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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 28th, 2022)

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

MoonCast Transcript | SafeMoon Podcast | Happy Birthday, Binance! | SFM Sentiment

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MoonCast Transcript

Did you miss MoonCast #42 with special guests from the Pawthereum

team? Thanks to our amazing transcription team, you can read the full transcript accompanied with timestamped videos here!!

SafeMoon Podcast

"Who wants the first episode of The #SAFEMOON Podcast this week? 🙌 What should we call it (at least for now)? 🤔"

- SafeMoon

The poll results are in and Table 32 has won with 80.5% of the votes!

Galan further explained the benefits of the podcast:

"The developers/product teams that are building are not involved in projects such as the podcast or social media/marketing management. This has zero impact on dev hours. The teams doing things such as the podcast are quite literally doing their jobs."

SafeMoon joked,

"Perhaps 'Cheers Mate' becomes the spin-off featuring Mac and Cheese?"

Community member David Ellis added,

"Each episode followers Hayden and Jonas to different crypto conventions. Watch as Mack shows he's a baller on the court and Cheese eats all the meat he can find."

We like the way you're thinking David! 😄😄

Happy Birthday, Binance!

SafeMoon Tweeted,

"Happy Birthday, #BINANCE! 🎉

Lots of love, #SAFEMOON 💕

(No, this tweet doesn't mean anything cryptic. It is just a nice birthday message to others engineering the future. Special shout out to the unseen teams.) 🥳🪩🎉"

They also retweeted this image by Katxkin:

DEFI RICH commented,

"Wait what… unseen team 👀Did I just see that"

SafeMoon clarified,

"As in... all the people who do work behind the scenes. The unsung heroes that all organisations have."

John also gave them birthday greetings:

"Happy Birthday #Binance!

(To reiterate, this is not anything cryptic.)"

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus got in on the fun, too!

"Would love to talk crypto with @cz_binance so here is my entry. Think it definitely fits with the #SAFEMOON colours!"

This design is from Pulse! 😊

"Happy Birthday @binance!!"

Credit: u/highvalyriaan

SFM Sentiment

Average sentiment for SafeMoon lately has been 79%-80% good on CoinGecko. Today is 87%!

Did you vote, SafeMoonArmy?

SafeMoon Love


Troy Smothers shared some love to another one of our community members:

"A BIG Shout out to The Water Cooler. @JEREMIAH1SFMWC thank you so much my Brother for always taking care of the #SAFEMOONFAMILY. Jeremiah, you are truly an inspiration to all of us. @GandalfEducator and I just wanna let you know we love you my Friend. Pump it up."

SafeMoon Educator added,

"Shout out to @JEREMIAH1SFMWC‘s The Water Cooler! The Space is up right now, join and listen to @pawthereum and more 😎👍"

To listen to the Space, click the image below!!

Gandalf and Cats

OG Crypto Wizard also gave some love and awesome new art to Gandalf and Cats!

"@GandalfEducator @CatsRusOfficial made something for you 2 fine gentlemen. Feel free to use them. You guys are an amazing part of this community and we all appreciate you!"


Glubiz Tweeted,

"I'm working on the site redesign that incorporates the new colors of #Safemoon, and figured I would give you all a sneak peak 👀 This is the calculator at its current state, feedback is welcome (just keep in mind it's a WIP)! P.S. Got my bachelors degree in IT 🥳"

Congrats on your degree, Glubiz, and thank you for everything you do!!💕💕


Gandalf Tweeted,

"Landed safely back in Germany 🇺🇸🛬🇩🇪 Jet lag is real, will most likely use the rest of the day to process it later at home 😅"

We're so glad you made it home safely, Gandalf! 😊😊😊

SafeMoon Anthem

"Quick thoughts on my unofficial #safemoon anthem, ‘To the Moon’, before it’s released. The unusual part is that the file size of the completed song is 32mb! Total coincidence, but fitting for a song about Safemoon."

- Darren Robinson

Someone asked him, "Where can I hear it? Youtube?"

Darrin replied, "It’s not released yet. But very soon. It’ll be uploaded on and as a free (very low gas fee only) NFT once it’s out."

Food for Thought

"Follow your passion! Your passion and consistency will open doors of opportunities for you. Let’s have an amazing week #SAFEMOONARMY💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️"

- Safemoon Juju

"Allow your passion to become your purpose, and become your profession."

"Surround yourself with people who push you to do and be better. No drama or negativity. Just higher goals and higher motivation. Good times and positive energy. No jealousy or hate." Shared by u/Ecstatic-Abrocoma-73

Community Content

"Last Day at Disney... Headed back to Epcot for "Cosmic Rewind" AKA Guardians of the Galaxy. Amazing Ride !!! Gotta represent @safemoon"

- Frankie Hollywood

"If I could bottle up all of my sunrises my sunrises I would carry them with me to share with others Just to watch the joy spread across their faces As they witness this pure and simple beauty"

- Rip Van Wizard

Credit: Spyros

Nice cake, Kristen and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


SafeMoon is listed as the #1 trending coin in the USA for BitMart by BitMart Research!