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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 29th, 2022)

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Director of Products

The SafeMoon Army found a new addition on LinkedIn! Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Kyle Bryant, the new Director of Products at SafeMoon! Prior to joining SafeMoon, Kyle was the Senior Global Product Manager for Cricut.

SafeMoon Illinois Tweeted,

"Welcome the new Director of Products at #SAFEMOON exceptional resume. Every new hire brings something to the table, getting the job done, and more to come. SFM putting pieces together building and not stopping. Everyone has a LinkedIn bio which is awesome to see who's who."

SafeMoon Podcast

Vico noticed that SafeMoon changed their location to "The SafeMoon Edit Suite".

SafeMoon Twitter posted a simple message that read, "Ohhhh?" along with a screenshot of The Official SafeMoon Podcast: Table 32, EP01 uploading at 32%!

They added,

"Uploading now. We're thinking - publish it tomorrow.🥳

Remember to manage your expectations here...

It is a Podcast

Not a SafeMoon Special

Not an AMA

Not product secrets

It is a chat, and this first episode also functions as a pilot to get things tested

Future episodes however... 👀"

So. What is the purpose of this and future Podcasts? If not to reveal new and important information.

It is a stage for discussions that we will be building on overtime. A chance to meet team members, partners, industry leaders, big thinkers & creative doers. Plus the odd deep dive on products . It will be shaped as we discover what works, what is desired & what is effective.

"Are you guys filming during the podcast and will those be uploaded to YouTube?"

It is a video podcast, yes. 🥳

Youtube? Spotify?

YouTube first. Everywhere after.


"Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the previous sneak peak! 🙏 Since last post I have finished up the Dashboard, the Calculator and the Settings page (50% done with the styling) 🥳 Will keep you updated as the work progresses 🔧"

- Glubiz

Swap & Evolve

"Swap and Evolve has purchased 27.6 million #SafeMoon worth $14,562."

- SafeMoonWarrior

Community Questions

Favorite Memory

Vico asked the community,

"What does @safemoon mean to you? What's your favorite memory since its release in March 2021?"

Here are some of the community's responses:

"the friends i made in official safemoon discord. the joy and the sadness we all shared during pumps, during dumps, during betrayals. i love them like family." - Safemoon Sabine

"Probably getting the wallet in our hands. That was a really good day. Also Santa john profile pics on the spaces 😂" - NoctoLetsGo

"SafeMoon means so much to me, not just me either SafeMoon means the world to my family! My wife and I are stand behind SafeMoon and what there vision is and we know this will help us make our dreams come true! Being able to help others like the homeless, veterans." - Brian Ketcham

"The relationships that I have built on here and real life. The continued support for the choices that I make. The #RoGisha memes. The laughs. The fun clowning around. I don't have one specific thing." - GOTTI

Comfortable Living

Seeking Peace asked,

"What does living comfortably mean to you?"

Here are some of the awesome responses she got:

"Not being fearful of inflation and someone else controlling the prices of necessary commodities." - Carly

"Living comfortably to me means being able to do things for pleasure without having to worry about how much it's gonna take away from the necessary bills pot!" - SafeMoonSyko

"To me it means using the one commodity that we can never replace more wisely, time. Whether that's working less, travelling more, helping others or spending time with family. I'm not materialistic so I have an ambition to help a charity more in the future when we make it #SFM" - David Ellis


SafeMoon moderator GlennHasABeard shared,

"Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and it boils down to this: In cybersecurity, the more systems we secure, the more secure we all are."

- Jeh Johnson, Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security.

SafeMoon Anthem

Darren Tweeted,

"‘TO THE MOON’ being released today or tomorrow!

Highly recommended to listen to it with your best headphones! It’s got some fun frequencies and sound panning going on.


Safemoon Centurion Tweeted,

"ATTENTION #SAFEMOONARMY! Many of you have heard it already... But how many of you want to OWN IT? "To The Moon" by @darrenrobinson is now an NFT! Art by @kneuit! Send 0.000032 to the contract address to mint your very own NFT copy of the unofficial #Safemoon Anthem!"

He added,

"Send multiples of 0.000032 BNB to tell the contract how many you want to mint. Gas is ~7¢. The limit is 32 in one transaction. Minting 32 is only ~23¢ in gas. Best viewed in Trust Wallet. Any issues feel free to contact me."

Food for Thought

"Direction is always more important than speed. @safemoon has a long-term vision that will propel new innovations for good. I'm doing the easiest thing -- HODL."

- Vico

"Gratitude is the easiest & most powerful way to transform your life. Become truly grateful, & you will magnetize everything you need." "👇 This! I don’t know if I have ever been more grateful and humble… and it has brought great movements in my life"

- Mendy, Grove Token

Rip Van Wizard shared,

"Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others -even to the dull and the ignorant -they too have their story..." (from Desiderata)

"Remember to chase your goals and see through the noise! Taking the road less traveled is sometimes unpopular ; But is necessary to change your life. Keep your head up high."

- Koorah

Community Content

"There is something for everyone in the #SafeMoon Lowdown" - SafeMoon Tim

"#safemoon I came from Oklahoma to the HQ for a picture. Let’s go 🚀🌕" - Corbin Hicks

Crypto News

"Snoop Dogg says record labels are 'better served on the #blockchain than sitting in a catalog collecting cobwebs.'" - WatcherGuru

SafeMoon Stats

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