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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 13th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

| SafeMoon Saturday | MoonCast | SafeMoon Swap | SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration |

| Ryan Arriaga on Discord | Free Rebif (community fun) | Veno's Puzzle | Reminders |

SafeMoon Saturday

As many of you know SafeMoon Saturday the SXSW event happened yesterday! John did an incredible job representing SafeMoon as always! Below were the topics discussed.

  1. What is venture philanthropy?

  2. Fast Launch - how to create (and sustain) a giant community

  3. How to engage the 'crypto curious'

  4. Impact's next era: impact everywhere

  5. What does it take to create truly effective DeFI (afternoon panel with CNBC)

Just as the discussions began SafeMoon Official tweeted this image that reads, "NOW LIVE AT SXSW Throughout today you can follow the SafeMoon Saturday live stream from Grit Daily/SXSW"

To view the event, click here. The transcripts for each of these panel discussions/interviews are being worked on and should be out soon. So stay tuned to the Lowdowns! 💗

Here are some pictures we've come across from the event:

Top Left - BroadArrow and CEO John Karony,

Bottom Left - CEO John Karony with SafeMoon Discord Mod Zoomin's FREE REBIF sign

Top Right - VP of Operations Josh Chilcutt and Texas_Safemoon_Busa. Texas said, "I also had the pleasure of meeting our VP of Operations @JoshuaChilcutt. #SafemoonArmy when I tell you just from interacting and speaking to him, I can assure you we are in good hands. Thank you for everything Josh #SXSW@GritDaily"

Bottom Right - John Karony and Paul DeLong. Paul commented, "My Take. I’ve been lucky to have worked w/ well respected global leaders & politicians. I’ve seen 'vision to execution' w/ innovation in diff verticals. Meeting @CptHodl & engaging with him, I can tell you he is DRIVEN & CONFIDENT like those. #safemoon IS IT. This is HARD, but I see IT!" 👏🙌We see it, too! 💙


It's Sunday and that means another SafeMoon community podcast with Education Manager CatsRus, SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf, and Community Platform Manager Veno! Join us TODAY for MoonCast at 9 PM CET | 4 PM EST | 12 PM PST on Discord, YouTube, or Facebook! If you are interested in posting questions for Cats, Gandalf, Mr. A and Veno, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

SafeMoon Swap

24hr Volume Chart

"SWAPDate#35 This week our #SWaPBySafeMoon added $22,158.69 to our LP, provided $6,517.26 to the SafeMoon eco-system and burned $3,910.36" - Hydra

Created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra

Swap Volume Graph

Love this Hydra! 🙏💙

Created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra

SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

Since March started, we have been showcasing some really awesome community members who wanted to share their own thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon.

The first contributor to today's birthday messages is Sir Burns! He's a Discord regular as well as a transcriber for SafeMoon Education! We appreciate him so much!!

How did you get into SafeMoon?

I had been utilizing traditional savings vehicles as asset buffers to potentially mitigate loss in the event of economic crises (within my portfolio.) I found an article on deflationary crypto assets and happened upon SafeMoon's tokenomics. I didn't know anything about (auto)staking or reflections in general. I wasn't aware of those terms having been away from crypto for such a long period of time. When I read about SafeMoon's rewards, I couldn't ignore the compounding potential and the fact that it also burned a part of its supply with each transaction in addition to increasing liquidity.. I knew then that I had tapped into something that had changed the world before I had even got there.

How has SafeMoon affected your life?

The SafeMoon community inspires me. It is genuine at its core, rich with life and culture, and offers a sense of togetherness. It introduces some challenges and new perspectives which I find refreshing. I was a bit rusty in online social spaces. It was almost a knee jerk reaction at first and then it started to become clearer over time as I spent more time with other members here in the community. I didn't think that I'd see such a place with so many incredible people-- I mean an abundance of talented people with huge hearts, who are highly intelligent, brilliant even, focused and loyal. SafeMoon persuaded me to look within myself and dig deeper in terms of how I observe and process information. It has been an informative and healthy experience for me. SafeMoon is more than a way of life. As we spend time here, it becomes a part of the experience that, sort of, defines who we are as we digest and engage with others who share similar interests. SafeMoon can be a bit distracting so I do often spend a good bit of time hanging out with others here while at work.

Are you excited about the 1st birthday?

Yes, I'm excited about SafeMoon now turning one year old! I'm also thrilled that it is celebrated as an entire month beginning the anniversary of its first public transaction, if I'm not mistaken..3/2.. Celebrating SafeMoon means celebrating the lives of everyone involved on every level. I mean, the fact that one year has passed seems like a long time.. The memories that we share across discord and various social spaces creates these kind of vibes that are really beautiful. There are so many new faces and collaborative work and that motivates me. Looking back makes it seem like we've been here a lot longer than we actually have. It feels great to celebrate something new and unique with an abundance of life that is more than the sum of its parts. SafeMoon has been an epic experience!! I'm excited to explore and celebrate its origin with others as well as its evolution into what it has become since adopting it. SafeMoon definitely deserves its own birthday and I'm looking forward to experiencing many, many more with all of you here.

Where do you see SafeMoon going in the next year?

I'm already in my EV suit and counting on SafeMoon to continue its pursuit of innovation as a pioneer in the land of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. I'm confident in the SafeMoon company's ability to render top notch products with an emphasis on quality, accessibility and safety. I'm really looking forward to the next 12 months! SafeMoon has potentially life-changing products and services in its pipeline. I imagine everything coming together and the SafeMoon team rolling out some unique solutions that stand out in the crowd. I imagine SafeMoon will also continue to adapt as it observes changes that are specific to its industry and those it may potentially impact. I'm anticipating and mostly hoping for high quality content. I'm happy with its direction so far and how it has grown as a result of the exposure to challenge and opportunity.

