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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 27th, 2022)

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

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SafeMoon Tweeted,

"What if the seed phrase (a weak link) existed and didn't exist at the same time? 🤔 #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY #CRYPTOSECURITY"

A holder pondered,

"What if the exchange came out?"

SafeMoon replied,

"It will be a great day. We can party together.🥳"

Another community member commented,

"Convenience is 👑. This would attract the masses imo. It would allow companies to offer the use of blockchain technology. This is simply HUGE"

SafeMoon responded with:


Pen and Paper

John posted this image on Instagram with the caption:

"'Always have a pen and paper' Words from my NCO that still ring in my head to this day."

Gaming Discord

SafeMoon Education Manager Tweeted,

"Currently partying in the SafeMoon Gaming Discord, Come say hi and play some fall guys,"

Brian also Tweeted,

"Had a fun time chatting it up about gaming and crypto with @CatsRusOfficial and @LemmeHollyatU in the #Safemoon gaming discord yesterday. #Safemoonarmy, if you enjoy gaming, definitely stop by sometime! @CptHodl is often in there gaming as well. It's very laid back & fun! 😉👍🎮"

Click below to join the SafeMoon Official Gaming Discord:


Food for Thought


Sometimes you gotta to take a break from all the noise to appreciate the beauty of silence. Disconnect to reconnect 😏

Have an AMAZING day, make someone smile and as always, #BeKind because #KindnessMattersツ 💙#SAFEMOON"

- HollyGirl

"#SAFEMOON We never know what a person is truly going through. They may seem calm and collected on the surface but underneath who knows how turbulent life has been for them. Treat others with kindness and respect. #SAFEMOONARMY Be the change you'd like to see in the world."

- GlennHasABeard

SafeMoon Mod

"Trust the process. Enjoy the journey! ✨☺️🚀Have a great day! Confía en el proceso. ¡Disfruta del viaje!✨🤩🚀Ten buen día! #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY #Crypto #cryptocurrency #sundayvibes"

- Chela

"Don't compare your Chapter 1 to someone else's Chapter 20. Comparison is one of biggest causes of unhappiness. Respect your own journey."

- Gary Goodridge

"I hope everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow starts a new week with new opportunities. Don’t look back, because you aren’t going in that direction. Make the best use of your time & energy this week and remember not to let anyone take away your peace! ✌🏼 #SAFEMOON"

- Whiskey

SafeMoon News Bot

Danny Tweeted,

"#safemoon bot update:

Next update will tweet about scam accounts if it found one.

I'm gonna check for @safemoon and @SafemoonWarrior support and helpdesk accounts.

Keep in mind that SFM don't have twitter support, helpdesk or airdrop accounts.

I will find you #safemoonarmy"

Thank you for everything you do for the Army, Danny!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hydra Volume Charts

Hydra, SafeMoon moderator and creator of the SWaP Volume Charts, posted this message: "Hey everyone 👋 I’ll be on vacations for the next 11 days and won’t be able to provide you updates in that time. But I will keep collecting the data and as soon as I’m back I’ll implement it into the sheet! Keep the positivity up and enjoy the upcoming 🎬 😁"

Enjoy your vacation, Hydra!! You deserve a nice break! 😊😊😊


VP of Operations US Joshua Chilcutt teased,

"When you’ve lived in Australia where even the #DropBears try to kill you, what’s to fear with a Baby #Rattlesnake? Hahaha"

Token Dad added,

"Drop bears are real. Don't let anyone tell you different."


"My last evening in Utah, the last sunset on this side of the world. I will never forget this journey 🌄 I am grateful that i was able to experience this, it will certainly not be the last trip 🙂 For #SAFEMOON, for the #SAFEMOONARMY, for all our futures 🌌 I love you all ❤️"

- Gandalf

SafeMoon Educator

Community Content

Created by SafeMoon Engine

Crypto News

Crypto exchanges' layoffs so far:

- Cryptocom: 5%

- BitOasis: 5%

- Robinhood: 9%

- Bitso: 10%

- Gemini: 10%

- Coinbase: 18%

- BlockFi: 20%

- BitMex: 25%

- BitPanda: 27%

- Bybit: 30%

- Vauld: 30%

- Banxa: 30%

(Shared by Blockworks)

Crypto Firms On Alert During Market Uncertainty

"Timeline: Grappling with volatility, crypto firms are halting withdrawals, carrying out emergency assessments and preparing for a bear market"

To read the full article, click the icon below!


SafeMoon Stats

Please don't forget to vote!! ❤️❤️❤️


Senior mod Hughs reminded everyone,

"People, don't forget that burn is based on 24h volume. Considering the market conditions and the low volume, is not bad at all.

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