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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 13th, 2022)

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SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

SFM Labs

Yesterday, SafeMoon Educator Gandalf reminded everyone of his weekly Twitter Space. Today's Space is on "Globalization". You can tune in at 2 PM EST. Not your time zone? Click the Twitter icon below to set a reminder of the space and/or see your time zone.


SafeMoon Community member Ciaran asked SafeMoon Educator CatsRus for a recap for MoonCast.

"Heyy, Check out the SafeMoon Lowdown over the next two days. We will have a breakdown and transcript for you. Or if you'd like you can listen back [⬇⬇⬇ just click below]." - Cats

Consensus 2022

@Pluto_Capital commented on Hayden's post about Consensus saying,

"Saw you guys walking around. SafeMoon certainly is an interesting project!"

Hayden responded,

"Should have stopped us and said 'hello' 😢🥲"

Pluto said,

"Next year you can stop by our booth,"

in which Hayden answered, "Deal🤝"

Food for Thought

"Fortunes are built during the down market and collected in the up market"

"New week, new chances/mindset. Lets focus on the future of #safemoon instead of the noise within the twitter community. Block who you need to block to become fun again instead of a toxic one. I am not here for negative people/comments. Show respect. Great day #SAFEMOONARMY" - Joeri

"It's a new day. Time to forget the forgettable. #SAFEMOON still has goodies in the goodie bag waiting to be released! Crosschain Swap, Card, Website Refresh, pSafemoon Migrations, Exchange! All coming soon!" - Danology

SafeMoon Standard

"We may have

Different religion

Different languages

Different colored skin

But we all belong to

One human race"

SafeMoon Ranking

SafeMoon is one of the five projects mentioned on this list of "Top Projects On BNB Chain By Daily Social Mentions."

According to BitMart Research, SFM is ranking 2nd on their list of "Top 10 Trending Coins USA."

Glubiz Site

A community member asked,

"Hey @glubiz, do you think you could add a feature that tells how much #Safemoon the swap and evolve has purchased in USD ? It would be cool for the total amount to automatically update as it triggers,"

in which Glubiz responded,

"Possibly, I'm currently working on the new design for the site in-between my exams. I will consider adding it once I have settled on the styling queues I want to incorperate and have started building the actual site. (Right now I'm just juggling with a couple of ideas)."

Scam Warning

SafeMoon Illinois shared,

"⚠️New SCAM, SafeMoon fake YouTube channel talks about staking⚠️🚨There are no official SFM staking right now🚨 Left pic is the OFFICIAL channel 🚨Right Pic is the SCAM (👀"m")🚨 Only buy SafeMoon from the #SAFEMOONWALLET"

Please take a moment to report this fake account so we can keep the SafeMoon Army safe!

Crypto News

Defi pulls the curtain on financial magic, says EU Blockchain Observatory expert

A researcher from the University of Nicosia elaborates on key controversies of decentralized finance.

To read the full article, click below!!

Celsius Lending Platform Suspends Withdrawals and Transfers

‘Extreme market conditions’ have forced the firm to rethink its withdrawal obligations

To read the full article, click below!!

Total crypto market cap falls below $1T for first time since January 2021

Total crypto markets now below $1T as Bitcoin fell to $24,495 while Ethereum dropped to $1,250 as widespread sell off of risk-on assets continues amid rising inflation and turbulent global market conditions

To read the full article, click below!!

SafeMoon Partners

Live Crypto Party

"You can buy #LCP ONLY on #SAFEMOON SWAP. Buy now 👉 http://LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM to save a spot @ the party. Nothing can stop us now!!! 🎉🥳 #CEX #Dex #listing #LIVECRYPTOPARTY #BNB #Metaverse #Bitcoin #blockchain #Web3 #SHIB #cryptos #dogecoin #Altseason2022 #BSCGems #Ethereum #NFT #LCP V2 contract address- 0x7150363247D59F1539C5D2Af5E9b743Be07e2F8B PS: We are not on Pancakeswap or anywhere else. We are ONLY tradeable on the #SAFEMOON SWAP. Find out more 👉 http://LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM #LCPhelp"

Find out more 👉 http://LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's news.

SafeMoon Stats

Swap & Evolve Progress

Count: 6

69.469% / 30.531%

SWaP Volume by Hydra




MoonCast is back and as always with the help of our transcribers, we have timestamped the video and added the transcript.