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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 19th, 2022)

SafeMoon Announcements | SafeMoon SWaP Education | SafeMoon Gaming Event SafeMoon Community Recognition | SafeMoon Community Poll | Crypto Market Cap

Food for Thought | SafeMoon Laughs | Partner News | Crypto History | Crypto News

SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

MoonCast Transcript

Check out the SafeMoon community podcast video and transcript! This time, we had special guests Mendy from Grove Token and Nawa and Myk from Pawthereum!

Thank you to our transcribing warriors, Burns and Glenn who once again quickly got on getting this transcribed for those in the community that need it. 🙏💕

SafeMoon Announcements

DCiPHyR: I would never expect any big news from MoonCast. The team would not make any announcements through MoonCast I am pretty sure.

"Announcements come from SafeMoon Specials 🙂"

SafeMoon SWaP Education (Grow together)

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats dropped some SafeMoon SWaP education in a quote tweet of SafeMoon's recent partner shout-out for the community.

"Our partners grow with us as much as we grow with them. With the SafeMoon Swap, there is a swap fee of 0.25% that benefits all SafeMoon Holders.

This fee is split up:

0.17% going into the LP

0.05% SafeMoon Ecosystem

0.03% Buy and Burn Automatically

This swap fee is a standard fee that is charged at the same amount; 0.25% across a lot of the major swaps out there."

We grow together. A rising tide raises all ships. 🚢🌊💪❤️ Get to know all of SafeMoon's partners here:

"Cheers to you all! 🍻
















- SafeMoon

SafeMoon Gaming Event

Sander, SafeMoon's gaming DIscord CM announced the next gaming event.

"Hey everyone!

Come over to the Discord.

On July 20th at 3 P.M. EST / 7 P.M. UTC, we are going to do custom games of #FallGuys.

For more information join the [SafeMoon gaming Discord].

(These custom games will also be live-streamed on Twitch.)"

SafeMoon Education Manager, Cats quote tweeted him.

"Hey #SAFEMOONARMY gamers! Come and joins us on the SafeMoon Gaming discord and play some custom games of fall guys. The last event was a lot of fun, and even if you don’t want to play we had some great commentary!"

SafeMoon Community Recognition

SafeMoon shared some appreciation for a few of the many amazing SafeMoon Twitter Space hosts out there providing a space to kindly educate, share, and support the SafeMoon community. ❤️

"The #SAFEMOONARMY really are something special! As we seek to celebrate others within our community, please join us in thanking @__CryptoZeus__ & @JEREMIAH1SFMWC Always going further to hold welcoming spaces, educate others and be advocates of #SAFEMOON & our partners!"

SafeMoon Community Poll

SafeMoon Discord community manager asked the SafeMoon community a question:

Whew it's a hot one today! While I'm hiding from the heat, let me ask you;

How long have you been following #SafeMoon or been a part of the #SafeMoonCommunity?

  • I'm new (past few months)

  • At least 6 months

  • At least 12 months

  • Since the very beginning "



Crypto Market Cap

Vico Tweeted,

"The global #Crypto market cap is up again above $1T USD. I'm just ready for this bear market to be over."

Food for Thought

"Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. No shortcuts, remember: security, quality and accessibility."

- HypaFly

SafeMoon Mod

Get your priorities straight. Get rid of your doubts. Get rid of your insecurities. Buy the house. Invest in the crypto. Ask the cute guy or girl at the gym for their number. Take the job. Whatever it is, Whatever your goals are, you can and will achieve them. Make it happen 💫

- OG Crypto Wizard

SafeMoon Laughs

Shared by @MemeLordSpyros

Partner News

Cryft V2

Partner Page | More News

"We've intentionally stayed quiet since we returned from Cryptopia to allow our team to focus fully on the development of #Cryft V2 and the upgraded website. The contract has passed it's KYC & audit from @DessertSwap Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work." - Cryft Wizard

Q: Will we need to do anything to migrate? What is the Consolidation ratio?

"We will have an official announcement, however since this has become knowledge in our discord I will share with you that you will not need to do anything. It will be airdropped. It is a 10 to 1 consolidation."

EverGrow Coin

Partner Page | More News

"Relevant stories and mind-blowing images should blend into powerful NFTs...

Bring your stories and showcase your images;

#LunaSky I'll be your host, offering my pleasing canvas."


Partner Page | More News

"Exciting news! We've got a new partnership that lets us achieve and accelerate so much from the #GroveToken roadmap Our leader @johnGh87 has a second job he's now the MD of the forthcoming Dubai metaverse business owned by H.H Sheikha Dubai Al Maktoum #GroveGreenArmy #GroveToken"

Click the image to expand!

Empire Token

Partner Page | More News

"Over the past year, the number of new cryptocurrency projects has significantly increased. Since then, innovators in this field have started to develop solutions that incorporate blockchain networks to expand the opportunities available.

Keep Climbing!"