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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 26th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Blockchain and TPS | Scaling and Building | Progress | SafeMoon Labs

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Blockchain and TPS

"The cryptography you use for a blockchain is important. It can affect a chains TPS (transactions per second aka speed) scalability and more. Do you aim to build a blockchain for thousands or billions of users? #SAFEMOON #blockchain"

Community Reactions

"Yes this is important. I think a lot of tokens/projects rush to produce a Blockchain (even by third party means) just for the sake of saying they did it first. Are you truly innovating or just trying to be the first to the finish line? Quality creates Longevity." - Danology

"Give me a Blockchain that has security, speed, scalability and reaches billions -- don't care if it takes 1 or 2 years. I don't want a third party - copy and paste crap." - Vico

"I'm excited for the blockchain, Cant wait for it to be released, And there will be a lot of fud along the way, I say the fud is the motivation to go forward, I see many say just focus on the delivery rather than on announcements, But I see good communication, Delays happen.." - Shahen

Scaling and Building

Community member: Is it just me or does SafeMoon feel like it's completely ran out of steam?

Vibby (Sr. Mod): Not at all. Just less unnecessary hyping. The company is actually constantly scaling upwards.😄

John: Scaling and building.


Community member: I think an issue is that especially when dealing with regulation it's a lot of waiting for the other party to respond. So you can't set time periods when things take such invariable time.

HughsCL (Sr. Mod): Correct, legal compliance and regulations takes a long time. Sadly that's how the real world works

John: The real world does not move as fast as the blockchain industry. So when our industry overlaps with another sector, slow downs happen. But i can appreciate the sentiment of wanting things now.

Community member: I want things when they are ready. Not nearly ready but good to go!

John: I wish everything moved as fast as Little Caesar’s pizza place. But unfortunately, it does not.

SafeMoon Labs

💭Did you make it to Gandalf's weekly educational Space?

"Thank you for listening to my weekly education Space SFM Labs - Whales 😊 The recording of this presentation will be uploaded to the SafeMoon Education YouTube Channel at the end of the week."

Keep an eye out for the video and accompanying article later this week!! 😄😄

Swap and Evolve

SafeMoon Warrior shared,

"Swap and Evolve has purchased 41.3 million #SafeMoon worth $16,948."


BSC Daily listed SafeMoon as the #3 highest social engagement for BNB Chain projects!

According to BitMart Research, GVR is #1 and SFM is #3 for BitMart's top 10 trending coins in the US!!


#SAFEMOONFAMILY was trending yesterday!

Food for Thought

"Matured or not, never lose the kid in you."

- The Burly Monk

"We all have dreams, unless you make a move and take the risk, it will always just be a dream."

- SafeMoon Illinois

"Take care of yourself, you are your biggest asset."

- Wealth Director

Community Content

Nice travel mug, BroadArrow!! 😄😄

"SafeMoon holder spotted Pooler, GA USA" - u/Economy_Secretary_91

Rip Van Wizard

"Good morning from the Office. Have an Awesome SafeMoon Monday everyone!" - SafeMoonMarkie

Partner News

ONE Immortal

Partner Page | More News

"Want to reach the HIGHEST tier available on the Immortl platform?

🗓️Clear your schedule, call the sitter🧑‍🍼, use a sick day 🤒, because on AUG. 14 - It's time to MINT

Read more ⤵️"

EverGrow Coin

Partner Page | More News

"Another beautiful video from the EverGrow community team! We will continue to educate @evergrowcoinEGC holders, & also the crypto community as a whole with these videos. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and share the original tweet." -Sam

"Hey #EGCfam, our master minds have created a new You Tube video! “EverGrow BUSD Rewards Tutorial”. Voiced by @CodyBlackEGC & edited by @CPdoge. Check it out, don't forget to like and subscribe! Many more to come soon." - EverGrow


Partner Page | More News

“We're so excited about the #Shibnobi x #YieldToken partnership and the game-changing product we came up with! We will reveal the game on Wednesday, but we're curious to hear your guesses... 🤔

Keep an eye on 🔥


Partner Page | More News

Y'all are early to the party! 🎉 #LIVECRYPTOPARTY has just begun🚀.

Visit 👉http://LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM to grab a piece of #LCP 📈

We are ONLY tradable on the #SAFEMOONSWAP, more *EXCHANGES* in view. Don't miss out 😜📢🔔