SafeMoon Lowdown (July 27th, 2022)

Updated: Jul 28

*New* Partner Announcement - Bloomberg Article - Upcoming Community Space - Linktree

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*New* SWaP Partner


SafeMoon made an exciting announcement yesterday, introducing our brand new Comet Partner!

"Let’s give a round of applause for our newest addition to the SafeMoon Ecosystem!

Welcome @metfxmetaverse 👏

Please give a warm #SAFEMOONARMY welcome and check them out on the #SAFEMOON Wallet and SWaP!"

SafeMoon Sales and Growth Manager Jonas Harmer added,

"LET’S GOOOO! Been working with the team for a while. Excited for this one 🚀"

MetFX shared,

We told you something big was coming. And here it is - as #MetFX$MFX partners up with the giants of the #BSC#safemoon@safemoon. Two huge CEOs: Alvin Nicolas & John Karony @CptHodl agree to ink a huge partnership together. We welcome #SAFEMOONFAMILY #SAFEMOONARMY #EVERYONEPROOF"

MetFX also Tweeted,

"What a sight for sore eyes 😌 The announcement was a success and we are officially listed as partners with #SafeMoon 🌕"

Keep an eye the new Partners Page and SafeMoon Education's Partners Page for MetFX content!!!

Bloomberg article

MetFX CEO Alvin Nicolas told Bloomberg,

"This partnership between SafeMoon and MetFX represents a huge opportunity forthe investors of $MFX. SafeMoon is the powerhouse coin on the Binance Smart Chain that the public knows, they have done an amazing job building their brand. In the United States, if you watch CNN or Fox News - they only talk about one cryptocurrency and that is SafeMoon. So for the MetFX community and ecosystem to be exposed to this type of audience is huge for our brand. As MetFX will be a brand people come to recognize in the future and this SafeMoon deal represents our stepping stool to get this done. This partnership equates to growth, opportunity, and awareness for MetFX"

To read the full Bloomberg article on the SafeMoon and MetFX partnership, click the icon below!

Upcoming Community Space

SafeMoon Twitter Space host Zeus Tweeted,

"Hello #SafeMoonArmy, On Wednesday July 27th; we will be having our new #SafeMoonSWaP partner @metfxmetaverse with @CryptoKidDefi & @ClownOfCrypto joining #SAFEMOON TALK (NFA & DYOR) with @DreamingSFM, @KeveHeavy & I at 6pm EST."

Check out the Space to learn more about our new SWaP partners!

MetFX Linktree

SafeMoon moderator Steve reminds everyone,

"Don’t forget about the SafeMoon Swap linktree [...], where you can find links to MetFX socials and all other SWaP partners 👍"

Good People

John posted this picture on Instagram today, with the caption "Good views. Good food. Good people." 🙂

MoonCast Transcript

Check out the SafeMoon community podcast video and transcript! Thank you to our transcribing warriors, Burns and Glenn who once again quickly got this transcribed for those in the community that need it. 🙏💕

SafeMoon Army Love

ONE Immortl gave the SafeMoon Army a shoutout today!

"Just taking a moment to say that it's a pleasure to be a part of the #SAFEMOONFAMILY @safemoon and the #SAFEMOONARMY have truly been like family.🤟 Hang on folks, Bull season is coming🍻🐂"

Thank you, ONE Immortl, for being such an amazing partner on this journey with SafeMoon!💖💖💖

Successful Businesses: Hourglass Model

Blockchain tech and its innovative descendants present immense opportunity!!

Check out this article by MoonPay which dives into a model used by many large companies such as Apple, to predict Blockchain's impact, the Hourglass Mental Model.


SFM is listed 5th on BSC Daily's top BNB chain projects with highest bullish sentiment!

Food for Thought

"You can't control what others do, only your own reaction."

- Steve Harvey

"Some people show you their true colors, unintentionally. Pay attention 😏"

- HollyGirl

"Dreams without goals are just dreams and ultimately they fuel disappointment. On the road to achieving your dreams, you must apply discipline and commitment. Without discipline and commitment, you'll never finish. All clips are in Chicago, IL enjoy!"

