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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 23rd, 2022)

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Customer Service

SafeMoon Tweeted,

"A happy new day to you, #SAFEMOONARMY! 🎉

Today's curious question for you...

What might you possibly love from customer service? 🤔

What might make it 'next level'?

Might you have memorable great customer service stories from your past to share? 📔

Answers below 👇👇👇"

Here are some of the responses so far:

"I love when Customer Service provides me with Unexpected Value, that 1 thing that they didn't have to give/offer and I was not expecting but received. It can be a tip/suggestion/DidYouKnow or something else of great value. To me this separates outstanding CS from traditional CS." - Vico

"Talking to real people over the phone if at all possible. Plus if put on HODL don’t give me any elevator music to listen too, Give me a SafeMoon song while I wait."

- GetYaSome

"24/7 customer service that is really integrated within the company. Not something that is outsourced and doesnt have the knowledge to really solve the problems." - SafeMoonJos

"My biggest issue in customer service has been the delay in response to you and how long it takes to fix your issue. Most centralized exchanges take 3-7 days to get back to you, and it could take up to a month to fix your issue. Immediate response would be a game changer!"

- SafeMoon Dreaming

To check out the other suggestions or to add your own, click the Twitter icon below!!


Special guest SafeMoon Partner Pawthereum will be joining MoonCast this Sunday to share an announcement!

"We are back this Sunday for #MoonCast! Our partner @pawthereum is coming to join us as they have a special announcement to make. Come and tune in for the show! #SAFEMOON | #SAFEMOONARMY | #podcast"

SafeMoon Special

"If you could ask one question to be answered on a future #SAFEMOON Special... what might it be? 🤔 If you could provide a message of support/thanks to be shared with the #SAFEMOONARMY, what might THAT be? Who knows - maybe you'll appear in the next video..." -SafeMoon

SafeMoon was going to wait to answer some of the Army's

questions but decided to answer a few:

Yes, many that interest me...Will our Exchange run on Binance Cloud, or be COMPLETELY 100% standalone? Blockchain, no exact date, but what quarter is that planned for? How is Gambia currently running, or the turbines? Does the card come 100% in Q2[...]?

We are not looking to answer these on twitter, but.... we guess a few won't hurt: - Not Binance Cloud - Stand alone. - Blockchain, still EST this year. More shared in due course though. - Eco tech is with dev team. Nothing to be shared here in a tweet reply though

How can I and the #SafeMoonArmy help you and #SafeMoon?

Be kind. 💕 Help others. 🆘 Stand up for others. 🛡️ Weave more empathy back into the world. 🌎 Beyond that, we'll share more in time 😊 Basically. Keep being you, Spidey! 😘

What's SafeMoon V2 company shared principles, mission statement and vision?

We're working on something to share all of that soon (Literally have a draft on the screen here right now)

Is that the draft from March 32 on the birthday still in draft?

This is new. Commenced last week.

What is keeping us off of major exchanges? What led to the engagement-based social media strategy? Why haven’t there been any listings recently on SWaP? When will SafeMoon be listed properly on @CoinMarketCap? Could SafeMoon (the company) be publicly traded in the future?

1) A mixture. It is nuanced. Let time happen. 2) Engagement = better listening. AND it's more fun! 3) Pipelines are varied for reasons that will become clear in time 4) We still have attention on the CMC bit - we want it done too 5) No plans.

What is the best way to describe #SAFEMOON to someone that has never invested in this space?

We're bringing better tools and branding for that soon.


"Blockchain is an interesting industry to be in. I didn't participate in the .com boom/era (for reasons out of my control), however it is often compared to the blockchain's current state of development. Historical data, while not a sole predictor of future pattern, is a great supportive piece of data when making decisions, but it should be aggregated with the other data for your decision making process. Long story short, be a historian as well as a futurist, but make sure you are existing in the present."

- John Karony, CEO of SafeMoon

Binance Wallet

According to OG Crypto Wizard, in Canada the Binance wallet now fully supports SFM!

"@binance wallet in Canada now fully supports @SafeMoon $SFM. Took these screenshots just now." - OG Crypto Wizard

SafeMoon Spidey also shared, "As @Faint_Reality just shared with me, the deposits within the Binance App for #SafeMoon are going to their new “in-App” DeFi wallet. Still hopefully a step in the right direction, though!"

Check the image below for more information about the Binance DeFi Wallet!

Studio Manager

SafeMoon Sales Manager Jonas Harmer posted this photo of Sketch's office door on Instagram.

SafeMoon Twitter

SafeMoonBot alerted us to let us know that SafeMoon's Twitter changed their emoji from 🚪 to 🛡️!

Food for Thought

"Don’t allow anyone to determine what is your worth. Don’t seek admiration. Don’t seek praise. Don’t seek approval of others. Only person whose approval matters is YOU."

- Gary Goodridge

"People can put a negative or positive narrative on any story. At the end of the day, it's how many people you helped. ie, how many users you have. Keep building."

- CZ, CEO of Binance

"Avoiding your emotions is not the answer as emotions will surface whether we like it or not. Awareness of the emotion, understanding why that emotion surfaces, and the possible consequences of making investment decisions while experiencing that emotion is important. Example: 'I'm so scared if I don't invest, I will miss out!' (Nobody is exempt from feeling this emotion.) Recognizing that the emotion is fear & understanding that fear can result in irrational decision-making, it's in your best interest to wait to make that investment decision"

- Pulse

"Everything comes to you in the right moment. Be patient. Be grateful✨😊 Todo llega a ti en el momento adecuado. Ten paciencia. Sé agradecido✨😊"

Community Content

🎵🎶💚Unofficial SafeMoon Anthem Progress with Darren.💚 🎶🎵

"Still NOT the final mix, but it’s getting close. Here’s an ‘in car’ listen to the first verse and the first chorus of my @safemoon anthem." - Darren

🤣💚"Speculation has he ONE question for @SAFEMOON!!" - JuJu💚