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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 22nd, 2022)

John Karony Interview | SFM Security Awareness | SFM Proxy Contract | No Pineapple

At the Ballpark | SFM Sanctuary | SFM Twitter | Food for Thought | Gandalf Question Mark Crypto News | Community Content | Ranking | SFM Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

John Karony Interview

CEO John Karony shared, "Hey #SAFEMOONARMY! Had an amazing conversation with Shaun Fox while at Fund Launch Live. One of many amazing conversations had while #SAFEMOON was in attendance at the Las Vegas event"

"..[I]t’s also about creating positivity because the crypto market has been traditionally plagued with FUD (fear uncertainty, doubt) issues where we have coordinated FUD attacks happen. Defamation. Campaigns slung against another crypto token, to sway people to bring them over. It’s completely backwards. They need to realize we’re all one community. It’s not Dogecoin versus Bitcoin versus SafeMoon. It’s that we all provide value to each other in different ways."

- John Karony

To read the interview between John Karony and FOXI Group

President and Founder Shaun Fox, click here!

SafeMoon Security Awareness 🔐


Keyloggers are activity-monitoring software programs that give hackers access to you personal data.
"...This week, we take a look at keylogging and how it could potentially lead to your data being captured by 3rd parties and learn how to create prevention measures!"

- SafeMoon education manager, Cats

SafeMoon Proxy Contract

Brian informed the Army,

"Changes made to the #Safemoon proxy contract as of today. 🤔😉(sourced from:"

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No Pineapple

"One of my go to spots in Utah. No pineapple. #SafeMoon#Pizza"

- CEO John Karony (Instagram)

At the Ballpark

Hayden Tweeted,

"Smiths Ballpark is cool... but I would love to change it to SafeMoon Ballpark."

SafeMoon Jeff asked, "Is there statistics on how powerful changing the name of a ballpark or stadiums in general influences people to look up the company?"

Hayden replied,

"Actually have no clue. But I bet you someone has done some campaign/market research on it."

SafeMoon Sanctuary

The SafeMoon Sanctuary account posted,

"SafeMoon Mods, Coming Soon to Twitter Spaces"

SafeMoon Twitter

Fabo Tweeted,

"Getting gas ⛽️ ready for the rocket? 🚀🌕@safemoon has updated emojis"

Zeus later Tweeted,

"Hey #SAFEMOONARMY, I wonder who’s singing at @safemoon ? 🎤"

SafeMoon Illionois also noticed that SafeMoon had changed its location to the SafeMoon Studio!

"SafeMoon in the studio shotting a banger video as we speak."

Food for Thought

"My morning message to #safemoon let’s drown out the negativity with positivity as the light will always outshine the darkness and life’s to short! Love you all."

- Paolo

"Glückseligkeit ist, wenn man für das Wohl aller über seine eigenen Grenzen hinaus geht" "Happiness is when you go beyond your own limits for the good of all."

- Gandalf

"Emotions are always there, but they are also the worst advisor for one's investments 😵‍💫 In the end, the victorious are those who think rationally and ignore the noise in hard times instead of reacting emotionally impulsively and without thinking 👍"

- Gandalf

In the next year or so, @Safemoon is going to change #DeFi, forever. You heard it here first, folks. People will try to distract you. My advice? Keep your eye on the prize. 😎😉✊

- Brian

Question Mark

SafeMoon Education Gandalf has changed his Twitter profile picture to a question mark and the community is speculating what it's about! Koorah speculated, "Gandalf Doxxing?!?! @GandalfEducator hmmmm🍻"

Community Content

"When the #SAFEMOONARMY gets hired as Customer Service Reps @SAFEMOON !! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 "

Crypto News

Iran Cracks Down on Crypto Miners as Electricity Demand Surges

"Power shortages have prompted the government to halt mining operations for the third time in a year"

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According to CryptoDep, SafeMoon has the 4th highest social activity of all BNB Chain Ecosystem Coins. ⭐️

According to BitMart Research, SFM is the 3rd most searched coin/token held on BitMart between June 13th and June 19th.

