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SafeMoon Lowdown (March 11th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Swap | SafeMoon Saturday | 2022 Utah CEO of the Year Honoree

SafeMoon - Emerging Tech Company | SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

SafeMoon Standard | Reminders

SafeMoon Swap

Router Upgrade

SafeMoon will be upgrading their router on March 22nd and will therefore need ALL Swap LP providers to remove their pairings from the LP or you can lose it! This includes anyone who has ever used the "Add Liquidity" feature on SFM Swap!

Announcements made by SafeMoon, John, and Ryan ⬇

"A reminder message for any individuals currently providing any type of token LP (Pool) to the #SAFEMOON SWaP. Please remember to remove any LP (Pool) for any pair that you are providing on the SWaP on or before the 22ND as part of the upgrade that will be taking place." - SafeMoon

John Karony followed it with a quote tweet advising those who've provided LP to remove it.

SafeMoon CEO

"Be advised #SAFEMOONARMY!

We are crossing the chains on #SAFEMOONSWAP, please remember to remove any LP for any pair that you are providing on SWaP on or before the 22nd. " -

Ryan Arriaga also quote tweeted the official SafeMoon Twitter announcement adding clarification.

SafeMoon Global Head of Products

"📢If you have ever added LP for ANY token using this feature on SFM Swap, please REMOVE & unstake what you have added or you can lose it. Swap partners, please get in contact with our sales team to plan for removing LP on the 22nd of March! The SafeMoon Website will soon be reflecting this news/information as well!"

24hr Volume Chart

Created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra!

Puli Inu

PULI tweeted, "$PULI recently acquired a gaming studio & #P2E game in alpha - will be rebranded into the #PULI brand as Puli Degens. But, this game would not be possible without the amazing community that supports it. We look to further [advance] the game and [build] a community together!" Check out the video they posted 👇

SafeMoon Saturday

SafeMoon Official Twitter tweeted, "How quickly it has arrived!🥳This weekend

@GritDaily will be bringing the #SAFEMOONARMY live streams from #SAFEMOONSATURDAY at #SXSW↙️ Stay tuned for the #SAFEMOON stream links and updates during the day! 🙌"

Here's the schedule for the SafeMoon Saturday event:

Saturday, March 12th Brunch: 11:00AM-230PM

Opening talk or panel 11:00AM. What is Venture Philanthropy? (Impact with an ROI) John Karony. Nicole Cobler, Axios. Jo Jensen. James Cole (The Jasco Group).

Morning Panel 11:30AM. Fast Launch - how to create (and sustain) a giant community. John Karony. Sydney Bradley, Business Insider. Alexa Curtis.

Noon Panel: Binance.US. TheFutureParty Presents: Women in Web3 (sponsored by Binance.US). VÉRITÉ (Artist, Producer, Songwriter). Ashleigh Hill, TheFutureParty. Meral Arik, Passage Protocol. Alex Porter, Mod Tech Labs. Leah Li, Binance US.

Afternoon panel 1:00PM AMA: Texas, Data, Democracy. Anne Ahola Ward. Rachel Wolfson (CoinTelegraph). Brittany Kaiser.

Afternoon panel 2:00PM. How to Engage the 'Crypto Curious'. John Karony. Robin Raskin.

Reception: 2:30PM - 7:00PM

Afternoon panel 3:00PM. Impact's Next Era: Impact Everywhere. John Karony Casey Craig, Coindesk. Lisa Carmen Wang. Daniel Calderon, Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow.

Afternoon panel 3:45PM. Demystifying the Metaverse. Bianca Jackson (BrickRose Exchange). Katy Atherholt Arion Long, Femly. Justin E. Samuels, RenderATL.

Afternoon panel 4:30PM What does it take to create truly effective DeFI? John Karony. Jade Scipioni, CNBC.

Afternoon panel 5:00PM. Black Ambition Prize, with Black Women Talk Tech!

Afternoon panel 5:30PM. NFTs Beyond Art: The Future of Tokenized Communities. Amy Sun. Lisa Carmen Wang. Katia Zaitsev, Lexit. Michelle O'Connor.

Evening panel 6:00PM. Black Ambition Prize, with Black Women Talk Tech.

Looks like John is there and ready for SafeMoon Saturday.👀

"I'm here at #SXSW2022 #SAFEMOONARMY"

2022 Utah CEO of the Year Honoree

SafeMoon Official shared this quote from @UtahBusiness: "Each year, we celebrate Utah’s most accomplished professionals—the CEOs who have led their organizations with strength, courage, and endurance and have made it their mission to change the way we do business in Utah," along with this awesome photo of our Captain!

The photo reads "CONGRATULATIONS, John Karony. From inception to launch to managed company - he has managed it all, with a grace few leaders could master. Today we commemorate his strength. Thank you, John Karony, for your leadership in this historic adventure. To the moon!" You can check out the list of CEO honorees here!

SafeMoon - Emerging Tech Company

SafeMoon Sales and Growth Manager

"Imagine if SafeMoon:

-Only had 2 announcements/year

-Didn’t Tweet

-Didn’t do AMAs

-New products would often be simple refreshes of current products

Imagine the FUD? In reality, I’m describing Apple, the most valuable company in the world, and a gold standard for tech.

