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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 9th, 2022)

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SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

SafeMoon Card

SafeMoon shared an image of the account management web platform for the SafeMoon Card:

"We know you've been waiting to get some more details on the #SAFEMOONCARD While we haven't pulled together the video we have planned just yet, we didn't want to keep you waiting. Please enjoy a first look at the web version of your account management platform."


SafeMoon Project Innovators

Shoutout to our amazing project/program managers here at #SafeMoon"

SafeMoon CEO John Karony

SafeMoon Sanctuary

Just a reminder that the SafeMoon Sanctuary Twitter Space will be held today July 8th, 2022 at 3pm Eastern | 7pm UTC | 12pm Pacific | 8pm BST.

"We want to hear from you in the community, so please feel free to come up and engage with us!" - SafeMoon Sanctuary


"Today I will start on the testing of a multi-wallet tracker for my site From the initial architecture I can tell it’s going to be a huge improvement over the old user page Knowing me, that means the feature will be live Monday, maybe before then." - Glubiz

"Is it possible to make a calculator that factors in fee's like the 10% tax, and has a drop down for the various Moon Pay, Simplex fees, depending on method used. IE. you want to buy $1000 worth but in reality you get XXXX amount of SafeMoon after tax and 5% Simplex fee." - Hundredaire

"It has been noted. Will see if that is something I can do. For the slippage it’s a maybe, have to investigate something before I can say if it’s possible or not." - Glubiz

Today's SafeMoon stats by Glubiz

SFM Labs

SafeMoon Moderator Glenn reminded everyone of the recent educational space on Recession hosted by Gandalf.

"Check out the latest #SafeMoon Labs from @GandalfEducator. This educational Space and more can be found at the http://SafeMoon.Education website below."

SafeMoon Positivity

SafeMoon community member Vico tweeted

"Someone needs to hear this -- you are strong and you will get through this rough moment in life. Whatever is weighing you down, you got this! You are meant to be happy and make it in life. 🙏❤" 💗

Zeus, SafeMoon Talk Twitter Space host spreading some positivity.

"I hope everyone in the #SAFEMOONARMY has a wonderful weekend!🙏

🚀Spread Love, Not FUD 🚀"

Community Content

"#SAFEMOONARMY army will live forever. Got some of your names on this wall in a hospital in Portland Oregon. I will cover it with wall protection and it wont be opened up for a very long time. Where will @safemoon be then? " - Sam!am

Food for Thought

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."

"It’s always good to recharge the battery!" - Tim

Bitcoin 2023 Conference

Dreaming, SafeMoon Talk Twitter Space cohost tweeted

"Look who it is! Who's gonna join us at the next BTC Conference 2023? @DonBaileySpeaks @SafemoonJonas@SafeMoonWing"

"Bitcoin 2023 will be back in Miami Beach one more time!

Education, celebration and hyperbitcoinization will once again be on the agenda. Join us May 18-20, 2023.

Ticket prices increase tonight! Order now and save: " - Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine also added

"BREAKING: Michael Saylor, Lyn Alden, Zoltan Pozsar to headline Miami Bitcoin conference next year🙌"

Crypto News

"☀️New solar-powered #bitcoin facility has started mining in Colorado!

They will provide power to the grid when energy demand surges, helping make electricity more cheap and reliable⚡" - Documenting Bitcoin

Aspen Creek Digital's first bitcoin mining center in western Colorado (Aspen Creek Digital Corporation)

Click to read the full article

Deconstructing sidechains — The future of Web3 scalability

"Web3 has had severe scalability concerns. But application sidechains have emerged as a viable answer to crypto’s most persistent problem."

Not a bear Market, A BUILD Market

"Build business: An outlook on the Web3 industry during the downtrend With the crypto market’s downturn, it’s essential to focus on what the blockchain technology industry has always suggested: build."

SafeMoon Stats


❓Have you voted today❓



🖱️View Table Posted Above🖱️

SWAPDate #142



SafeMoon Podcast: Table 32: EP01

Full transcript with corresponding video sections live for Table 32!!

Click the image below to view the transcript.



MoonCast Transcript

MoonCast - Exciting times are ahead!

🙏Massive thank you to the transcription team! A special shout out to Sir Burnz, who really goes above and beyond to help us get these transcriptions out to the people who need them!🙏


SafeMoon Labs



SafeMoon Pulse

Click on the image above to view the Pulse June 2022 SafeMoon Monthly Recap.


Captain's Log: June Edition

SafeMoon security, customer service, and the SafeMoon Card!



SafeMoon Security Awareness 🔐


Keyloggers are activity-monitoring software programs that give hackers access to you personal data.


SafeMoon Career Opportunities

"Are you someone who imagines new realities & wants to collaborate with others to bring that new reality into being, for the good of everyone? Or maybe you know someone who might be a good fit?"




SafeMoon Gaming

Click below to join the SafeMoon Official gaming Discord:



Upcoming Card Features

Sign-up for the pre-launch waitlist here


SafeMoon SWaP Listings

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SafeMoon Key Moments

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