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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 7th, 2022)

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Progress | NEW Job Posting | SafeMoon Tokenomics | NYC Billboard | SFM Sanctuary

Food For Thought | Ranking | Crypto News | SafeMoon Stats

Partner News | Reminders


CEO John Karony shared,

"The beauty of momentum and the progress it brings is on full display as our code matures and evolves against our mission. #codeforimpact#codeforchange#SAFEMOON"

He added,

"For clarification, that’s #SAFEMOON’s GitHub, it shows the progress of our code for the different projects we are working on. It’s one of the spots I look at to track progress (others are the chats in slack, jira and other tools)"

Danny commented,

"@CptHodl is showing an screenshot again of their GitHub this is the place where companies and devs stores their code. When I go to their page I see 15 repositories which means they are working on 47 hidden projects 😯🔥"

NEW Job Posting

Vico Tweeted,

"New job role posted online. Check it out below."

The new posting reads:

Site Reliability Engineer - Associate to Midlevel

Remote, Residing in the United States Deadline: 08/31/2022

The other current postings are:

Headquarters Utah , Remote Within The US

Technical Project Manager Deadline: 07/15/2022 Change & Release Manager Deadline: 07/29/2022

Headquarters, Utah

Executive Assistant Deadline: 07/15/2022 Tier 2 Customer Success Agent (Hybrid - Utah based) Deadline: 07/29/2022

SafeMoon Tokenomics

Cats shared,

"Our first educational video is now live, all about SafeMoon Tokenomics. This might be something you are already aware of but is definitely something a lot of new holders can use to understand the current form of Tokenomics."

Check out the video below:

NYC Billboard

A community member Tweeted,

"Wonder if @SafeMoonWing managed to have a word with his people about the NYC billboard 🤔"

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing responded,

"I wonder as well 🤔"

SafeMoon Sanctuary

SafeMoon Sanctuary, run by SafeMoon mods for the community, is holding another Space!

"Please come join us, @SFMSanctuary, live on Twitter. This Saturday July 9th @ 3 P.M. EST/ 7 P.M. UTC. We want to hear from you in the community, so please feel free to come up and engage with us!"

Food For Thought

"When you do something you love, never stop doing it 💪 Noises don't matter, your goal is your determination & direction forward 🛣️ Innovation needs time & trust, which you have to give to seize the opportunities. Only then will you achieve your goals 🏁"

- Gandalf

SafeMoon Educator

"The wise man said: Do not take revenge, the rotten fruits will fall by themselves."

- Darren

"Used today's frustrations constructively. Focus on your mental health as well as your physical guys. The gym is my sanctuary and place of peace. Find your zen."

- OG Crypto Wizard

"Something to remember... You never look good trying to make someone else look bad. Meanness is a sign of weakness! #KindnessMattersツ"

- HollyGirl


SafeMoon has the 5th highest social engagement of all BNB Chain tokens according to BSC News!

ApeDaily listed SafeMoon in the 5th place for Top BNB Chain Projects with Highest Bullish Sentiment.

LBank listed SafeMoon as a Top Trending Crypto Over The Weekend!

Crypto News

Crypto owners banned from working on US Government crypto policies

"A new legal advisory notice from the US Office of Government Ethics prohibits any employee who owns cryptocurrency from working on Federal crypto regulation."

Key Bitcoin chart ‘will confirm bottom is in’ by July 15, says trader

"Bitcoin (BTC) is due to give a definitive signal that a macro bottom is in this month, one analyst has concluded. In a Twitter thread on July 6, popular commentator Wolf eyed key moving average data as proof that BTC price action will not be going lower."

SafeMoon Stats


❓Have you voted today❓



SWAPDate #142

Partner News

Enhance Token

SafeMoon Tweeted,

"If you’re in LA for NFT Expoverse be sure to visit our SafeMoon Ecosystem partner @EnhanceToken at their #UniteDeFi booth 🙌 @chaseacecoleman will also be giving a Keynote, which we are super excited about. Stay tuned 💪"

Empire Token

Empire Tweeted,

"Whether you love them or hate them, NFTs are here to stay. After a year of their massive explosion in the wider culture, where are we now? Learn more about the metaverse and gaming in our latest blog: Keep Climbing! #Metaverse#gaming#NFTs"

Grove Token

Grove Founder and CEO John G. Tweeted,

In just over 4 months now, we managed to achieve :

Royal Partnership

4 Exchange listings

Paid over 326K in refection

Nearly 10K holders "[including] Staking and farming holders."

$30M Market Cap



SafeMoon Podcast: Table 32: EP01

Full transcript with corresponding video sections live for Table 32!!

Click the image below to view the transcript.



MoonCast Transcript

MoonCast - Exciting times are ahead!

🙏Massive thank you to the transcription team! A special shout out to Sir Burnz, who really goes above and beyond to help us get these transcriptions out to the people who need them!🙏


SafeMoon Labs



SafeMoon Pulse

Click on the image above to view the Pulse June 2022 SafeMoon Monthly Recap.


Captain's Log: June Edition

SafeMoon security, customer service, and the SafeMoon Card!



SafeMoon Security Awareness 🔐


Keyloggers are activity-monitoring software programs that give hackers access to you personal data.


SafeMoon Career Opportunities

"Are you someone who imagines new realities & wants to collaborate with others to bring that new reality into being, for the good of everyone? Or maybe you know someone who might be a good fit?"




SafeMoon Gaming

Click below to join the SafeMoon Official gaming Discord:



Upcoming Card Features

Sign-up for the pre-launch waitlist here


SafeMoon SWaP Listings

(Official links to partners in the bottom page link list)

SafeMoon Key Moments

(current and planned products/listings)


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