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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 25th, 2022)

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

SafeMoon Labs NEW | Phishing Scam posing as SafeMoon | SafeMoon Card Postponed Message from Marketing and Strategy Director | Food for thought | Gandalf | SafeMoon Twitter Account | Community Content | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

SafeMoon Labs


The article for the newest SafeMoon Labs dropped yesterday.



Today at 2 pm EST Gandalf will be hosting his space from Utah on the topic of FUD and FOMO be sure to tune into this one!

See your timezone and set your reminder


Phishing Scam posing as SafeMoon

Berserker tweeted warning everyone of the SafeMoon phishing scams.

"#SAFEMOONARMY please be cautious! There is no safemoon desk or help desk. Do not ever connect your wallet to anything you are not certain of! You will lose your tokens! All of them!.."

🚨SafeMoon moderator Jared shared a screenshot of the link's destination. It took you to a wallet connect page and asked for you to enter your seed phrase! Never ever give your seed phrase to anyone!

SafeMoon Card Postponed

"'You’re Invited #SAFEMOONARMY 'As a part of this news, I am excited to share that we’re inviting you to be part of the new security process. We’ll be delivering public test versions of the new technology shortly,' Ignore the negativity, listen to positive news! #safemoon LFG 💎" - Emcverse
"As a part of this news, I am excited to share that we’re inviting you to be part of the new security process. We’ll be delivering public test versions of the new technology shortly, so you can get hands on it early and share your feedback on the new experience before the formal release." - John Karony Captain's Log

Tweeting with the screenshot of an article that reads "DELAYS ARE TO BE EXPECTED: You can expect some product delays for a while across the tech industry. Although Apple has still been launching products amidst the world pandemic all tech companies are going to see some delays that could extend well into the future." Vico said:

"I've been with SFM since Launch week and over time I've become more confident in the vision, which is now very clear to me. Truth is the tech industry will always experience delays for various reasons including security, this is expected." - Vico

"The card is delayed so that we can revolutionize blockchain security in a way that is proprietary to #SAFEMOON. I'm okay with that" - Danology

"No one likes it but regulations and patents are huge. He is building the company from inside out. You need to protect your products from copycats. If safemoon can accomplish something different that will always be what separates it from other crypto. We want something new not something everyone has and basic." - Reddit user Marco956tx

#SAFEMOONCARD Specific dates are nothing. Getting the job done right is everything. The people who are going to cry about this are the ones who are just looking for trouble. "The easiest job in the world is to find fault." I'm with #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY - JBKeith37

Message from Marketing and Strategy Director, Mr. Adult

I’ll try to clarify. The date of the card arriving in q2 was provided many many months ago. At the time. That was the aim / objective. It remained so until very recently too. At the time. Nobody making those plans and decisions would have / could have known that this new security tech was going to be on the table around the same time. Since then. The security tech has picked up pace when it comes to integration into our wallet technology via a separate team. It picked up even more steam recently. Some weeks back we knew it “might” be ready but couldn’t make a call at that point. It then got to a point of a company-wide working version just last week. Everyone was blown away. Some days were then spent discussing the pros and cons of making the decision to prioritize it first. What that means for the pipeline. Education content. Impact on other products. Including lots of thoughts around what that will mean from a community reaction standpoint. We certainly don’t set out to upset. But. We concluded that we should prioritize it. We then had the log written up and shared. And then you knew. There is no shade or blame. We are here because of everyone’s effort at every stage. Past or present. My comment was poorly worded perhaps. The point was - data, options and things have arrived that were not available and not expected to be available. If we had known back then - the q2 timeline would likely have been set longer from the very start. That’s all. We are not here to rush things out. But we are still going as fast as we can to get things to you. As you can imagine I was / am in a lot of chats. So apologies if anything I wrote came over poorly due to writing fast and without enough care. I’ll avoid repeating that mistake again as I hate causing worry for anyone.

"Thx, that explains a lot. I think most people, myself included, misjudged the other tweet. As I saying before delaying is not a big problem and happens everywhere. I like that you explain sadly some people now are fudding because they also didn’t understand. Therefore I’m asking here and do not Fud, because there is maybe an explanation and there is" - Kingbolo

You’re good 🙂 Never an issue with questions. Only an issue with rudeness and hyperbole / goal moving for attention🙂 And sometimes we simply don’t have / can’t give answers. But we always try. As best we can. And always try to do better.

"For the average holder for sure this looks like a pattern of Safemoon delays but Karony wants evolution and is understandable The downside here is when Safemoon army will be tired of bones and start looking for meat. In other words start looking for evolution somewhere else The upside is that if Safemoon implements this new tech new holders will buy in So my personal strategy here is to buy a bag and zoom out" - BuiLderTheBoB

It was a history of announcing things too soon due to excitement. We should be flipping the script on that now. We didn’t even hype the new charts and wallet features. We just got them in your hands. We’re moving to a “hype after launch” strategy. So once the card is here you’ll see adverts and content all over the internet… and the real world. 🎉 I mean. You’ll see we had no countdowns or anything about the card in the last few weeks. Imagine we had and THEN had made this call. We are working with reality now. We believe this strategy works better. But we always review and change based on data.

Food for thought

Reddit user ResposibleLuck9082 shared this image which reads:

"In Bull markets investors are often blind towards the risks and only see opportunities. In Bear markets investors are often blind towards the opportunities and only see risks. Stay Strong"

"😃♥️ I am SO in Love with the Breaking of the Dawn! The Rising of the Sun each Day is an Event that I would Absolutely get out of bed for even if I did not have to work for a living!" - RipVan


"Absolutely an amazing night in Park City Utah with #SafemoonFamily @GandalfEducator @safemoonstacey these 2 who probably have some of the biggest 💓💓in our community. So honored to count them as friends."

Gandalf replied with a heartfelt thank you.

'Thank you very much for the wonderful night, it was a pleasure to meet you @TroySmothers3, your wife and @safemoonstacey. You have the heart in the right place."

"More pictures of a wonderful night in Park City, Utah with @TroySmothers3 , his wife and @safemoonstacey . Thank you for that awesome experience 😊❤️" - Gandalf

SafeMoon Twitter Account

"Hey #SAFEMOONARMY, In my opinion, it looks like hurdle . What are your thoughts about the new #SAFEMOON emoji’s?" - Zeus

Community Content

Yesterday Hypafly announced "New hypa video in the works." and then Tweeted "Yeah this is starting to look 🔥" along with a screenshot. 🙌

Yesterday Space V was excited to share that he

"Reached [his] personal 8 figure #SAFEMOON goal (after extending it 4 times!), DCA’d down to a good place. Card & Merch on order, quietly doing [his] bit out here in [his] part of the world to rep the #SAFEMOONARMY for over a year. Ignore noise, focus on personal goals, be kind "

Highvalyriaan's Binance Challenge has reached Day 200!

Reddit user BUGOOGA2 share their support sporting their SafeMoon gear. Thank you so much for sharing! Love your SafeMoon merch. 💗🙏

SafeMoon Stats



SWaP Volume by Hydra

SafeMoon Partners