration to V2, "We will be doing a huge Upgrade on our Router/Swap. When this takes place we will be carrying out an automatic migration for pSafeMoon. You guys will love the change, it's going to be huge!"

Well, John gave an update on Reddit regarding that saying, "We have almost completed what we needed in order to migrate those on ETH to V2. More information to come during SafeMoon's BDAY month starting 3/2 (March 2nd).

"More swap partners = More Volume ✅

More volume harnessed “properly” & with direct UTILITY to #SAFEMOON equals more burn & reflections.

The missing piece? 🧩

The right Swap Router upgrade that can take advantage of ALL daily volume for holders.🤔" Ryan just tweeted.


SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

To celebrate SafeMoon's birthday, some community members have written some things for the SafeMoon Army and team. The first of today's messages is from Glubiz, the mastermind behind our Whale Tracker and Calculator!

My Incomplete SafeMoon Journey (Written by Glubiz)

How it started:

I have been in Crypto since 2016, where I started mining BTC from my desktop. At that time crypto was just a thing that I’ve heard of, but not something that I knew a lot about. In the summer of 2020, I started researching projects and came across ADA and DOT, which sounded like interesting projects to me, so I decided to invest. Again, at this point I knew very little of crypto, but that would soon change.

I first heard about a new project in the middle of March on TikTok. The project was transparent and community-driven, which appealed a lot to me. The project was called SafeMoon. I decided to invest a little in the start. SafeMoon did not leave my mind for a second the days following my initial investment. One or two days after my first purchase, I decided to do some investigation on the project. I found out they had a Discord which I joined without any hesitation. Discord showed me that the community was friendly, and the people behind the project frequently engaged with the community… A giant plus! Shortly after joining the Discord, the first AMA was announced and of course I joined (What a shit show xD). Even though it was chaotic, it showed the lengths that the developers would go to engage with the community.

Safe to say, I was spellbound by the community and the team!

I started lurking around the Technical Analysis channel in the Discord, because I wanted to know how to analyze price movements and further my understanding of the magical crypto space. I quickly learned how to understand the markets and do the analysis myself. But this was not enough for me, I wanted to learn more. I started researching blockchains, cryptography, transactions and much more. I wanted to understand it all. The more I understood behind the idea of crypto, the more I could see the things that made SafeMoon special. After a while my mind went to the maths. No other crypto that I knew of at the time were doing reflections, and the thought of passive income made me curious. Would I be able to live off the reflections at some point?

The maths fascinated me to the point where I shared it with my family and my friends. They became hooked instantly. At this point I kept track of the maths in a spreadsheet. I realized my family and friends needed a way to do the maths themselves, so I converted a spare website I had, to a calculator for them. A couple of months later, and here we are.

The effects:

SafeMoon has both affected my personality, interests and has given me a hope for a better future.

SafeMoon has given me a voice. I have always been a very shy and very mellow person. Since getting recognized for my website I have been forced to be more outgoing, which I am very thankful for. I have met a lot of wonderful people through SafeMoon, and I see us all as one big family bound by hopes and beliefs… The SafeMoon Family <3

SafeMoon has shown that thinking outside the box in regards to crypto and blockchain, can help innovation in a lot of industries. I LOVE the thought of that!

SafeMoon made me find my calling.

Lastly, Saf