Do you have a fun memory with the SafeMoon Army you’d like to share?

I absolutely loved the Halloween special event. It was so much fun to engage with so many other members of the community across channels and seeing so many people participate with such passion. That was amazing!

Anything else you would like to add?


Thank you, Sir Burns for taking the time to share with us!! 💕


Next up we have the infamous SafeMoon Warrior! I don't think you can be a SafeMoon Holder and not have heard of this guy! 💙🤭

How did you get into SafeMoon?

I was reading the Hoge Telegram group and someone talked about SafeMoon. She mentioned that it also had tokenomics and since I liked that concept I bought a few tokens. At first, I wasn’t able to make the transaction work with MetaMask, so I asked the group for help.

Fun fact, the Hoge moderator ended up scolding us for talking about other tokens.

How has SafeMoon affected your life?

SafeMoon has given me financial hope. I now spend most of my time looking for news to share on Twitter. Also since SafeMoon, I have made many friends that I hope to meet someday.

How are you feeling about the rest of SafeMoon’s birthday month?

I would like the team to release one of our products but honestly, I am not impatient at all. I’m into SafeMoon for the long run. If something big drops that would be great, but if it doesn’t I will be fine. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Where do you see SafeMoon going in the next year?

SafeMoon is a trademark with a massive charisma. The proof is that we have been trending across all social media every day since launch. If new products drop I expect another massive growth since we will attract new holders for sure.

Do you have a fun memory with the SafeMoon army you would like to share?

I make new, fun memories every day. It’s difficult to choose something. Something that comes to my mind is that we used to keep track of the times that Ryan Arriaga liked Spyros memes in a private Twitter group. It was so fun that we ended up naming him ‘Spyros The Hound Whisperer'. Ryan finally followed Spyros. Those were very fun and emotional times.

Thank you, Warrior, for taking the time to share with us!! The SafeMoon community would not be the same without you! 💕

Ryan Arriaga on Discord

After all this negativity and fud.....the road ahead is sunny for SFM V2

Ryan: Router upgrade, SFM Card, Exchange, SFM Connect, Ecosystem, SFM Rewards Smart Contract, Wallet Upgrades…lots of product planning, very intimate with the details, and all are developing NICELY. 😁

SFM Rewards Smart Contract 👀

Ryan: SafeMoon Connect and SafeMoon Ecosystem wouldn’t be possible without the brilliance of SafeMoon Rewards Smart Contract.

Any chance you can show us the SafeMoon Rewards contract!?😆Just kidding I know we will see it when it’s good and ready!!

Ryan: Not yet… but the Rewards contract was in development and staged since before SafeMoon was a thing…acquired and repurposed for SafeMoon’s products now. The web of comprehensive brilliance that exists behind SFM Rewards and the Ecosystem is exciting.

So that's the 2nd acquire!

Ryan: 👀

Ok I have one last question and I’ll leave you alone lol. What do you see as being the biggest contribution to the volume in the short term over the next month or two?

Ryan: In order to increase volume you must increase utility. This means that you must create products that are useful to the community and space. One way to do this is bringing in and bridging more “high volume” tokens/coins on your swap. Think of your swap like the App Store. You see Apple builds a platform, adds apps and thus increases volume. However, the swap is just one platform. There are plenty of ways to build a platform where you can allow different products or “tokens/coins” to sit upon that add utility to different product verticals while also creating more volume in different ways. Masterminding these comprehensive channels for growth and product planning is what’s most exciting about this role.

Community fun with John

At the SXSW event in Texas John speaks about how a community is very important and that SafeMoon's community is and has been a key component to SafeMoon's success.

Sharing special moments with your community is important as well and sometimes that involves having a little fun.

On March 3rd SFM Holder holder on discord said "I'm going to hold a sign saying FreeRebif on March 12th at the Grit Dily House." John replied saying that he "..will take a selfie if you have a freeRebif sign."

John holds up this sign at the SXSW event that was made by a SafeMoon Army member.

It shows some of the words which represent a few of the playful inside jokes that took place among the SafeMoon Community in Discord.

"IYKYK" he tweets along with this image. If you know you know.

What I want to know though is "why?" 🤭😉

What's "Free Rebif"?

"Rebif was a Discord member of legend. He drove mods and the community alike crazy with his farfetched and often very poor worded statements. He got banned and other users started using his statements for the fun of it. John picked this up and that's how FREEREBIF came into play" - Danny

Veno's Puzzle

Veno announced, "#Crossword #007 is live! This one's just for fun and a bit more challenging, so let's solve it as a community!"

To learn more about how to participate in Veno's crosswords click here.


Router Upgrade

SafeMoon will be upgrading their router on March 22nd and will therefore need ALL Swap LP providers to remove their pairings from the LP or you can lose it! This includes anyone who has ever used the "Add Liquidity" feature on SFM Swap!

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus has created a guide for those who are unsure of how to remove their LP. Check it out here.

Birthday Presents:

So far this month SafeMoon has announced:

- New domain - 0% MoonPay fees until March 19th

- New SafeMoon Wallet update

- New branding

- New SafeMoon Swap Listing

We're only in Week 2! More coming soon!

SafeMoon Labs:

To check out Gandalf's SFM Labs video and article on the topic Community in the Digital Age, click here!


If you'd like to see things that have happened over the last 2 months check out the Monthly Pulse here.


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