The issue with being a BLOCKCHAIN TECH company is that investors in the crypto world are impatient, and forget it takes time to do things right. We go 2 days without an update and people say 'it’s quiet'. You know what else was quiet? Tesla taking 18 YEARS to be profitable.

[Do] you know what was loud? Amazon stock losing 90% of its value 20 yrs ago. Love or hate them, I’ve just named 3 of the most innovative and successful companies in the🌍. SafeMoon will change the 🌍, but we won’t get there overnight. I suggest you buckle up and enjoy the ride."

We're ready! You bring the Cheese! 😉

SafeMoon Army Birthday Celebration

Since March started, we have been showcasing some really awesome community members who wanted to share their own thoughts and experiences about this past year with SafeMoon.

Today, the host of The SafeMoon Water Cooler, Jeremiah (also known as the "Pump It Up guy") is sharing his journey with us!

How did your journey with SafeMoon start?

I got into SafeMoon after hearing a lot about it in the metaverse. A very respectable friend encouraged me to learn more about the token, and from there, I was hooked. The thing I loved most about SafeMoon are the reflections, and I have been in the community ever since.

How has SafeMoon affected your life?

SafeMoon has affected my life in so many ways. It’s what I think about when I wake up in the morning and when I go to sleep at night. On top of that, the amazing community I am surrounded by has brought so much love and positivity my way. They have embraced my show, The SafeMoon Water Cooler, on Twitter and welcomed me with open arms. It is a space that encourages positivity, educates its listeners, and promotes the efforts of SafeMoon wholeheartedly.

Are you excited about this birthday month?

Of course, I am! We have made it a full year, despite of all the fud and restructuring. Especially when most tokens don’t make it past their first year. Let’s celebrate for the rest of the month of March. #SafeMoon32!!!

Where do you see SafeMoon going this next year?

I see so much in store for SafeMoon. Releasing our exchange, completing the blockchain, becoming an even more popular token in the crypto space, establishing ourselves as a technology company, and going to the moon! I still believe SafeMoon can be the next Google, THE ALPHABET of the Crypto space.

What's a fun memory with the SafeMoon Army you'd like to share?

Yes, and I still laugh every time I think about it. It was my first time speaking during an AMA on my birthday. I was called up by the CEO of SafeMoon, John Karony. After he announced me, I played the “Pump it Up” song and he immediately muted me and said, he appreciated my enthusiasm, but he couldn’t allow me to play the song on the air. I humbly apologized, but now I hear they regularly play the song at the main headquarters. LOL!

Anything else you would like to add to the SafeMoon Army or the team?

Finally, I just want to say no one loves SafeMoon more than I do! Thank you to the team and the SafeMoon community. I appreciate all the positive vibes. Just remember everyone

… don’t forget to “PUMP IT UP!”

~Jeremiah, the host of the SafeMoon Water Cooler

Thank you so much for always being a positive light in the community, Jeremiah!


Next up is our resident tapestry maker and Discord community member, HamSolo!!

Back in mid March of 2021 my daughter had finally convinced me that I needed to load TikTok on my phone. She swore that I would absolutely love it with my strange sense of humor. After a couple of days of embracing my new addiction to TikTok, suddenly I started seeing a ton of SafeMoon content coming up. While I was not completely unfamiliar with the crypto world, I had no experience with altcoins and the rabbit hole that I was soon going to jump into.

I was fascinated with the concept of DeFi and more specifically tokenomics. I spent the next several days trying to figure out how to buy myself some SafeMoon. I dove into YouTube videos and even finally joined Reddit for my first real interaction with the SafeMoon Army. I managed to get comfortable enough with the process and after several calls to my bank in frustration, I successfully bought for the first time unbeknownst to me at the very bottom of the Hardman Dip.

Now that I successfully joined this crazy roller coaster, I figured why the heck not join this Discord thing. So, much to my children’s disgust, I started hanging out in Discord. This is where the magic of SafeMoon came to life for me. I have met so many wonderful people and formed friendships with people all over the world. While I have never met anyone in person the connection is real because this is a community of people with hope for a better world. Everyone has a different view of what that better world is but the common goal and belief is about progress.

There are just too many fond memories over the past year to single one out however there have been moments that I have cried from laughing so hard and moments where members of this community have shared beautiful things in their lives and at times there has even been sadness and tragedies. Like a family, this community rallies around not just the high points but lifts people up when they need it. I have seen this community take haters and lift them up with kindness. Doesn’t always work.

I am very excited for the things to come for the SafeMoon Army. I have faith in the leadership of SafeMoon, I have faith in the potential of the DeFi space, I have faith that we are going to better the world, but most of all I have faith in the strength and resilience of the SafeMoon community to overcome any adversity thrown at us. With the strength that we possess there is absolutely nothing that can stop us but ourselves.

Thank you for all of your awesome work, HamSolo! It always makes us smile! 😊😊

SafeMoon Standard

"I’ve learned that LOYALTY IS A TWO-WAY STREET. When you get it, cherish it. Work hard to preserve it."


Twitter Space with Ryan Transcript:

SafeMoon's Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga hopped into a Twitter Space recently and shared all kinds of goodies with the SafeMoon Army. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can find the Q&A here!

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