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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 20th, 2022)

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Lead Marketing Position | SafeMoon Wallet | Slippage | Crypto Summer Playoffs Result

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SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

Lead Marketing Position

SafeMoon Recruitment Consultant Andrew Woodle added a Market Manager post to his LinkedIn.

"Are you in the SLC Utah area and looking to be a marketing leader in the web3 space? If so let me know, we're growing and have a new marketing manager role! Looking for the creative tech folks! #marketing #safemoon #utahjobs"

CEO John Karony reposted adding,

"SafeMoon is always expanding and looking for the right leaders. Come join the team!"


Apply before: August, 31 2022

As the Marketing Manager, you will own, develop, and implement marketing strategies to drive demand for SafeMoon products in line with SafeMoon’s ethos.

What are the core responsibilities?

  • To develop, implement, and review marketing and brand strategies for SafeMoon as a brand and our products and assets to achieve the organization’s short- and long-term strategic objectives

  • Create and deliver fully integrated marketing campaigns from concept to implementation across all social media platforms and tangible assets such as billboards

  • Oversee the development and management of brand websites and brand-owned social media platforms including strategic planning, content creation and updates, maintenance, and content reporting

  • Identifying B2B marketing opportunities and working with our Sales team to turn these leads into revenue generating and mutually beneficial relationships

  • Oversee management and regular review of all social media accounts

  • Deliver and report on progress against agreed product objectives

  • Lead the Marketing team’s involvement in the organization’s Sales and Operational Planning process and ensure any proposed changes to advertising, promotional activity or product that materially influence sales are well communicated and planned for

  • Monitor profit margins on products and brands and work with Sales and Operations teams on actions to optimize and ensure budgeted targets are achieved and/or exceeded

  • Manage and review both internal and external agencies/consultants, creative and insights providers

  • Provide brand and product insights through the use of market data and customer research

  • Develop marketing collateral and facilitate required internal and external approvals to ensure compliance with relevant consumer laws and government legislation

  • Ensure the development, execution, and management of production of all graphics and animations projects

  • Ensure proper management and storage of all Marketing collateral including graphics assets

  • Provision of expertise in analysis of the market and SafeMoon’s competitors

What do you need to have to be successful?

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, or similar field

  • Experience managing a team of people and demonstrating leadership and collaboration

  • Demonstrated digital and online marketing experience

  • Exceptional attention to detail and a keen eye for design

  • Highly organized

  • Extensive experience with digital content and social media marketing on platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Reddit

  • Sound marketing planning and budgeting abilities

  • Strong project management experience

  • Versed in executing digital campaigns

  • Extensive experience in new product development and execution within the technology space

  • Experience working at a tech company or demonstrated experience in working in complex and fast-paced environments

  • Ability to thrive in ambiguous environments

  • Passion for unlocking the crypto economy

To apply, click the icon below!!!

In addition, SafeMoon tweeted

"As part of getting prepped for our upcoming marketing campaigns that will support our product launches, we're seeking an experienced and creative marketing manager to join our #SAFEMOON team..."

SafeMoon Wallet: Google Play Store

Galan informed the community,

"Android #SAFEMOON wallet is back live in the Google Play store. Simply new policy compliance. There are no changes to the app that is published. The app does not and never has collected any user data. 💚🥳🌮 #SAFEMOONSWAP #SAFEMOONARMY" 👏👏👏


Galan also posted,

"I've seen a lot of people ask me about slippage when swapping one taxed token to another. There has to be a margin of error allowed for both token taxes to be charged. Take swapping Grove to SafeMoon for example. 15%+12%+1% for price variance. 28% slippage. #SAFEMOONSWAP"

Click the images above to enlarge!!

Crypto Summer Playoffs Result

LBank Exchange Tweeted,

"🎉Crypto Summer Playoffs are finished🎉💪Congratulations to @safemoon and their community on winning #LBankPlayoffs!!! See you soon!😉 #SAFEMOONARMY #cryptocurrencies"

SafeMoon retweeted saying,

"Great work everyone! 🥳 Another #SAFEMOONARMY community win! 🏆 #SAFEMOON #cryptocurrency"

John added,

"boom. Amazing community win! #SAFEMOONARMY is amazing!"

Grove Token Tier Upgrade

GroveToken just got an upgrade!!! Let's all give them lots of love! 🙌🙌🙌

"#Grovers, @SafeMoon are upgrading our partnership to the top 'Moon Partner' tier! This exciting change means a Grove-ERC20 listing & shared media releases/AMAs between our wonderful communities.

A big thank you to the #SafeMoonArmy for your incredible support of #GroveToken!"

GroveToken CEO and Founder John G. added,

"With our aligned vision of a brighter future and healthier world, it’s great that so many #Grovers come from the #SafeMoonArmy That’s why I’m thrilled to share that GroveToken is now a Moon-tier partner of SafeMoon! Our ERC-20 contract will be available on SafeMoon platforms P1 soon and we’ll be doing joint media releases and AMAs to celebrate! PLUS, I’ve been invited to SafeMoon HQ by @cpthodl to discuss future opportunities to make the world a better place"


Dii Facientes Adiuvant: To be frankly speaking. The most important thing is, if the exchange and blockchain are gonna be massively used or not, no use launch something that people wont use. So BSC of that SafeMoon has to make sure the products will have something that differentiate them from existing competitors, something that only SafeMoon can do and provide, and something that will make people choose us instead of others.

"Cryptography in blockchain is important. It is one of the pieces that can slow down a blockchain's speed."

Product Delays

When asked about the delays SafeMoon has encountered, John replied,

"I don't make a habit of slinging shade. Its bad form, and makes our industry look like school children vs. the amazing innovative environment that it is. So I'll answer it like this. Delays happen for a variety of reasons. Nobody is perfect, however we evolve our tech, our leadership, the staff etc. Iterate, learn, move forward and continue mission."

SafeMoon Knight posted the above quote on Twitter commenting,

"#SAFEMOONARMY our @CptHodl has spoken. He makes a valid point. In other words, stay patient. 🦇 #SAFEMOON is innovation, innovation takes time. Time takes patience. Patience takes knowledge. Knowledge involves research. IYKYK. 🦇"

SafeMoon Community Recognition

We love giving love to those who do so much for the community!!! Berserker Bill shared,

"#SAFEMOON got me into #Crypto and the #SAFEMOONARMY got me started on twitter which I'm always going to be grateful for

Shout out to the old school @SafemoonPulse @FaboisMe @Safemoon_Ninja @SafemoonWarrior @SafemoonSurgeon"

Food for Thought

"Don't let your food get cold worrying about what's on someone else's plate..."

- TJ

"Many people tend to be highly critical of themselves, talk down to themselves, or do not give themselves the credit they deserve. To you who needs to read this: Be kind to yourself! Never will you ever speak to anyone more than you do yourself. Words have power. #KindnessMatters"

- SafeMoon Pulse,

Content Creator

Community Content

"Speculation and Grove meet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #SAFEMOON & #GROVE 💪🏾💪🏾 #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY #GroveToken"

Credit: SafeMoonEngine


According to CryptoDep, SFM is the 3rd BNB chain ecosystem coin by social activity!!!

Partner News

Cryft V2

Partner Page | More News

"Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening #CryftArmy and #SAFEMOONARMY! The team will soon announce a new game within the #CryftZone🥚and the first addition of a Hitchhikers Guide to Cryftopia 👍!"

EverGrow Coin

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