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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 6th, 2022)

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

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SafeMoon Education

Stay tuned for a look at the potential new format for future SafeMoon Educational guides! SafeMoon Education Manager, Cats made this announcement:

"So apologies but no SafeMoon Security Article this week. BUT... We do have a new YouTube Video guide coming to SafeMoon Education. This will be our potential format for future guides. So let's recap and get a clear guide on SafeMoon Tokenomics. COMING LATER TODAY!!! Please note: This video will be a trial of the format and will improve with each guide we produce."

SafeMoon Podcast

SafeMoon Podcast: Table 32: EP01

Full transcript with corresponding video sections- NOW live for Table 32!!

Click the image below to view the Transcript.


"We cannot express how grateful we are to the #SafeMoon Education transcription team for their dedication and hard work to get these done for the parts of our community that need them! 🙏💗Please show them some love.💚 @SirBurnsTheWise @GlennHasABeard @KH40750578"

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats responded to the release of the transcript Tweet on SFMInsider:

"I'm like a proud dad watching his baby grow up so fast! I am honestly so proud of each and every member of the #SAFEMOON Education Team. This is just the beginning, Education is key! 🔐📚"


SafeMoon Billboard

The SafeMoon Billboard in Times Square may be changing this year.

"Not going to lie, would be nice to see the Times Square ad change this year. @SafeMoonWing any plans with this??"

- Kevin (SafeMoon community member)

"You know what, you're right. I'll talk to my people. 💪"

- Hayden Wing

SafeMoon Director of Sales and Partnerships

Swap & Evolve

Hydra is back and gave us an "updated overview of all S&E that were executed." Thanks, Hydra! And welcome back! 💚


Glubiz made another announcement about his site:

" news A new update has just been published! The update includes Holder pages - When clicking a whale or a holder you will be presented with a page containing the Wallet Address, Balance, Position or Wallet Type and Transactions (for holder wallets)"

SafeMoon Unofficial Anthem

SafeMoon community member, Darren shared an unplugged live clip of the "Unofficial SafeMoon Anthem" he created.

"Quick live verse and chorus of my @safemoon anthem, “To The Moon”. Said I would post this the other day, but just got to it." - Darren

SafeMoon community member Barry tweeted

"Wen karaoke edit of 'To The Moon' by @darrenrobinson? #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONKARAOKE"

Darren then made a tweet asking the community:

"Should I make a karaoke track of “To the Moon”? I’d take my main vocal out and let the community sing it / do the rap."

What do you think?

Would you like Darren to make a Karaoke track for "To The Moon"?

Yes | No


Would you like Darren to make a Karaoke track for "To The Moon"?

  • Yes.

  • No.

SafeMoon Community member SafeMoon Army made a little remix.

SafeMoon WebSWaP

Galan updated us on the WebSWaP today:

"Hi and happy Taco Tuesday: webswap now displays the current swap price for tokens #SAFEMOONSWAP#SAFEMOONARMY"



TOP BNB CHAIN Projects with Highest Bullish Sentiment

SafeMoon coming in at number five.


SafeMoon coming in at number five.

Food For Thought

"Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow - that is patience." Quote shared by Darren

SafeMoon SWaP Link Tree

SafeMoon Senior Moderator Steve reminded everyone yesterday of the SWaP Linktree created to keep people from getting scammed:

"Remember guys to check out the SafeMoon SWaP Linktree, for all your up to date partner social media account links. Don’t get scammed by a fake one."

Thank you Steve for keeping this up-to-date.💚

Crypto News

Italian government will provide $46 million in subsidies for blockchain projects

"All companies developing IoT, AI or blockchain technology will be eligible to apply for government subsidies provided the funds will be used in specific sectors, such as health." - Freelance Editor, Turner Wright

“We support companies' investments in cutting-edge technologies with the aim of encouraging the modernization of production systems through management models that are increasingly interconnected, efficient, secure and fast. The goal of competitiveness requires the manufacturing industry to constantly innovate and use the potential of new technologies.

- Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti

Economic Development

SafeMoon Stats


❓Have you voted today❓



⚠️Glubiz site under construction⚠️

SWAPDate #141

"Check out the latest SWAPDate#141 I also added the volume from 06.27.2022 - 07.06.2022 " - Hydra

SafeMoon Partners


SafeMoon Educator Gandalf was asked to come onto SafeMoon Comet partner Pawthereum's Podcast which went live today. Click the Twitter icon below to view it.

"Pawthcast #23 - SafeMoon w/ @GandalfEducator." - Pawthereum

ONE Immortl

"Hey! These fellas look familiar...😘" - ONE



MoonCast Transcript

MoonCast - Exciting times are ahead!