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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 11th, 2022)

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

SFM Labs | SafeMoon Wallet Update | Bug Fixes | SafeMoon Twitter Account

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SFM Labs

Evolution. What is it? Why is it important? What are the different types? SafeMoon Educator Gandalf discusses this topic in his recent Twitter Space. The video and corresponding article went live yesterday. Click on the image below to listen to Gandalf's space or read the article.


SafeMoon Wallet Update

A few days ago SafeMoon released a Wallet update that went live for iOS. Yesterday Galan hinted with some tweets and then the community noticed the new update available for Android.

The Android version update implemented the same additions: What's New?

Many in the community are very excited about this update:

"Hells YEAH!!! Sweet update for #SafemoonWallet !! Android update is here! Go get it!"


"I LOVE that we can see the actual price now, this was a big issue for many. Thank you @safemoon for listening to the community and implementing these updates."


Even some of the team members of our SafeMoon partners expressed their excitement about the features that came out of this update:

"The new #Safemoon wallet update has made the REAL prices from the #SAFEMOONSWAP visible in the wallet for all partner tokens! LFG no more CMC!!! #Enhancetoken"


Official Enhance Educator

SafeMoon CEO John Karony tweeted about this update yesterday:

"Who's liking the new update? I see a lot of the #SAFEMOONARMY posting cool screenshots of the new features. #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOON32 #CEX #DEX #DeFi"

"I missed that John tweeted the #CEX hashtag. CEX = Centralized exchange."


Bug Fixes

"An Android patch that fixes a bug on certain devices was just pushed to the play store. It will be available as soon as they approve it. #SAFEMOONWALLET" - Galan

SafeMoon Twitter Account

"Safemoon Knowledge Factory -- making things #EVERYONEPROOF"


Fabo noticed SafeMoon Changed their emojis again. This time just removing them. "For now"🤭

2022 Consensus by CoinDesk

Image Credit to CoinDesk

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden and Sales & Growth Manager Jonas are at Consensus2022 in Austin to do some networking!!

Jonas shared some short clips yesterday:

The Official Consensus Twitter Account shared a little about what's all been going on over at the Consensus 2022 event in Austin:

"#Consensus2022 Day Two. All we can say is wow 😍 All pass holders joined today and the Austin Convention Center was open for business.

Here were some key moments:

On the #Consensus2022 Main Stage, authorities across a range of industries, such as @kimbal and @TreasuryDepSec dove into topics like U.S. federal policy, DAO-fueled philanthropy, and the future of crypto.

Image Credit to CoinDesk

"Sessions on the Big Ideas Stage addressed cultural questions about pseudonymity, meme culture, collective intelligence and more."

Image Credit to CoinDesk

"Today at #Consensus2022, the three-month hyperlocal, people-first crypto hackathon, the Web3athon, kicked off at Crypto Cities."

Image Credit to CoinDesk

"Foundations kicked off, bringing protocols together with their communities IRL."

Image Credit to CoinDesk

"The Metaverse Zone, Talent Hub, Sport Court, NFT Gallery and DAO House created opportunities for interactive learning and entertainment, networking and much more."

Image Credit to CoinDesk

"A genuine sense of community and excitement ran through the festival all day. We hope it was an opportunity for you to learn, explore and expand your URL and IRL universe. See you tomorrow!"

Image Credit to CoinDesk

SafeMoon Community

SafeMoon Tim always showing his support! We appreciate you, Tim! 💗

"It’s “Friday Again”! Did anyone else notice the new wallet features? Check them out in the #Safemoon lowdown! @safemoon @dexscreener" - Tim

WaterCooler Host Jeremiah plays "Pump it up" 🎵 in his Spaces.

"@JEREMIAH1SFMWC look what you did to my Kid 😂😂"

- @Paisarriqueno21

Video Credit to @MrXcrediblee 💚

🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️Thanks for sharing this @DeFiZenakuu

SafeMoon Partners

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's news.

SafeMoon Stats

Swap & Evolve Progress



Count 5




Mooncast is back and as always with the help of our transcribers, we have timestamped the video and added the transcript.



🎧 The audio of this MoonCast is also available on SafeMoon's Educational Podcast via Apple and Spotify. Click the button below to listen.



SafeMoon Labs

Bear and Bull Markets
This Space was held on 16th May 2022, where the SafeMoon Educator Gandalf discussed Bull and Bear Markets.

This Space was held on 30th May 2022, where the SafeMoon Educator Gandalf looked to discuss company progression via its innovation within their respective spaces.

Listen to Gandalf's SafeMoon Labs episode on Stablecoins or read the accompanying article, which covers what stablecoins are, why we need them, the different kinds of stablecoins, and the advantages and disadvantages!


SafeMoon Pulse

Click on the image above to view the Pulse May 2022 SafeMoon Monthly Recap.

it's time for another SafeMoon Pulse monthly recap where we pull together all of the main events, product reveals, releases, new partnerships, collaborations, and updates that have taken place over the past month for SafeMoon.