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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 14th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

| SafeMoon Swap | Free Rebif | SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration | SafeMoon Standard | SafeMoon Memes | Reminders |

SafeMoon Swap

SafeMoon's Comet partner One Immortl tweeted, "The IMRTL/SFM Farm is now live. Earn $IMRTL 🚀@safemoon"👀

24hr Volume Chart

Created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra


John posted this picture from Grit House Daily holding a sign that reads "FREE REBIF?"

Zoomin, the Discord moderator and owner of the sign, posted another picture of him with it in Discord in which he exclaimed, "Ayyyy. Thank you for the sign. Wen Freebif Vibby?" 💙

An edited version of the sign was posted in Discord.

"Is this a mutable offense?"

SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

Since March started, we have been showcasing some awesome community members who wanted to share their thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon.

Today's birthday story is from Discord regular and Astronaut MitchRip!!

SafeMoon – 1 Year of Community Strength.

Hello, fellow moonies! Astronaut MitchRip here reporting for duty! Wow, so hard to believe it has been one whole year since the launch of SafeMoon! Time really flies by. I’m not here to get into the mess of FUD and more we have dealt with over this past year, but I am, in fact here to speak about 1 year of this fantastic community!

Like many long-term hodlers out there, I found SafeMoon on March 20th, 2021, from a TikTok video. Interesting way to find something you want to spend money on, right? Well, we did some research and liked some ideas, and on March 21st 2 of my friends from work and I made our first purchase. A lot of us are in that same boat. From here we DCA’d up and up and up and up, no doubt. Some of us even bought at ATH and are at a tremendous loss and are still here believing and working together to give this company the recognition it deserves. The future is bright, we all know this! Bright GREEN in fact! (NFA, but I’m talking SafeMoon Green and green energy of course)

Around March 27th I found the community, so I’m approaching my 1-year anniversary of knowing you folks. So, let’s dive into what this community has done for me over the past year, and afterward, I’d like to hear from you.

I found this community when I was in a deep dark place in my life. Everything around me falling apart, losing my family, feeling worthless. I had nothing to live for, nothing to work for. I joined this community to learn more about my newfound currency, stay up to date on news and information. I knew nothing about cryptocurrency at all. Boy oh boy, I found much more than that here. The vibes were out of this world amazing. Yeah, there was FUD floating around, people trying to make the name SafeMoon mud. There always will be something negative being tossed around but if you’re not being hated on, that means no one is jealous. But the one thing that stuck out to me is all the positivity, the defense, the education. It has been here from the start. The team and mods have changed over time into an even greater community of welcomeness, equality, and all-around inclusiveness and the education and community involvement increased with that. We have John Karony and the amazing staff members/community managers he has found and changed over the past year to thank for that.

Now that you have a small background, I want to touch a bit on what this community has done for me. Through the worst days of my life, this community has been more than just a crypto or tech company. It became a place where I can go and be myself. I have made many friends here, and I’m so grateful and each one of you. From jokes to serious talk, we’ve had it all. The friends I made I became close to, and I’m meeting new personalities every day! I was able to talk to people I did not know about my life through DMs or in some discussion channels. This was therapy to me, and it made me feel whole again. My life situation has not changed much since joining this community, but I found hope in myself. Seeing the community managers and members being so positive, loving, welcoming every single day no matter what was going on really gave me a new perspective on my life. These people love their life, and it wasn’t until the end of 2021 that I realized, their sympathy and personalities given off to others are a reflection of themselves.

I didn’t love myself and that was a problem. I spent most of my nights alone, drinking, depressed, wondering where I went wrong to get myself into the mess I have made of my life. Then one night I was expressing my situation and got flooded with DMs from members. A few mods messaged me with words of inspiration, a bunch of community members as well. It wasn’t until then I learned what a community is. People with the same objective and mindset, are there for each other, connecting through ways I never thought possible.

I’ve since gotten the help I need and am doing the work for myself each and every day and have gained some self-worth because of it. Because of you, the community. With that, I have been able to adapt to situations, learn to react in a proper manner, love myself, and express the same for others. I have stopped devolving and am now currently evolving into the person I want to be on a daily basis.

So, with that being said, thank you SafeMoon. You’re more than just a token or a company. You’re an entire community of people, friends, and relatives who are there for each other through thick and thin. I know I will always have a place to come in hard times, people who will help me navigate life through their experiences and more.

Happy Birthday to the SafeMoon Community members around the globe! If anyone ever needs to talk like I have, my DMs are always open. You know where to find me

MitchRip - Out

This was so wonderful to read. Thank you so much for sharing something so deeply personal with us. We appreciate you and love you! 💕

SafeMoon Standard

SafeMoon community member Darren shared this image that says,

"You are not responsible for anyone's distorted perception of you. Stand firm in your own light and truth."

Thank you so much for sharing this, Darren!

SafeMoon Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga commented on this post made on LinkedIn that reads "Remember that the way you treat your employees is your instruction to them on how to treat customers."

"Well said Grant - thx for sharing this post!"

SafeMoon Memes

Spyros shares another meme with us.

"I was about to say "tell me more!" but this conversation was already too long." Spyros quotes himself responding to the screenshot of the recent Q&A with Mr A on Discord.

"Mr adult have you seen the exchange?"

"Yes," he replied. Spyros ends the meme with


Thanks for always making us laugh, Spyros!


Router Upgrade

SafeMoon will be upgrading their router on March 22nd and will therefore need ALL Swap LP providers to remove their pairings from the LP, or you can lose it! This includes anyone who has ever used the "Add Liquidity" feature on SFM Swap!

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus has created a guide for those unsure of how to remove their LP. Check it out here.

Veno's Crossword:

Veno announced, "#Crossword #007 is live! This one's just for fun and a bit more challenging, so let's solve it as a community!" To learn more about participating in Veno's crosswords, click here.

Birthday Presents:

So far this month, SafeMoon has announced:

- New domain - 0% MoonPay fees until March 19th

- New SafeMoon Wallet update

- New branding

- New SafeMoon Swap Listing

We're only in Week 2! More coming soon!

SafeMoon Labs:

To check out Gandalf's SFM Labs video and article on the topic Community in the Digital Age, click here!


If you'd like to see things that have happened over the last 2 months check out the Monthly Pulse here.


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