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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 26th, 2022)

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SafeMoon Icon

Concept Art

SafeMoon Tweeted,

"Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, #SAFEMOONARMY 🌅 We'll bring you some videos next week! 📺 For now, here is a pretty daydream of the #SAFEMOON logo from a parallel universe. 🌌"

"You mean the metaverse 😳" Community member, Hugo commented.

"We were [tempted] to call it that - but didn't want to start an unintended hype train! 🚅" - SafeMoon

Kryptozian asked,

"Wait, videos as in plural?"

SafeMoon responded with:


SafeMoon App Icon Poll

Recently, SafeMoon had asked the community for some feedback.

"Thinking about maybe giving the #SAFEMOONWALLET app icon a little refresh. 🎨 It will change again in time, but until then which one floats your boat? 🚤 The entire app is not getting a re-design just yet."

Well, the poll is finished and the results are in!

The "skeuomorphic" icon was the winning choice with 31.2% of the votes! In 2nd place was the "flat back" version with 26.4%. In third place was "no glow" with 26% and then in last place was the "tinted" with 16.4% of the votes.

Future Plans

SafeMoon responded to a holder,

"We'll keep trying within the limits of what can/can't be shared at any given moment. The plan is to get some videos and some beta access to all of this soon so everyone isn't just going to be waiting in silence. More to come ASAP."


CEO John Karony posted this message on his LinkedIn:

"Do not let fear rule your decision making process. I see this mistake made in a lot of folks, both inside business and out.

It is ok to feel fear. However, it is not effective to allow yourself to be ruled by that fear. Recognize it, allow yourself to feel it, then overcome it.

Long story short, understand feeling fear is normal, but do not let it damage your mission. Don't let your emotions override your intelligence."

Discord Chats

John Karony - CEO

Tell us what you think VP of Operations at SFM needs to be good at, please.

Logistician. Those are hard to come by. And not just a "supply guy". Someone who deals with optimization of systems, and finding inefficiencies in those systems and can then execute the plan. Just like Sketch. Sketch is someone who executes. His lane is in the content department. When I read the letter of Rec from John Madden (rest in piece), I and other leadership members had full confidence in his ability to execute. He is absolutely amazing

The new merch is amazing. I've enjoyed the prototypes.

Mr. Adult - Marketing & Strategy Director

I am just disappointed at the moment

Me too. It is a-ok for you to feel that way. There is little joy to be found in waiting longer. But, we'll get there.

Hey Mr Adult, is there any plans to add BSC NFTs to the wallet?

All gets discussed. Features will be announced in time. 😄

Hi, is website going to be released together with the card or is it a separate release? It would be nice to get that out in my opinion, even if it’s ”just” website for a lot of people?

They are not connected. So one will not hold up the other. We're effectively done with the desktop / ipad versions of the website. We're moving on to the mobile/responsive versions next week.

One other question 😄 Out of all the products you have seen, which one is the one you are excited most about and why?🤔

I would love to wax lyrical - but I can't. What I will say, is that of all the things we have built I am most excited about / thankful for the team that is growing almost weekly now. The team is what will make us and take us where we are heading. Yeah, it's an easy, corny, trope driven line - but, it's true.

Yeah, I know you can’t say much, meant just in general. No worries. How hard (or easy) is it to find new employees? Seems like it’s easier to find new people now when bunch of cryptos are firing people compared to bull market. I guess something we can benefit of from now.

Short answer is that it varies.

Are we getting a Binance launchpad soon? 👀👀👀👀

Not that we know of.

SFM Special tomorrow?

No, when ready. But maybe something else. Depends how quickly we can complete the edit.


Our partner Pawthereum Tweeted,

"We are proud to announce that this Sunday at 7 pm UTC Pawthereum team has been invited to the @safemoon MoonCast. We’ll be announcing some big news, so you won’t want to miss it."

⏰ Sunday at 9 pm CET/3 pm EST/12 pm PST

🗺️ Discord, YouTube, or Facebook

If you are interested in posting questions, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

After it's over, we will also be uploading the podcast to Anchor FM as well as Apple Podcasts!

Hypa Video


Crypto Playoffs

SafeMoon won Round 2 in LBank Exchange's Crypto Playoffs against Floki Inu, 85.1% to 14.9% with 6,216 votes. In Round 3, SafeMoon will be up against a crypto called Quack!


Koorah Tweeted,

"Security In Crypto is a #1 Priority. Last 90 days (ish) we had:

UST / Luna Disaster ($40 Billion)

OpenSea Phishing (Millions)

Harmony One ($100 M)

Axie Infinity ($625 Million)

Defi Scams ($1.6 Billion Q1)

Let’s Be Patient."

Community Content

Safemoon Juju shared,

"Always be kind to others! Always spread positivity and PEACE AND LOVE!! ❤️❤️❤️"

SafeMoon shared the posted adding,


Safemoon Army Tweeted,

"#SafeMoon is Evolution!"

SafeMoon Hippie showed off his awesome SafeMoon background on his watch!! Lookin great, Hippie 😁

Upcoming Twitter Space

Rob Cram Tweeted,

"Set a reminder for the upcoming Space hosted by @Matt_Ferny!"

In case you forgot, Kate Porter is our lovely Global HR Director! If you are interested in the Space and want to set a reminder/see when it is in your timezone, click here!

Food for Thought

"The #SAFEMOONARMY is a big family with different characters and minds. In a community it is therefore important to treat others with respect - even if you don't like someone a lot 🤝 Because as you treat the other, so follows the reaction 💬 #SAFEMOON #EVERYONEPROOF"

- Gandalf

Crypto News

"#Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson speaking in front of the United States Congress about cryptocurrency earlier this week."

"Tweet See new Tweets Conversation Lark Davis @TheCryptoLark Total #crypto market cap back over a trillion! 🥳"

"One of the most promising pieces of common sense #crypto legislation that we have seen was leaked two weeks ago. This was the draft bill by Senators Lummis & Gillibrand. It's quite a long read. But, I have broken it down for you in my latest video! 🧐"


According to BSCNews, SafeMoon is the 2nd most mentioned BNB Chain project!

SafeMoon Stats

Please don't forget to vote!! ❤️❤️❤️