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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 3rd, 2022)

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

New Position at SafeMoon | Sales and Partnerships | SafeMoon Labs | Community Meetup

SafeMoon Branding | Crypto News | Partner News | Reminders

New Position at SafeMoon


Apply before: June, 30 2022

Our company is looking for an up-and-coming sales person to be responsible for representing SafeMoon with all partners and potential partners, sharing our product offering and converting those leads to meet specific sales targets.

What are the core responsibilities?

  • With input from the Sales Manager, identify, design, and implement sales strategies to meet and exceed sales goals.

  • Cultivate a pipeline of clients and manage relationships with them through phone calls, emails, social media, and networking events.

  • Run outbound campaigns with the Sales Manager to generate new sales prospects.

  • Drive and assist discovery conversations during the introductory phase of the sales cycle.

  • Through your exceptional communication skills, uncover each stakeholder’s set of business needs, use cases, tech requirements, and buying process and educate them about the products and services that are most appropriate for their situation.

  • Build effective relationships and trust with partners and potential partners.

  • Complete, accurate tracking of communication with current and potential partners and prospects.

  • Develop sequence strategies for multiple stakeholders to engage across various channels, including, email and social media.

  • Help scale the business through out of the box thinking and exceptional execution.

  • Qualify leads from various campaigns as sales opportunities

  • Proactively seek new business opportunities in the market.

  • Build long-term trusting relationships with prospects.

  • Professionally represent the SafeMoon brand to actively engage and delight prospects, including preparation and delivery of client presentations, pitches, and materials

  • Actively participate in and represent SafeMoon at industry events such as seminars and trade shows

What do you need to have to be successful?

  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience.

  • A willingness to travel out of state upwards of 40-50% of the time.

  • Proven professional experience and track record of working as a Sales Representative, Account Executive or similar role, ideally in a tech/SaaS startup.

  • Prior experience in selling custom software solutions, services, and technologies to key decision makers (C-Suite, VP, Directors, IT Managers).

  • A deep understanding of sales processes and dynamics.

  • Track record of achieving sales quotas and a fair understanding of key sales performance metrics.

  • Exceptional ability to effectively manage time, prioritize tasks and work within deadlines with little supervision.

  • Exceptional ability to analyze business opportunities and read situations well through your effective EI.

  • Superb ability to gather and use data to inform decision making and persuade others through developing compelling strategies that deliver results with strong attention to detail.

  • Excellent analytical, verbal, and written communication and presentation skills.

  • Charismatic and professional demeanor. Advanced negotiation skills.

  • Ability to originate and close complex deals independently or with limited support.

  • Strong knowledge/understanding of the recent developments in blockchain in both the enterprise and non-enterprise verticals.

  • Strong ability to create and deliver presentations tailored to the audience's needs.

  • Highly motivated and target driven.

  • Ability to thrive in ambiguous environments.

  • Passion for unlocking the crypto economy.

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing posted the job posting on Twitter. "What could this be? 🧐🤔 Looks like a pretty cool opportunity to me 🤷🏼‍♂️"

He added, "Added bonus… you’ll be working closely with 🧀 @SafemoonJonas"

Sales and Partnerships

Hayden Tweeted, "Heading to @consensus2022 next week 🙌🙌Who from the #SAFEMOONARMY will we see in Austin? Cheers Mates 🍻"

He also posted a picture of the dept.'s manager asking, "Who in the world is @SafemoonJonas talking with? 🌎"

Jonas responded, "The nametag on that desk was made by @CptHodl himself 🤣," and SafeMoon added, "He was just saving a space for a pizza. 🍕Much confusion."

SafeMoon Labs

"The latest SFM Labs "Bull and Bear Markets" will be live shortly: Don't forget to Like and Subscribe to never miss a future SFM Labs uploaded!"

Community Meetup

We love seeing the SafeMoon Family meeting up and hanging out!! Darren Tweeted, "Met up with @WriterLe at a local restaurant - we live about 5 min away from each other. He gave me a @safemoon hat - and we are representing Safemoon in Hollywood! 🙌"

Community members hanging out at the SafeMoon HQ!

