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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 30th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Incoming Listing | SFM Labs | SafeMoon Sanctuary | Trending | Ranking | Food for Thought

SafeMoon CEO | Partner News | How to become a Token Partner | Bitcoin vs. Gold/S&P 500

SafeMoon Activity Book by Glenn | Top Volume Partners | Crypto News

SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

Incoming Listing

SafeMoon Tweeted,

"The rumours are true! 🧐 A certain @BlockBustersTch project will be joining the #SAFEMOON SWAP soon! 🙌 More details to follow in the coming days! 🙏 Cheers, mates! 🍻"

Congratulations to the Block Busters Tech team!!! 🎉👏

"Elysian announces @BlockBustersTch sponsorship of our Welcome event in Napa for the launch of our Fall 2022 issue. #BBTF"

SafeMoon CEO

John Karony shared this amazing image on his IG story today.

"Super grateful for the invitation. Amazing people in an amazing atmosphere. I am here. We are here."

Thank you to @JopeSane for sharing. <3

SFM Labs

The most recent SFM Labs audio and corresponding article are now available. Click the image to check it out.

SafeMoon Sanctuary

SafeMoon Sanctuary has a Space coming up!

"Hey #SAFEMOONFAMILY, we hope you can make it to our Space tomorrow @ 3 PM EST / 7 PM UTC. If you have any questions about #SAFEMOON or topics you'd like to hear discussed please DM @SFMSanctuary"

Click here to check your local time and set a reminder for the Space!


SafeMoon Trendy time! 💃😁

Thanks for sharing, Fabo! 💚

Community Content

SafeMoon moderator @GlennHasABeard has been creating a SafeMoon Activity book!!!!

Let us know your favorite pages.

?What's your favorite page

  • Space Kitty

  • Education

  • Maze

  • Astronaut

❤ Thank you so much for sharing your creativity, Glenn!!! ❤



"Top #BNBCHAIN Projects with GREATEST Social Volume🚀" - BSC Daily

Food for Thought

"In bull markets, exercise risk management. If everything went to 0, will your life still be ok? If no, you invested too much. Reduce it by half and ask again. Don't over invest. (Not financial advice)"

- CZ

Binance CEO

It's summer 2032, electric cars rule the automobile industry, oil has dropped 40%, Crypto rules financial services and cash flow channels. Corporations manage HR/Payroll/Customer Operations duties using Blockchain tech, regulation is in place, 3D NFTs interact with the world.

- Vico

"Failure is not the opposite of success, it's a part of success."

- Wealth Director

"Pay close attention to those that celebrate your successes and those that celebrate your failures. Ctrl+Alt+Del some people"

- Vico

Today's Top Volume Partners


Our top 3 partner by volume were today:

@GroveToken -> $120,000

@Livecryptoparty -> $34,000

@PigeInu -> $21,000"

— Hydra

Partner News


Partner Page | More News

SafeMoon HyperLaunch Partner LCP is soon to be listed on their first exchange. Congratulations LCP! 🥳

"🥁New #listing 📯 $LCP(Live Crypto Party) will be listed on LBank!@Livecryptoparty. Live Crypto Party is a fully inclusive blockchain-powered proprietary party-to-earn metaverse and event platform that rewards users in NFTs and cryptocurrency.


We have seen an exponential growth of up to 500% in the last few weeks on the #SAFEMOONSWAP, which we are pleased with. #LCP is ONLY available on the #SAFEMOON Swap & will be listed on our first CEX ; #LBANK this Monday. Don't miss the party - LCP


Interested in becoming a Token partner?

Go to to apply.



Partner Page | More News



Click to Expand

Empire Token

Partner Page | More News

"We have been working on a lot of utilities to empower Empire as a project and can finally share sneak peeks and an overview of everything that we will be rolling out in the second half of 2022. Enough text for now, enjoy the video. . Keep Climbing! - Empire

EverGrow Coin

Partner Page | More News

"Create something unique. Offer something no one else has. Provide solutions to common problems and you will have a product that gives the user real value."

"High context NFT projects offering access to unique and one-of-a-kind experiences will eventually be the ones that push NFTs closer to mainstream adoption. 'It's not the store... Is the product.' #LunaSky"


Partner Page | More News

"@GlowTokenLLC - Monthly Charity Projects

With July coming to a close in a few days, we decided it would be an excellent idea to share this month’s charity organizations with our vibrant community 🙂

Know more here"