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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 19th, 2022)

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SWaP & Evolve OverView by Hydra

SafeMoon Leadership

"A company with a cause continues forever. But don't be fooled. Leadership matters. And the leadership here is exemplary." - Mr Adult

"I can not be more proud of the team."

John Karony

SafeMoon CEO

SafeMoon Career Opportunities

"Are you someone who imagines new realities & wants to collaborate with others to bring that new reality into being, for the good of everyone? Or maybe you know someone who might be a good fit?" 👇👇👇👇👇 👆👆👆👆👆

- SafeMoon

SafeMoon Website

"Any news on the new website? Wasn't it suppose to come out end of May if I'm not mistaken?" - Dolphin

"Great question. The private testing was due May. We've been sampling with a select group as planned. We've increased our ambitions as we go based on feedback. It is progressing very well and we're excited to share it soon! 🙌"

SafeMoon Merch Store

"Is the safemoon merch store live yet? I would like to buy a safemoon coffee cup if one is available." - heavycow

"Not just yet, but it's effectively ready. Maybe next week. No coffee cups to start with but lots of extra products in the pipeline." - #SafeMoon Marketing & Strategy Director

Please note the upcoming merch items will not include coffee cups

SafeMoon Twitter Account

"#SafeMoon twitter update: SafeMoon changed their banner #SafeMoonArmy" - Thank you SafeMoonBot 🙏

Fabo pointed out that the SafeMoon Twitter account has updated their emoji.

SWaP & Evolve OverView by Hydra

"Here is a small overview of every S&E that was triggered so far and what amount of SFM was bought" - Hydra

  1. 05.31.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 23,941,208 SFM

  2. 06.01.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 24,007,468 SFM

  3. 06.01.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 24,168,711 SFM

  4. 06.05.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 25,278,404 SFM

  5. 06.09.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 27,031,291 SFM

  6. 06.13.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 29,279,233 SFM

  7. 06.14.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 32,034,573 SFM

  8. 06.16.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 33,058,676 SFM

  9. 06.17.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 22,640,941 SFM

  10. 06.17.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 22,531,773 SFM

  11. 06.17.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 21,782,994 SFM

  12. 06.18.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 24,224,538 SFM

  13. 06.18.2022 ➡ 66.16 BNB ➡ 25,715,594 SFM


➡ 860.08 BNB

➡ 335,695,404 SFM

Thank you for this Hydra 🙏

SafeMoon Gaming Discord

SafeMoon CEO John Karony quote tweeted yesterday's SFM Insider Tweet.

"I did indeed. It's another part of the amazing #SAFEMOONARMY! #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOON32"
#SafeMoonArmy, SafeMoon CEO John Karony @CptHodl spent some time with the community in the #SafeMoonGaming Discord yesterday. Interested in joining the #SafeMoon Official Gaming Discord?🔗

Main Discord

RipVanWizardAnd we are Terribly Proud of The Team, also! So did you Stomp Some Booty while gaming last night, Captain? Or did you get owned by the Army? JohnI chose not to elaborate on my gaming abilities whether they be lacking or not.


SafeMoon Studio Suggestion

SafeMoon Community Member, Feikamoh made a suggestion on Discord.

Not that it’s a big deal, but this might be a good idea. Just posting so someone on the team may see it.

"If you replace the acoustic panels with pictures that make a mural of the Utah mountains, the studio will look brighter, you'll have the blue and white (which is visually appealing), you'll have Utah represented in the studio, and the space will look more open since the back wall will look like a window. If you have it printed on canvas/fabric it shouldn't affect the acoustics (or you can just have the acoustic panels painted)."

SafeMoon Communiity member RipVanWizard Tweeted Feikamoh's idea and SafeMoon replied, "Passed on .🙌"

Community Support 💚

We are so grateful to everyone in the SafeMoon Community out there sharing, supporting, and believing!! 💗🙏✊

"Shout out to #SAFEMOON content creators, researchers, mods & all of the community which see the BIG picture & bold future we have. YOU rightfully deserve attention"
"Shout out to #SAFEMOON content creators, researchers, mods & all of the community which see the BIG picture & bold future we have. YOU rightfully deserve attention"

Look what Mr. JuJu found at the store. 🤭😆

"I see we have some new flavors of FUD. Mmm Chicken Franks! 😋😋 Don’t even listen to the FUD. #SAFEMOON TO THE MOON #SAFEMOONARMY #PositiveVibes" - JuJu

SafeMoon Ranking

BSC news "Top Projects On BNB Chain By Social Mentions" with SafeMoon in the #1 spot.

Community Content

"So I posted an unofficial #SAFEMOON Snapchat filter that I made for fun for my birthday last month.. The #SAFEMOONARMY did its thing!!! I just checked the stats and WOW! Almost 1 MILLION times used. The top countries really change when you look at different time-frames."

This is the tweet Sam is referring to


SafeMoon moderator, SafeMoonSpurs shared some exciting news! Congrats GrandpaSpurs!!

Crypto News

SafeMoon Stats

Swap & Evolve Progression

Count: 13




SWaP Volume by Hydra


This week the SWaP by SafeMoon had an average volume of $3,341,803. It added $475,601 to the LP, provided $139,883 to the #SafeMoonEcoSystem and burned $83,930 worth of #SafeMoon."

SafeMoon Partners

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Page where you can find our partner's news.



SafeMoon Gaming

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