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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 24th, 2022)

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Captain's Log: June Edition

A brand new Captain's Log was posted today!! Click here to read more about SafeMoon security, customer service, and the SafeMoon Card!

Table 32

CEO John Karony Tweeted,

"Thats a wrap on the first episode of the podcast tentatively named Table 32. Cheese, Hayden, Josh, Sketch and I are on it this round. Looking forward to introducing more of the very talented staff of #SAFEMOON to the #SAFEMOONARMY. #SAFEMOON32 #Table32 #podcasts"

John also posted a couple of new pictures on his Instagram!

"Table 32 #safemoon #podcast" (From left to right: Hayden Wing, Joshua Chilcutt, Jonas Harmer, and John Karony)

"Table 32 (three two) at the SafeMoon HQ. Filming starting soon. #safemoon #podcast #table32"

Jonas also posted a short video in his Instagram Stories of Sketch and Hayden in the SafeMoon Studio!

SafeMoon App

New App Icon?

"What's all this about? Check out the next tweet. 🦜 Because Twitter doesn't let you post an image AND a poll. 🤯"

"Thinking about maybe giving the #SAFEMOONWALLET app icon a little refresh. 🎨 It will change again in time, but until then which one floats your boat? 🚤 The entire app is not getting a re-design just yet. Vote for yours over on this tweet now"

iOS Update

Galan Tweeted,

"Update for the iOS #SAFEMOONWALLET pushing momentarily. This is primarily a fix to address a change that Wyre made to their widget, but there are some other nice additions as well. 🌮💚✅"

  • NFT image detail improved

  • Pinch and zoom NFTs, double tap to return to default size

  • Change wallets within the collectibles module

  • Additional confirmation to confirm the wallet address when sending NFTs

  • Dexscreener chart view improved for smaller screens

  • Fixed an issue where the Wyre widget was not opening properly

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


"Sketch is amazing. He has done wonders since he started a few months ago. We talk about the stuff he has done for us and how he has been able to accomplish the mission since his start, on the recording. Will have to watch when we release it."

- John Karony

A Request of Kindness

"Does everyone like apple? No. Samsung? No Marmite? No Blueberries? No It is wonderful that we all like different things and that we have choice over what we bring in to our lives and what we don’t. What is wrong, confusing and a show of poor character is those that choose to relentlessly shit on and attack things that other people like. Console wars for instance are the stupidest thing. Why do people who love playing games hate others … playing games. Bonkers. So I hope that whatever is broken in the heart or mind of the individuals that attack others under the thin veil of some kind of … whatever … can find their peace. Their calm. Their vibe. Their tribe. It’s not about win or lose. It’s about existing together. This is not aimed at anyone. It is not an attack. It is a message of love. And a request of kindness. To yourselves and to others."

- Mr. Adult

Marketing and Strategy Director


Visiting Utah

SafeMoon Educator Tweeted,

"It’s the best feeling in the world to work with the team for #SAFEMOON. I’m grateful for everything and look forward to do even more in the future for everyone - no matter where🤝🌎


From left to right: Joshua Chilcutt, Gandalf, John Karony, Hayden Wing, and Jonas Harmer

"This one was a gift for you, @JoshuaChilcutt! German quality Crayons 😂 and the second pack is for you, @__CryptoZeus__, waiting in the headquarters😎👍"

New Profile Pic

Gandalf also has a new profile pic! It's so nice to finally see his face! 😊


SafeMoon Tweeted,

"What is 32 to you?"

See a couple of the responses below or click the icon

above to add your own! 👇👇👇

"Family, future and freedom 😊"

- Gandalf

"Safemoon32 means more than the simple transactions done by the bot last year. It means community, unity, achievement, goals, it means resilience and commitment, it means our determination to succeed despite the fud and hate. It means FAMILY."

- Vico

Customer Service

John asked the community,

"For customer service, do folks prefer to talk to a human over the phone, or in a chat window?"

Check below for some of the wonderful responses he got

or click the icon above to add your own idea! 👇👇👇

"Are we just going to overlook the important question here? Safemoon hired a CSR… then they are implementing it. What does CS require? The ability to identify accounts. This means KYC is required. If the CSR can help. This sounds like a CEX concern. 👀" - Don Bailey

"Hey John!! I actually have data on this and it depends on the demographics. The newer generations prefer chat, as they dont like to talk on the phone lol. Older generation do tend to lean towards a live agent so they can walk them through the process."

- HollyGirl

"IMO, I think it should start w/chat & escalate to human if necessary. I’ve resolved many issues on different platforms by communicating with CSR’s via chat. Typically, the issues at hand were silly & caused by my own error 😂. The ability to escalate to human is vital if needed."

- Dahmn Son

"🤔 I like options, Captain John! Options! 😃 If we don't have both, then how will we serve both the visually and hearing impaired customers as well as those who have possession of all of their faculties?"

- Rip Van Wizard

Making a Difference

SafeMoon Rando Tweeted, "Today's #SAFEMOONHODLMUSIC was inspired by @LemmeHollyatU who is a beacon of positivity in our community! You don't have to wait to make a difference. Volunteer your time, plant a tree or mentor a child. Get out and make a difference. Just 'Imagine'!"

SafeMoon responded,

"As a direct result of you choosing to do this we are going to plant a fruit tree for 4 families in Kenya. They will also be provided the necessary garden tools to cultivate and create fruits that improve nutrition & generate income for them in the long term. Thank you 💕"

Twitter Support Accounts

Zeus Tweeted an important reminder for the community:

"Hey #SAFEMOONARMY, Just a friendly reminder that #SAFEMOON does NOT have any support accounts on @Twitter. If you come across a replied message on a post or a DM; please report it to everyone on Twitter under options, followed by as spam then block."


#SAFEMOON32 was trending under Business and Finance with 1,249 Tweets! Thank you, Zeus, for sharing! 💛💛💛

Community Content

"I think the #SAFEMOONARMY needs some more customer service training!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #SAFEMOON #LAUGH #COMEDY" - Safemoon Juju

"Pimped up the furniture in my phoneshop. And i love it ♥️" - E.C.

"I'm So Happy It's Friday!!!" - Rip Van Wizard

Crypto News

Breaking: Harmony’s Horizon Bridge hacked for $100M