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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 17th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Table of Contents:

Good Day OC Interview | Potential Swap Partners

SafeMoon Swap | USA Top 10 Trending Coins on BitMart

SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration | "Memes are encouraged" | Reminders

Good Day OC Interview

CEO John Karony was recently interviewed by Lauren Solomon of Good Day Orange County! Good Day Orange County is "Laguna Woods’ exclusive daytime television show. . .Entertaining and educational, the show features segments that can enhance every aspect of your life." This interview is a great introduction to SafeMoon for the mainstream audience! Check it out below. ⬇⬇⬇

Potential Swap Partners

Sales and Growth Manager Jonas (also known as "Cheese") tweeted this clip from our latest SafeMoon Sunday video encouraging those in the space who are trying to innovate to apply to be part of the SafeMoon Swap!

SafeMoon Swap

Upgraded DEX

Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga tweeted, "📣Our new upgraded DEX lays the groundwork for the following: - Cross-chain Swaps = 🌉& partners

- SafeMoon as a Utility

- pSafeMoon migration

- Ecosystem Partners

- #SAFEMOON Rewards + Connect

We are launching everything in the right order."

24hr Volume Chart

Created by SafeMoon mod Hydra

Swap Partners List

SafeMoon Creative Vico made this BEAUTIFUL list of current SafeMoon partners! Thank you so much for your ongoing efforts, Vico!

Empire Token

Empire Token is heading to the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai! @RealEmpireToken tweeted, "The World Blockchain Summit brings together worldwide blockchain experts, as well as regional enterprises, government officials, IT professionals, tech entrepreneurs, investors, and blockchain developers. Keep climbing! #DeFi #BSCgem #moon"

Empire's blog explains, "WBS offers unparalleled networking opportunities for businesses, investors, governments, developers, industry enthusiasts, and international media. Over the course of two days, industry experts will take advantage of many networking opportunities, an expert conference program, and transformative workshops to explore various issues.

Empire Token will contribute to this vibrant ecosystem of startups and technology experts by being one of the sponsors of this year’s summit in Dubai. Many new connections are going to be made and many technological surprises will be revealed to existing and potential investors." To read more about Empire Token and the World Blockchain Summit, click here!

Glow Token

Glow Token CEO and co-founder Bryan Lawrence and CFO and co-founder Adam Beier were recently interviewed on New to the Street TV! During the interview, they even gave a shoutout to SafeMoon and the SafeMoon Army. Check out the interview below. ⬇⬇⬇

Reflex Finance

@Reflex_Finance tweeted, "Reflex Legion, We are thrilled to introduce Reflexology! The security and vetting division of Reflex Finance."

In another tweet they added,

"In addition, we would like to announce that #Reflexology is officially taking applications! You can apply for the Launchpad, Dex and Farming at []"

Puli Inu

@Puli_Inu tweeted, "$PULI Just in case our previous announcement of being Blue-Tick Verified @bscscan wasn't low key enough, we thought we would tried some subtle, very gentle, persuasion for #PULI -- Come join the #PULIARMY! Bullish!"

Congrats on becoming verified on BSC, Puli Army!!!

USA Top 10 Trending Coins on BitMart

According to BitMart Research's Twitter, SafeMoon is the #3 trending token in the US on BitMart!!

SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

Since March started, we have showcased some awesome community members who wanted to share their thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon.

First up today we have Lux @luxlechien! Lux holds SafeMoon Twitter Spaces in French and is an active member of the community.

I’ve been a SafeMoon holder since May. It was one of my first steps into DeFi. I have learned a lot, not only about SafeMoon project but as a whole. So far I can say that I have enjoyed the ride, in both the bad and the good times. I learnt a lot about how people react to things, how smart contracts were made, and how you build a community. That’s the best part! The community here is legendary. In every part of the world you can make good friends and take part in the job needed. This is what I do now and it feels great to give and be given in return. In these dark times with covid and war, SafeMoon is breathtaking and I won't forget it. This is where it gets cooler. Only clear sky to come. We’ve been through it all. The holders that have stayed now have the strongest diamond balls possible. Only good things can come now. SafeMoon has a lot to deliver and we will be rewarded and proud of ourselves. Let’s keep the cap and move forward with all the great friends we made. People who left will come back and we’ll welcome them back on the ship… The journey is just starting.

Thanks for sharing, Lux! And thank you for all of the work you do with the community🙏


Next we have a Q&A with FaceBook moderator Mrs. SafeMoon!!

How did you get into SafeMoon? I initially decided that I wanted to get into crypto and started with Doge. I heard about SafeMoon via a tweet and wanted to try and buy a crypto early on in its launch. SafeMoon was the chosen one.

How has SafeMoon affected your life?

It’s been a journey and a half with ups and downs - but I wouldn’t change anything - I’m in it for the long haul and have also assisted lots of family members to purchase SafeMoon. Along with that I’ve made some great friends along the way on Twitter. How are you feeling about the rest of SafeMoon's birthday month?

I’m excited for what’s to come, I’m realistic in that Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you want a quality product then it takes time. Hopefully we may see some product launches soon. Where do you see SafeMoon going in the next year? I think when the products start to drop then will see much more adoption and volume. Hopefully we will start and see the ecosystem really evolve and I’m excited to find out more of what’s to come on the tech side of things.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us and for all you do for the FaceBook community, Mrs.SafeMoon!!! 💙

"Memes are encouraged"

In the post of Ryan and John that Cheese had shared regarding potential SafeMoon Swap partners, Cheese also commented, "memes are encouraged." It took no time at all for a couple of our resident memesters to get to work!!

@SafeMoonTim shared, "Cheese, Does this meme work? @SafemoonJonas @SafemoonSpyros Cheese + Jerk = Cheese Jerky" Check out the video below 🤣

@omgitsBamB00 also shared this:

Thank you, Tim and Bamboo, for the smiles!😊😊



SxSW Discussions Panel

Want to watch/read the SxSW Panel Discussions with John Karony? With the help of our fantastic transcription team, the transcript for each panel is now available.


Panel 1: What is Venture Philanthropy? Panel 2: Fast Launch - How to Create (and Sustain) a Giant Community Panel 3: How to Engage the 'Crypto Curious' Panel 4: Impact's Next Era: Impact Everywhere Panel 5: What does it truly take to create effective DeFi?

MoonCast Transcript

Did you miss the last MoonCast Episode? We got you covered!! With the help of our amazing transcribing team, the transcript and summary for MoonCast are now available. Click here to view it.

Router Upgrade

March 22nd is quickly approaching!! Friendly reminder that SafeMoon will be upgrading their router on March 22nd and will therefore need ALL Swap LP providers to remove their pairings from the LP, or you can lose it! This includes anyone who has ever used the "Add Liquidity" feature on SFM Swap! ⬇👀

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus has created a guide for those unsure of how to remove their LP. Check it out here.

Birthday Presents:

So far this month, SafeMoon has announced:

- New domain - 0% MoonPay fees until March 19th

- New SafeMoon Wallet update

- New branding

- New SafeMoon Swap Listing

We're only in Week 2! More coming soon!


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