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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 18th, 2022)

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

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NFTs and Buying Tickets | Partner News | Reminders

SafeMoon Wallet: Security & Accessibility

DCiPHyR: Maybe they could put an authenticator built into the SFM app, so it's tied to your specific phone or device. You can still make transactions from other wallets, but you need the authenticator code to complete the transaction. I know JK mentioned something about reimagining seed phrases, or something to that effect -- maybe he has an idea on how to change it for the better

"After we finish up integration of our security upgrade, I can say that our wallet will be one of the most secure wallets out there. Team is working diligently to finish up the integration. One of the major hurdles was balancing the accessibility aspect of it. We actually were about to release the upgrade, but paused on doing the release to add some additional items in (couple week push). This is why we won't release dates, because we need the flexibility to call an audible if it is needed."

SafeMoon Podcast

Beri: When next podcast guys?

"Just tweeted about finishing up the filming of the second episode."

The Otter: Filming is done. Waiting for the editing, probably next week.

"Aim is for next week. Again the >aim< is for it to be released next week."

➡️"Finished filming another episode of the #Table32 (working title) #SAFEMOONPODCAST. Lots of discussions around space with the amazing guest. Footage is now with Sketch to work his magic." ⬅️

SafeMoon Connect

BrianTDorsey: Whatever happened to SafeMoon Connect?

"Literally being worked on. Looking at doing a branding change on it tho. Not a fan of the name."

paulius: Really glad to find out that we're not sticking to "safemoon connect" that word immediately makes me think of bitcoin connect, not a positive association.

"I really did not like the name."

The community started brainstorming SafeMoon Connect rebranding names:

Wobz: Safemoon Core, Safemoon Command Center, Safemoon Hub

"Strike SafeMoon Hub off that list."

GamedevAls /Safemoon Sam: SFM Community Pay

IamSD: SafeMoon Pay

Neo: Safemoon Fiber7

Bru: SafePay?

Vico: #SafemoonConnect to potentially be renamed.@CptHodl change it to SafemoonConneX.

"Love the idea, sounds too close to a name of a shipping container tho."

Danny: SafeDoor SafeLink SafePortal LinkedMoon

SafeMoon Illionois: SafeSpace 😂🤣

onco_IR: SafeLink for the win

AntMan: SafeDex, SafeCex, SafeSearch, SafeMoonDapps, SafeMoon Unite. SafeMoon Link.

Amigo: Synapse

Products, Developments, and Comms

"Products are very much being released and are underway. Working out a way to release more info while also protecting IP and confidentiality."

"Mods also are involved in the development process. So they do indeed see more than most folks. One of my current priorities is working out a system to release more updates and info while also protecting IP/trade secrets."

SafeMoon NFTs

Beri: Cpt u was posting a lot on instagram for Nfts, are the team still working on that?

"They are being rendered, however we are waiting on the release of 1 wallet feature and another product before launching NFTs. So release is TBD right now."

SafeMoon Appreciation

IamSD: How does it feel to have a bomb headquarters and having employees work for you? 5 years ago did you ever see yourself in a position like you are in now. It must be very exciting. I appreciate the teams discreetness because so many people are copying each other, especially in this landscape. Keep on keeping on and being fresh with surprises and putting security first. I imagine the security platform will be marvelous.

"I am grateful to be leading such an amazing team, and I respect the trust they put in me as a leader, and their dedication to the strategic vision."

SafeMoon Gaming

SafeMoon Gaming Discord invited you to a COMMUNITY GAMING EVENT!

"Come hang out on July 20th @ 3PM EST/ 7PMUTC!

Join in on the fun on Discord or just watch and chat along on Twitch."

Does playing some Fall Guys sound interesting to you? Click here to reply to the poll!

SafeMoon Community

SafeMoon Community member Danology shared a photo of his birthday cake! Happy Birthday, Dan!!!

"Look at this amazing cake my amazing wife made ❤️"

Pawthereum $10k Giveaway on MoonCast

"!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS !!! The winner of the @pawthereum $10,000 @SafeMoon Giveaway! Giveaway Transaction

Live streamed giveaway took place here on this weeks #MoonCast"


Education Manager and MoonCast Host

SafeMoon Labs

"Tomorrow, my weekly educational Space will be „SFM Labs - ICOs“. Hope to see you there 😊👍"

- Gandalf

SafeMoon Educator

Swap and Evolve

"Swap and Evolve has purchased 34.6 million #SafeMoon worth $17,299."

-SafeMoon Warrior

Food for Thought

"Ppl will hate you for your success, hard work and honesty. People will even hate you for who you are and choose to be. Don't EVER let anyone tear you down 🚫. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded individuals 🧠. Lift others up!

Manifest Your Destiny.💎"

SafeMoon Laughs

Fabo Tweeted,

"I agree with John I don’t like the name 'Safemoon Connect' Time for a change. What are some name ideas? 🤔🤔🤔🤔"

SafeMoon Memester Spyros replied,

"I know! SafeMoon Connect V2"


SafeMoon is the 3rd most trending coin/token for BitMart USA, according to BitMart Research.

Global Access to the Dollar

"Anybody worldwide can use the internet with a mobile phone. What if dollars were the same?"

NFTs and Buying Tickets

Source: Magic Eden

"One of the world's biggest music festivals dropped an NFT on Friday, why's that important? @tomorrowlandnft's venture into Solana NFTs is the catalyst we all need to onboard more people into Web3 and here's why 🧵

When thinking of NFTs, most people think of PFPs or just visual art, but @tomorrowlandnft's The Reflection of Love shows it can be much more. The Music Festival offers 600k tickets every year and it sells out in minutes, all over the globe, the subsequent waitlist is HUGE 👀

So what does that mean? A ticket is hard to get and NFTs are the answer. Here's why 👇

'Bridging Web2 and Web3' is a common phrase that's thrown around a lot - but this drop does something unique. It empowers holders to exchange their NFTs into an irl utility with inherent financial and social value. What might that be? A Medallion or a @tomorrowland ticket!

A very real 'Web2' problem is buying tickets for hyped events. And this collection serves to help anyone who collects the @tomorrowlandnft collection to overcome this problem.

If you own 1 NFT from each of the collections by @tomorrowlandnft , you can merge all 3 NFTs from different collections to create a 'medallion'. The medallion will allow you to be in a 'exclusive' member list for all upcoming ticket drops from @tomorrowland FOREVER.

What does that mean - if you can't get a @tomorrowlandnft ticket? For roughly 9 $SOL, you're able to be guaranteed a @tomorrowland ticket with an oversubscribed demand... I'll let you do the math

Everyone asks for irl utility. @tomorrowlandnft have set an important precedent in helping everyday people get access to exclusive drops, secret music shows (yesterday, @tomorrowlandnft holders were treated to a set DJed by @r3hab and @laidbackluke) and a community, thru NFTs We're excited to see how other brands follow in their footsteps and take the leap into Web3. The possibilities are endless 🚀🚀🚀"

Partner News


SafeMoon Partner DxSale shared their view on this market.

"Never stop building...WHEN THE MARKET GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET BUILDING. Stay tuned..."

Would you like to check out other information about our partners?

Check them out at our Partner Page!!

Crypto News

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