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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 14th, 2022)

Interview with Xidax CEO Dan Young | Security Article: Social Engineering | MoonCast

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Interview with Xidax CEO Dan Young

Can Impact Be Your Primary Guidepost? Yes – But Don’t Forget the Balance Sheet

John recently interviewed Dan Young, entrepreneur, mentor, and CEO of Xidax Gaming PCs about the odds for success in running an impact focused company at the recent Fund Launch Live event in Las Vegas. Read the interview here!!

Security Article: Social Engineering

🔐SafeMoon Security Awareness

Last week we spoke about Encryption, with details on how it can protect your information. If you haven't read last week's article;

↓↓↓ Check it out below ↓↓↓

This week we will dive into Social Engineering, stay tuned for tomorrow's release!


The MoonCast transcript is here, thanks to our amazing transcribers, Sir Burns, Kerr and GlennHasABeard! Check out what's been going on over the past week by watching the timestamped videos or reading the transcript!



🎧 The audio of this MoonCast is also available on SafeMoon's Educational Podcast. Click the button below to listen.


SafeMoon Card

"New Terms & Conditions for the SFM Card have been uploaded...have you read them? 👀💳" - Vico

Check out the photos he attached below:

Ninja Warrior

Sales and Partnerships Manager Jonas "Cheese" Harmer shared,

"My run on #AmericanNinjaWarrior is live on @nbc in 30 minutes! Been a little busy so sorry for the late notice 😅 I’ll see if I can post a highlight afterwards for those that can’t tune in. Hopefully I make you proud #SAFEMOONARMY"

Later on he posted this picture in his Instagram Stories saying,

"Sorry I didn't give anyone any notice haha but my episode aired an hour ago. You can watch it on Peacock!"

Zeus Tweeted,

"Hey #SAFEMOONARMY, here is @SafemoonJonas on @ninjawarrior on @nbc representing #SAFEMOON! Cheese is always cheesing. 😁"

A community member commented,

"No SFM shirt? What an advertising opportunity."

Cheese replied,

"They wouldn't let me. They're pretty strict with logos."

Another community member asked,

"How much you benching homie?"

Jonas replied,

"I bench fudders."

Hayden commented,

"If you don't win... I might have you dye your hair pink for the #SAFEMOONARMY"

Fabo added,

"I agree with your idea but can the color be SFM color 😎"

SafeMoon Tim Tweeted,

"🔥🥷🏻💪🏼💪🏼Did everyone see @SafemoonJonas on American Ninja Warrior tonight? Well done Big Cheese! Way to represent!!"

Cheese commented,

"If they had made the water level just a foot lower I would’ve been fine lol. Don’t worry though- next year is my revenge tour"

Market Sentiment

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus shared,

"Remember why cryptocurrency exists. We are looking to be a part of something more that is continuously evolving. We are all on this journey together!"

"We're going through shaky times...hold time, HODL." - Vico

"Do not fear what is happening in the markets right now. Put your phone down, take a deep breath. It's going to be okay. The markets have historically ALWAYS recovered and at new all time highs. We may be here for a while. The next bull run will be very exciting!"

- Danology

Make smart decisions in regards to your assets.

1) Get everything off exchanges and into a #DeFi wallet.

2) #DCA on the assets you believe in

3) #HODL

4) Don't panic

5) Get yourself in the "Long Game" mindset if you aren't already.

"As the crypto market declines, remember that a significant amount of the market is made up of fair weather investors. They’re easily influenced by market movement and peer pressure. Don’t listen to those saying, 'crypto is just a fad.'✌️"

- @_MetaNarrative_

SafeMoon Standard

"It does not matter what you hold in #SAFEMOON. You can hold a small amount and you're just as important as a person that holds a big bag. Don't let anyone tell you any different. WE are #SAFEMOONARMY and don't you forget it"

- Holly

"hey good luck today with whatever u got going on. u got this. and i hope something really nice happens to u today. u deserve it."

SafeMoon Memes