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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 17th, 2022)

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

SafeMoon Studio | Hayden's Shirt | SafeMoon Education Site | Wallet Update | Progress

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SafeMoon Studio

VP of Operations US Joshua Chilcutt Tweeted this photo of the new and improved SafeMoon Studio saying, "-#BTS #SafemoonStudio #Safemoon #SafemoonArmy @jcwsketch killing it!"

CEO John Karony retweeted saying,

"Amazing work from the team. This is what good looks like! What Sketch has been able to achieve since his starting less than 3 months ago is exceptional."

John also posted these photos on his Instagram:

Hayden's Shirt

After Jonas commented "nice shirt boss" to Hayden (see below), a lot of SafeMoon holders were speculating.

Zeus said, "Ummmmmm based on my opinion, that looks like a #Binance logo shirt. (But I could be wrong)" and then Fabo agreed saying, "I see the same 👀"

Zeus then shared,

"Hey @SafeMoonWing, #wenbinance #wenexcitement #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀"

He also adds,

"I feel like I’m on to something very big in my opinion."

But Hayden replied,

"Gonna have to shoot you down there my guy 🤷‍♂️"

SafeMoon teased saying,

"We can reveal that is says.... ❤️🧀"

Hayden responded, "Facts... I love Lil Queso 🧀"

SafeMoon Education Site

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus Tweeted,

"Education is at the heart of everything you do. Without the knowledge to do something, it wouldn't be possible. So I want to ask the #SAFEMOONARMY; What are you looking for out of an education system/website? We already have ideas and plans for more but what are your thoughts."

SAFEMOON EDUCATION Looking for your desires!

With the upcoming redesign of SafeMoon Education, I want to connect with the SafeMoon Army and ask what you are looking to get out of the Education website?

Current Features:

  • SafeMoon Product Guides

  • SafeMoon Education Articles/Videos

  • SafeMoon Timeline (History)

  • SafeMoon Knowledge Base (FAQ)

  • SafeMoon Lowdown (Daily News)

  • SafeMoon Pulse (Monthly Recap)

  • Security Guidance

  • Cryptocurrency Glossary

  • Cryptocurrency Articles/Videos

  • Cryptocurrency Technology Guides

These are the current features already available to you and will continue to be available with the new redesign, so apart from the above what other features would you consider useful to help you further understand SafeMoon or the Cryptocurrency Space?

To read suggestions and add your own idea, click the Twitter icon below!!

Wallet Update

Galan of Taa shared,

"New Android update for the #SAFEMOONWALLET has been pushed. Some bug fixes and a few nice little goodies/details 🌮💚"

What's New

  • NFT image details improved

  • Pinch and zoom NFTs, double tap to return to default size

  • Notifications now appear in the selected default language

  • "Top Gainers and Losers" selection tab UI improved for multi-language

  • Logo rocket now shows black in light mode when using wallet connect with the SWaP

  • Wallet screens now hidden when switching apps in preview

  • Bug fixes and stability fixes


Community member: People still forget how early we are, what project is this fast pace and trying to accomplish as much at only a little over a year old? And at the level we are doing it which includes high level regulation which most other exchanges even at the largest level don't have today. Everything is happening just as it should and will still beat the competition in terms of time completed.

Mr. Adult: Thank you for flagging this. We're a startup (with all its nimble benefits). We're very capable though, will full departments that most startups simply don't have out of the gate. And we look to do things by the book. That means it takes longer to pass all the hoops and hurdles. But, you build a strong foundation so you can build confidently and long term. We could have got 'things' out easily. But, they would have just been 'things'. We're not here to do what anyone can do. We are here to do only what SafeMoon can do. And being entirely frank, a big part of that is because we are an utterly unique entity because of the #SAFEMOONARMY - the way the community show up is a big part of our life blood, our reason for putting in the hours... the soul of SafeMoon. In fact, to that end. We'll be sharing more about The Soul of SafeMoon in the coming weeks all going well.

CMC Watchlist

SafeMoonWarrior Tweeted,

"#SafeMoon has surpassed 70,000 watchlists on CoinMarketCap."


CoinGecko Search

SafeMoon is one of the most searched tokens on CoinGecko!


Zeus let us know that #SAFEMOON is "currently trending with 11.3k Tweets on @Twitter"

@dallussss also let us know that #SAFEMOON is trending in the Netherlands!!

Crypto Playoffs

SafeMoon made it to Round 2 of LBank Exchange's Crypto Playoffs!!!

Crypto Playoffs Round 2📍 💪Crypto with the most #votes progress to the next round where in Finals we will have the strongest 👑#cryptocommunity

Community Content

Food For Thought

"If you have to make something clear, even though no one has asked, you do it not because you have to, but because you either want to divert attention from something or taunt someone The truth will always win out, no matter what you do ☑️" - Gandalf