@CryftC ⁩ ⁦ @safemoon ⁩ ⁦ @stefskye ⁩ ⁦ @GarrettHutslar ⁩ ⁦ @LeetCoins ⁩ ⁦ @DonBaileySpeaks ⁩ ⁦ @CryftWizard ⁩ #Cryftmoon

SafeMoon Branding

SafeMoon's New Banner
"Shine brightly, #SAFEMOONARMY 💡 #SAFEMOON"
"No clues. 🔎 No hidden meanings. 🥸Just some eye candy while we work. 🍬Cheers, mates! 🍻"

Crypto News

Mental health and crypto: How does volatility effect well-being?

"Crypto addiction has become a new disease for investors: Who is affected, how to understand that you have problems and who can help.

The crypto world is well known for its volatility. Especially in the early days, digital assets experienced wild price swings, gaining or losing double-digits in the course of a day. It appears that the current bear market is no exception to this trend.

While wild price swings provide opportunities to make gains — if you’re lucky enough — the volatile behavior of digital assets can pose a threat to the mental and emotional health of investors.

Mental health is an extremely important aspect of human life, which, until recently, wasn’t given much importance in mainstream media and discourse. Finances and investments can play an important role in emotional well-being, while constant despair due to the volatility of the crypto markets can hurt.

This was well displayed after the Terra debacle, when the ecosystem’s stablecoin depegged, sending the crypto market as a whole into a spiral and eroding confidence in the crypto ecosystem.

Indeed, after the price crash, suicide hotlines for numerous countries appeared in the LUNA subreddit, as the savings and investments of many investors were wiped out in a matter of hours." To read the full CoinTelegraph article, click here!

Japan Passes Stablecoin Bill That Enshrines Investor Protection

CoinDesk reported, "In a historic move, Japan's parliament passed a legal framework around stablecoins on Friday, providing a safety net for investors in the wake of last month's TerraUSD collapse that resulted in multi-billion losses, according to a Bloomberg report." To read the full article, click here.

$32K Bitcoin price could turn the tides in Friday’s $160M BTC options expiry

"BTC price lost the momentum that had pushed it to $32,300 on May 31, but this week’s option expiry could help bulls recapture the key price level.

Twenty-three agonizing days have passed since Bitcoin (BTC) last closed above $32,000 and the 10% rally that took place on May 29 and 30 is currently evaporating as BTC price retraces toward $30,000. The move back to $30,000 simply confirms the strong correlation to traditional assets and in the same period, the S&P 500 also retreated 0.6%.

Weaker corporate profits could pressure the stock market due to rising inflation and the upcoming U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, according to Citi strategist Jamie Fahy. As reported by Yahoo! Finance, Citi’s research note to clients stated:

'Essentially, despite concerns regarding recession, earnings per share expectations for 2022/2023 have barely changed.'

In short, the investment bank is expecting worsening macroeconomic conditions to reduce corporate profits, and in turn, cause investors to reprice the stock market lower." To read the rest of the article, click here!!

Partner News

One Immortl

Did you know that One Immortl plans to launch a cafe NFT in the near future?? Today they Tweeted, "📰Read up on the last month or so of developments as we get closer to dropping our Café NFT launch date❗️☕️ Be sure to subscribe for alerts on the latest news when it happens🖱️👆"

Read the article here!

General News

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's most recent news.

SafeMoon Stats


SafeMoon Glubiz

Swap Volume by Hydra


SafeMoon Pulse

Another month has passed! Which means it's time for another SafeMoon Pulse monthly recap where we pull together all of the main events, product reveals, releases, new partnerships, collaborations, and updates that have taken place over the past month for SafeMoon.

Click on the image below to view the Pulse May 2022 SafeMoon Monthly Recap.


Educational Articles

The SafeMoon Education Team released two educational articles about what Swap & Evolve is and how it works! Stay tuned for educational images.

For a simplified explanation of Swap & Evolve, click here.
For an in-depth technical explanation, click here.



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