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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 16th, 2022)

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

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Solidity Dev Position

SafeMoon Recruitment Consultant Andrew Woodle added a solidity dev job post to his LinkedIn saying,

"We're expanding our development team! If you have a passion for web3, blockchain and solidity development let me know! #safemoon #crypto #blockchain #development"

CEO John Karony reposted adding,

"Our team continues to expand! #safemoon #crypto #blockchain #development"

Job Posting

We are looking for a Solidity Developer to join our Blockchain team as we build out exciting products within the SafeMoon ecosystem that will integrate with various smart contracts and web3 technologies.

As a highly capable Blockchain developer, your core responsibility is to develop application features and interfaces using blockchain technology. You will also analyze the Company’s blockchain needs, designing customized smart contract technologies and maintaining our blockchain network.

Your core responsibilities will include:

  • In collaboration with the Lead Blockchain Developer, research, design, develop and test blockchain & web3 technologies

  • Develop application features and interfaces by using Solidity, Web3.js, Truffle, Ganache, Remix, Node.js and other blockchain/web3 programming languages and writing effective and accurate multithreaded / modular codes.

  • Applying the latest encryption techniques to protect digital transaction data against cyberattacks and information hacks.

  • Documenting blockchain development processes and complying with best practices in data protection.

  • Consistently utilizing and maintaining assigned project management tickets in Jira that track issue completion.

  • Maintaining the smart contract integrations that sync with client and server-side applications while pushing and securing code to Github repositories by way of CI/CD.

  • Document new solutions via Confluence and other approved document repos as well as maintaining existing ones.

  • Optimize and secure blockchain applications by integrating new tools and technologies.

  • Keep up with current blockchain technologies and cryptography methods and share this information with other Blockchain Developers within the SafeMoon team while acting as a consultative point of contact.

  • Adhering to all the rules and regulations of data protection for digital payments.

  • Provide consultative research and elegant technical solutions for scalable software build out.

  • Managing and producing the expected/planned deliverables within the pre-defined deadlines set forth by the Lead Blockchain Developer and Director of Product Management and in alignment with the company Roadmap.

  • Consistent day-by-day communication and collaboration with the development team using Slack for all workday hours.

  • Work in collaboration with a team and be a part of the planning of projects for long term impact.

What do you need to be successful?

  • A team player with consistent and effective communication skills

  • must have javascript experience and direct experience writing automated test scripts for Solidity with Chai or similar tool

  • Previous experience working on smart contracts that integrate with ABI’s

  • Experience with web3 related libraries and API documentation like Infura, BSC Scan,, etc

  • Strong debugging skills and/or experience with attention to detail

  • Preference for working under an Agile process methodology

  • Ability to work in a fast paced start-up environment with a global team within communication systems like Slack and Jira

  • Operational knowledge of JavaScript

  • You care about building high-quality well-tested and effective code

  • Ability to identify and solve for vulnerabilities within smart contract development and post deployments

  • Proficiency with code repositories like Github and deployment best practices like CI/CD

  • Excellent written communication skills.

  • Passion for molding the future of the web 3.0 space

To apply, click the icon below!!!

On Twitter, a community member asked,

"Was this Lynn Spraggs' job??"

Galan of Taa replied,

"Lynn and Robert Spraggs work on encryption/security."

SFM Labs

The video and matching article covering the topic "Subjective and Objective Opinions" is now available here!!

Community Content

SafeMoon Warrior shared,

"Highvalyriaan, the guy that uploaded the #SafeMoon logo everyday until it is listed on Binance, confirmed he went offline because of COVID with pulmory embolism complicating matters. He remains at the hospital but he assured us he will be back. Today we post the logo for you."

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Highvalyriaan! 💗💗💗

SafeMoon Juju posted,

"#SAFEMOONARMY intervention with Speculation! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 part 2!! Let’s go!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🕺🏾🕺🏾"

Food for Thought

"There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them."

- Gary Goodridge

"It always seems impossible until it’s doneHave a great weekend 😎

Siempre parece imposible hasta que se hace 😎Q tengas un gran fin de semana🎉"


According to BSC Daily, SafeMoon has the 5th greatest social volume of top BNB chain projects!