- SafeMoon Illinois

Community Content

"If you think it, you can achieve it. Never let someone tell you different!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥 I bring the energy anywhere!! Morning motivation!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥"

Partner News


Partner Page | More News

"To celebrate this new partnership, @CoinsultAudits will provide all projects who completed an audit in the next 14 days, a FREE video on a verified YouTube channel with 100k+ subs

Fill out the form to get started!"


Partner Page | More News

"I think our moon guy is excited about this #safemoon partnership - what do you think? #metfx #partnership $mfx - made by a member of our AMAZING telegram community:"


Partner Page | More News

Listen to Pawthcast #26 by clicking the Twitter button below!

EverGrow Coin

Partner Page | More News

"NFTs are a powerful marketing tool for brands because they provide a new way to connect with customers. NFTS offers a unique opportunity to communicate deeply with customers creating loyalty and spreading brand awareness. "


Partner Page | More News

"@JohnGh87 is working hard at Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit. Meet our new friends from #kucoin The best is yet to come."


Partner Page | More News

"#GLOWers our #NFTMarketplace is still down 😕🫤 But we are working on that and when possible we updated you! Don't do that face 😂 sooner we will be 🆙"

Would you like to check out other information about our partners?

Check them out at our Partner Page!!

Tech History

"In 1972, using a credit card 💳 was 'too complicated' Today, using #bitcoin is 'too complicated'" - Documenting Bitcoin

Crypto Education

Bitcoin explained in simple terms⬇️⬇️⬇️

Crypto News

The Crypto Securities Market is Waiting to be Unlocked. But First We Need Workable Rules

Coinbase Tweeted,

"Laws from the 1930s couldn’t predict crypto. That’s why we filed a petition to @SECGov to issue securities rules that work for crypto securities and unlock a new market for US consumers, developers, and platforms. @faryarshirzad explains 👇"

In the blog post by Coinbase, they cover the history of the current US laws in place to handle digital assets.

"Today, there is a robust crypto market in the U.S. That market includes thousands of different digital assets, crypto companies, and decentralized financial products, and is regulated at every level of government, including by multiple federal agencies in the United States. Yet despite the growth that has happened in recent years, close examination reveals a glaring deficiency in this market. Even with billions of dollars invested toward crypto innovation, and the passage of more than 13 years since the introduction of Bitcoin, there is still no meaningful crypto securities market in the United States.

Many factors can positively influence how a given market develops, but when it comes to crypto securities there is a significant, foundational hurdle that has prevented that market from maturing. That hurdle is the fact that the securities rules simply do not work for digitally native instruments. They don’t work for tokenized debt. They don’t work for tokenized equity. They don’t work for crypto. And that’s a major problem.

The consequence is that the United States is falling behind in digital asset innovation. Most of the digital assets traded today have the characteristics of commodities, and in many instances, were specifically designed to avoid the securities laws. In other words, as the crypto market develops, it is deliberately steering clear of the securities market — one of the principal financial markets in the United States. At Coinbase, we believe that digital asset innovation offers a number of profound, market-enhancing benefits — like real time settlement, the ability to trade safely without needing to go through costly intermediaries, and a transparent record of all transactions. But the full weight of those benefits will not come to pass if they are excluded from a market as big and impactful as the securities market."

To read the full blog, click the icon below!

Kraken Investigated for Allegedly Servicing Crypto Traders in Iran: Report

"Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is reportedly under federal investigation for allegedly allowing users in Iran to trade digital assets in violation of US sanctions.

The exchange has been under investigation by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets (OFAC) since 2019 and could face a penalty, the New York Times (NYT) reported on Tuesday, citing five sources familiar with the matter.

Sanctions against Iran have been a recurrent feature of US policy for over three decades. Former President Donald Trump reimposed sanctions in 2018 after withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, which he claimed failed to limit the country’s missile program. These sanctions meant US businesses with trade links in Iran would have to wind down operations." - Blockworks

University of Tokyo to Offer Engineering Courses in the Metaverse

"The University of Tokyo will offer a series of engineering courses using metaverse tech. The courses, which are projected to start being offered later this year, will introduce students to the subjects of engineering and will combine this knowledge with the skills to handle metaverse-based worlds, to manage the digital transformation that work and educational environments are undergoing."

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