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SafeMoon Lowdown (June 10th, 2022)

SafeMoon Wallet Update | 2022 Consensus by CoinDesk | Sneak Peek | SafeMoon Bio

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SafeMoon Wallet Update

SafeMoon community members noticed that SafeMoon changed their icon to 🍏. Vico shared a screenshot and commented, "You know what this means #safemoonarmy 👀"

What's New?

Version 2.4.1(35)

  • 📲SafeMoon SWaP Tokens now display correct prices from the SWaP

  • 📲Dexscreener Charts and stats added in Transaction History for SWaP Tokens

  • 📲Choose either Dexscreener or CMC charts/stats for SWaP Tokens

  • 📲Multi-Language feature added

  • 📲You can now choose the default language in settings for the first round of language translations

  • 📲Additional Languages to be added in future updates

  • 📲Bug fixes and improvements

SafeMoon Tim asked, "Who has some info on this?" In the picture has has Tracked by DEX SCREENER circled.

Galan replied, "What you are seeing there is the dexscreener chart integration for the #SAFEMOONWALLET. Swap tokens will now always have the correct price and chart that accurately reflects their liquidity pair addresses. You can still access CMC data if you are interested in global averages."

2022 Consensus by CoinDesk

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden and Manager of Sales Jonas are at Consensus in Austin to do some networking!! Hayden Tweeted:

"Registration Day! Lots of people and speakers already here. Looking forward to meeting tons of people and projects tomorrow 🙌"

When a community member asked, "Is it a holiday or work?" Hayden responded, "Definitely work."

@NFTFarmer posted a picture with Hayden and Jonas at the event saying, "Nice meeting the folks from @safemoon @SafemoonJonas @SafeMoonWing at Hilton #concensus2022"

Jonas retweeted saying, "If you’re at Consensus come say hi! Just walking around today. Main event officially starts tomorrow 🔥"

A community member noticed that Jonas wasn't wearing his SafeMoon swag but he reassured everyone:

"Today is just registration… I’m saving my SafeMoon shirts for the rest of the weekend🔥🍻"

"Lots of great insight and education here at @consensus2022. Looking forward to the Convention Center opening up tomorrow and networking with all these projects. Cheers Mates🍻" - Hayden

"If you're at Consensus come say hi!" - Jonas

Sneak Peek

CEO John Karony teased in a recent Tweet, "Team said no to me tweeting a sneak peek of something. So here is a classic gif. #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOON32 #SAFEMOONARMY #CEX #NFTs #DeFi"

SafeMoon Bio

"#SafeMoon official Twitter has changed its bio." - SafeMoon Warrior

The new bio says,

"We're on a mission to #EVERYONEPROOF DeFi and connect innovation to sustainability. List on the SafeMoon SWaP & become a partner at"

Troll/Scam Accounts

Something to be careful of when on Twitter and other social media platforms is "troll" accounts/imposters.

SafeMoon moderator GlennHasABeard tweeted about this:

"Let me be clear #SAFEMOON @CptHopiumV2 and his other account @CptHopium have [NO] affiliation with @safemoon at all. They are no more then a troll fudding the project, claiming to have giveaways and running fake supportive spaces. Please report and block them. #SAFEMOONARMY" -Glenn

SafeMoon Standard

Rip Van Wizard posted this lovely message on r/SafeMoon:

"Live each and every day like it's your very last! Never let an opportunity to smile and laugh go to waste. We only get so many..." Thank you for the reminder, Rip!

SafeMoon Shmoke shared Colin Powell's quote:

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failures."

SafeMoon Educator Gandalf shares some more on patience:

"Patience is one of the most important virtues and every day we learn more to deal with it. And when you've understood it, your perspective changes because you realize why it was worth waiting until a certain point Good things come to those who wait."

Community Content

"Speculation training for the #SAFEMOONARMY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Have a good laugh 😂 Remember don’t speculate! 😂😂"

Kuldeep is making music while we chill in this bear market and we are living for it! 💕💕

"@safemoon wake me up when volume starts"

Crypto News

Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z to Fund a ‘Bitcoin Academy’ in the Rappers’ Hood in Brooklyn

"Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z collaboratively launch a Bitcoin Academy at Jay-Z’s hometown in Brooklyn, New York, to offer classes about cryptocurrency. The new Bitcoin academy will offer classes to teach about what cryptocurrency is to the community of Marcy Houses." - Watcher Guru

To read the full article, click the icon below!

New York Regulator Says Stablecoins ‘Must Be Fully Backed’

"US dollar-backed stablecoins traded in the state of New York are now required to meet enhanced conservative reserve requirements, the jurisdiction’s financial services regulator said in newly issued guidance on Wednesday. Under the guidance, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has laid out a set of baseline criteria necessary for stablecoin issuers, operating under the agency’s purview, to meet. The collapse of the TerraUSD ecosystem has put multiple regulators, both in the US and abroad, on notice, resulting in ad-hoc regulation in a bid to curb further potential market instability. Stablecoins must be “fully backed” by a reserve of assets which must be equal to the face value of each individual unit by the end of each business day, the regulator said in a statement." - BlockWorks

To read the full article, click the icon below!

SafeMoon Partners

Click the image below to view SafeMoon Education's Partner Page where you can find our partner's news.

SafeMoon Stats

Swap & Evolve Count: 5

"SWAPDate#124 #SAFEMOON Check out the latest iOS update! The added features are really awesome, especially the DexScreener implementation #SAFEMOONWALLET"




Mooncast is back and as always with the help of our transcribers, we have timestamped the video and added the transcript.



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SafeMoon Labs

Bear and Bull Markets
This Space was held on 16th May 2022, where the SafeMoon Educator Gandalf discussed Bull and Bear Markets.

This Space was held on 30th May 2022, where the SafeMoon Educator Gandalf looked to discuss company progression via its innovation within their respective spaces.

Listen to Gandalf's SafeMoon Labs episode on Stablecoins or read the accompanying article, which covers what stablecoins are, why we need them, the different kinds of stablecoins, and the advantages and disadvantages!


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