Credit: Sbaby

Crypto News

Coinbase to shut down Coinbase Pro to merge trading services

"Coinbase’s professional trading platform, Coinbase Pro, will cease to exist as the cryptocurrency exchange unveiled plans to restructure its services to consolidate them into one platform. The United States-based crypto trading firm officially announced on Wednesday that it will start sunsetting Coinbase Pro to migrate all advanced trading services into one unified Coinbase account. Coinbase Pro’s services will migrate to Advanced Trade, Coinbase’s new trading section accessible via the exchange’s website. The section was initially launched in March 2022, providing traders with in-depth analysis and actual trading directly on Coinbase.

According to the announcement, Advanced Trade will provide the same volume-based fees as Coinbase Pro. Depending on volumes and taker or maker orders, Coinbase Pro’s fees range from 0% to 0.6%, according to data from Coinbase’s official website at the time of writing. The upcoming migration of Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade will take place gradually over the next several months as the exchange continues to launch new, planned upgrades to Advanced Trade."

A Closer Look at How NFTs Are Changing Music

"Music NFTs offer transparency of data ownership and accessibility to artists, giving them an alternative to traditional music labels."

The new philanthropic frontier: How Web3 could democratize donations

"A merge between crypto and philanthropy is already underway as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and nonfungible token artists alike fundraise and donate crypto to nonprofits. But what does the age-old institution of philanthropy have to learn from emerging technologies in the crypto space? Additionally, what does crypto have to offer philanthropy that could improve the sector generally? Crypto offers the potential for nonprofits to be governed in a decentralized fashion, creating conditions that maximize the influence of communities most impacted by these organizations."

How Are NFTs Impacting the Sports Industry?

"Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have seen substantial growth in the last few years, revolutionizing various industries like arts, gaming, music, and sports. Billions of sports enthusiasts worldwide have been introduced to multiple NFT use cases. How exactly do these digital tokens change the sports world?"

Bitcoin is now in its longest-ever 'extreme fear' period

"Bitcoin (BTC) may have avoided fresh losses since falling to $17,600 last month, but the sentiment is on the floor. Now, one classic crypto market mood gauge is showing just how long and hard the average investor has suffered."

Partner News

Grove Token

"We are aware of a few bugs on the NFT marketplace. Every launch has some bugs. They’re being squashed. Thank you for your patience while our devs work on fixing them. 🙏"

Credit: Zeus

According to LunarCrush, Grove Token is #6 on the list of top 10 coins.


To listen to Shibnobi AMA #175, click the image below!


📣📣📣 Get your NFT now on to get an exclusive discount on the upcoming #Shibnobi NFTs drop 💥"


"#Affinity will be participating in a #charity Gamethon July 22nd-24th to benefit hosted by @DV_DVRadio! #Veterans helping veterans. If you are interested in participating, today is the last day to sign up! Video by @MunkeeBawlz"

Would you like to check out other information about our partners?

Check them out at our Partner Page!!

SafeMoon Stats


Have you voted today❓





SWAPDate #151



SafeMoon Security Awareness 🔐

Security questions - What's the best way to answer?

Learn the best practice to combat social engineering scammers & hackers. A simple fix that could help against your information.



SafeMoon Podcast: Table 32: EP01

Full transcript with corresponding video sections live for Table 32!!

Click the image below to view the transcript.



MoonCast Transcript

Calmness is brewing excitement.

Did you miss Sunday's MoonCast or would like to read the transcript? Click the button below to view.

📣A special thank you to transcription team members Burns and Glenn for this MoonCast transcript!!!❤


SafeMoon Labs



SafeMoon Pulse

Click on the image above to view the Pulse June 2022 SafeMoon Monthly Recap.


Captain's Log: June Edition

SafeMoon security, customer service, and the SafeMoon Card!



SafeMoon Career Opportunities

"Are you someone who imagines new realities & wants to collaborate with others to bring that new reality into being, for the good of everyone? Or maybe you know someone who might be a good fit?"




SafeMoon Gaming

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Upcoming Card Features

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