TradeDog listed SafeMoon as the 8th most mentioned token/coin on social media!

SafeMoon Stats


Swap & Evolve Progression

Count: 14




SWaP Volume by Hydra

SafeMoon Partners

A message from EverGrow Chairman Sam

I'm going to talk about my feelings today... this may be a long thread! For those who don't know, I have been a lifelong 'entrepreneur'. By the time I graduated University, I was employing around 25 of my friends, & I ran several successful businesses in my 20s.

Ultimately I founded a European investment firm (I had been investing since my teens, & I did all my investment exams independently, studying during evenings & weekends). Despite its apparent regulation, European finance is a mess. It is full of shady firms, with poorly qualified advisers ripping off the general public. The USP of my firm was transparency & always being 'on the client's side'. We were charging around 15% of what other firms were earning in hidden commissions, but we knew how to do something they didn't market! The firm grew quickly, it now has 2 European offices, & around $100 million AUM, despite still being a 'cottage' type business.

I began writing aggressive articles in the press describing exactly how financial advisers were stealing money from their clients, and after 2 years of successful marketing, we went on.. to win multiple European awards for our transparency & ethics. This is what I wanted to bring to crypto. I am not a founder of EGC, I joined the team around 10 days after launch. My role as Chairman is essentially strategic guidance & investor communication.

When I agreed to join it was based on some simple conditions - that we act 100% in the interests of investors at all time, and operate with complete transparency. I personally have never had access to the EGC contract, the marketing wallet, etc, but I fully trust those who do, and like many of you, I constantly monitor matters. I fully trust those who do handle our contract - Praveen & Ajeet - and also those who deal with budget - along with Praveen & Ajeet, some of our team have access to budget for salaries & ongoing expenses. Clearly I have become the 'face' of ECG & in many respects that's been quite a painful experience.

I went from being one of the most trusted & highly respected people in European finance, to constantly attacked by trolls, calling me 'Scammy Sammy' etc. My family & friends have seen this kind of thing. I have taken this all on the chin, despite having been repeatedly accused of scamming, despite the fact that all I have done is demonstrated more transparency than any figure in crypto to date. I think people forget that I continued to buy EGC, and at the highs I had $10s of millions of dollars worth, I held steadfast, even buying more on the way down, losing more than almost every EGC investor, whilst continuing to be called a scammer etc on a daily basis.

Again, this is whilst having no access to any EGC funds or contracts, and whilst working as much as 16 hours a day to make EGC a success. I am probably the most motivated individual on earth to make EGC successful. Not only is a reputation I built up over 20 years at risk (if not already seriously damaged) but clearly I am financially motivated too.

Everything about my situation aligns me with you all. I am here everyday having to make tough decisions that divide opinion - back in January I was insisting we don't blow our budget on marketing due to impending financial crisis, we will now survive because of this, in late October I insisted we totally rebuild the project. It was not good enough for where we want to go. We created an incredible ecosystem, the best in the space by a long way, we finished all utility designs by the end of the year & announced our new direction. Yes, I relayed the timelines provided by our devs, and yes, it backfired and yes, suddenly I became Scammy Sammy!

What I will say is that we are building amazing utilities, and yes, they are taking a lot longer than anticipated. I am not a dev, and I have never build crypto utilities before! We are all learning & improving every day. What I can say from the bottom of my heart is that everyone involved with EGC has the community & the success of the project as their no.1 priority. We did not make the markets crash, we did not intend to mislead anyone in terms of how long it actually takes to build a complex suite of totally original utilities.

We are where we are because we wanted to be better, we wanted to be the best. We would not settle for mediocrity, we still have our sites set firm on becoming a top 20 crypto, & every day when we wake up... everything we do is for the benefit of the #EGCfam. 💜

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