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Updated: Aug 7

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"sunday... Sunday... SUNDAY!

It is that time for another week of #Mooncast? YES It is, so join us live over at as we cover the week and look to peak into the future!"

- Cats

⏰ Sunday at 9 pm CET/3 pm EST/12 pm PST

🗺️ Discord, YouTube, or Facebook

If you are interested in posting questions, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

After it's over, we will also be uploading the podcast to Anchor FM as well as Apple Podcasts!


John responded to a community member saying,

"Appreciate the feedback. However I would have to strongly disagree regarding your comment of “I don’t think they are working that hard”. The team is indeed working hard and we are looking forward to the product releases."


A community member asked,

"John? What do you think about play2earn games? Is SafeMoon going to create a game in the future?"

"Play to earn formula has not been cracked in my personal opinion."

Kindness Matters

SafeMoon education manager, Cats shared the heartwarming video below along with this tweet,

"A little bit of kindness goes a LONG.... way! Hope everyone is having a good day, week, month, and even year. And if your not that is okay to because we are here for each other even when those moments seem the darkest! Love you all #SAFEMOONARMY, you've given me a purpose!"

Community Meetup: UK

Randolph posted,

"25 UK #Safemoon investors from all over the UK get together. Food and a load of beer. Great day and now to the next one at Xmas. Great to put names to faces and voices on twitter. Also big thanks to @SafeMoonWing for sorting out free caps t shirts and merch for everyone 👍🔥"

SafeMoon moderator Steve was there, too!!

"Having a great time at the #UnofficialUKSFMmeetup 😎🔥🔥🔥🍻"

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@CorpyNo5 @BattyMatty10 @AntD1975 @randolphsfm @LeonVinyl @Kierandavis__99 @AnthJewitt @rainbowtopgun @stephensgaskets @jasonpsaila @Peternewby7 @BenSafemoon @Ozric_SFM @Miro94259942 @SimonCl39881955

Safemoon Simon asked,

"How do I get invited to the next one?"

Steve replied,

"Watch @randolphsfm tweets 😎"

Wallet Best Practices

Vico shared his thoughts on the crypto market yesterday.

"$50K can go down to $20K, back up to $30K, up to $90K, down to $40K, up to $200K in one day. Crypto can be unpredictable sometimes. Diversify and always have clear goals...Mine are long term. #safemoonarmy #safemoon #GroveToken"

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats took this opportunity to remind individuals of an informative article on Wallet security in a reply to Vico.

"Read CatsRus Daily operation: I haven’t looked at my wallet since December and that was to migrate. Following my process can really help clear your mind while increase Wallet best practices!"

SafeMoon Ranking

SafeMoon ranked was number at #3 in the top mentioned BNB chain projects

Food for Thought

"Never judge a book by its cover. Some of us are smarter than it seems and know A LOT more than we say 😏"

- HollyGirl

"Don’t settle for what life gives you. Make life better and build something."

- Gary Goodridge

"The pain of discipline is nothing compared to the pain of regret."

- Wealth Director

SafeMoon Love

Sam!am Tweeted,

"#SAFEMOONARMY you already know!"

Glow Token's VP of Education Jared replied,

"SafeMoon is great. We’re honored to be moon partners! The future is bright!"

Thanks for the love, guys!!! We're all in this together! 💗💗💗

Twitter Safety

Seeking Peace reminds the community,

"If you get a message like this do not reply. It is a scam. They want to tempt people to steal their crypto. You would have to send gas money which would then be drained every time by a robot. Report for spam and block. I repeat DO NOT send them anything or bother helping."

She added,

"Another example of a classic scam. No one just wins giveaways without doing anything. This is 100% a scam. DO NOT click on their links, DO NOT connect your wallet and DO NOT give your seed phrase. For the love of all that is holy please don't fall for these."

Partner News

Empire Token

Partner Page | More News

"Hello! Happy Sunday to you, and you, and you and YOU. Today we bring you all the exciting Insights, news and updates on the futuristic"

Read my latest: “ EMPIRE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: Has Entered the Chat”


Partner Page | More News

🗞 DxNews Announcement 🗞

Why did Elon Musk dumped 75% of his BTC?!😱 Find out more about it on our latest episode of DxNews here


Partner Page | More News

"24 hours to go until we reveal all the details about the upcoming #Shinja competition... 👀 Stay tuned, #Shibnobi fam!"


Partner Page | More News

"#LCP has seen green candles on the #SAFEMOON SWAP for 2 days in a row. This is incredible. We saw a 500%+ spike. We'd like to thank everyone, & those who have recently joined us. We will be spilling the beans soon. Food is almost done . Grab a piece"


Partner Page | More News

"Breaking the man the myth the legend @dutchprogrammer made A #GroveToken bot to keep us all updated on everything #Grove . You all need to retweet this and share and follow the link…. Follow me too #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY @justbeingmendy @JohnGh87" -SafemoonJar

"Thank still setting it up but people can already follow it. It would be nice if someone from grove could provide data abut all the wallets from @GroveToken So I can verify it with the list that I have collected" - Danny

"#GroveGreenArmy please make sure to only use the highlighted options on our website to invest in Grove. as they do have higher and burned liquidity. There are many other pools created by others that have very low liquidity and we don't recommend trading on them #GroveToken" - Founder & CEO Grove JohnG

Affinity Token

Partner Page | More News

"Last night we announce #Affinity Innovations @AFINInc will be offering Pen Testing as a Service for businesses and token projects! 🔒Intrusion/exploit detection on front-end and back-end dapps, websites, and other applications. 🔒Contact exploit testing. Taking clients soon! Many services that do exist simply use vulnerability scans alone to constitute "pen testing". This is one piece of full scope testing. #Affinity will take it to the next level with thorough, proactive manual testing along with scans to determine vulnerabilities and remediation. " - Affinity

"Join us for the #GrowTheFarm #veteran charity #stream event and win a Meta Quest 2!!

Every donation of $20 is an entry. Multiple entries are available! All donations benefit #Affinity #twitchaffiliate #Affinitybsc #ADAPT #twitch"

Dysfunctional Veterans let us know that the event is happening all of this weekend and that the drawing will be held at a later date!


Would you like to check out other information about our partners?

Check them out at our Partner Page!!

Crypto Education

Hards Forks and Soft Forks Explained

Binance Academy published an educational article about Hard Forks vs Soft Forks where they "explore how cryptocurrency networks can be upgraded, despite the lack of a central authority."

Hard forks vs. soft forks – which is better?

"Fundamentally, both of the above types of forks serve different purposes. Contentious hard forks can divide a community, but planned ones allow the freedom to modify the software with everybody in agreement. Soft forks are a gentler option. Generally speaking, you’re more limited in what you can do as your new changes can’t conflict with the old rules. That said, if your update can be crafted in such a way that it remains compatible, you don’t need to worry about fragmenting the network."

Binance Academy

Click below for the full article and video explanation!!