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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 15th, 2022)

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SafeMoon SWaP Milestone

"SWAPDate#150 Today, in exactly 170 days of tracking, we reached a small milestone. Our SWaP by SafeMoon has accomplished a $300,000,000 volume! This results in a daily volume of approx. $1,764,705 a day!" -SafeMoon Hydra

SafeMoon Sanctuary

SafeMoon Sanctuary Twitter Space is tomorrow. Stop by and say hi! 💕

"Please come join us in our upcoming space! Saturday, July 16th @3PM EST / 7PM UTC If you have any questions, you can DM them to @SFMSanctuary or to any of the hosts of the show!" - SFM Sanctuary


Set your reminder.

SafeMoon Labs

The audio and corresponding article of Gandalf's most recent Educational space will be live today July 15th at 1 pm Eastern!

"The latest SFM Labs "Subjective & objective opinions" will be live shortly"

- Gandalf

SafeMoon Sales & Growth Manager

Yesterday was SafeMoon Sales & Growth manager Jonas Harmer's birthday! Hope your day was awesome, Jonas! 💕Along with many happy wishes from the community, SafeMoon's Director of Sales & Partnerships Hayden WIng teased Jonas with a photo.

"Happy 18th Birthday @SafemoonJonas The second shortest guy I know… right behind @JoshuaChilcutt"

SafeMoon Billboard

"#SAFEMOONFAMILY National billboards are everywhere. Big #SAFEMOON brand awareness campaign. What’s about to launch? Are you connecting the dots? Let’s go!!!" - Troy

SafeMoon Foresight

"5 years ago the entire #binance team consisted of only 25 people. Amazing what 5 years can do. Growth and success takes time, patience is key." - Vico

"My sentiments towards #SAFEMOON =EXTREMELY 🐂ISH" - Kiwi

SafeMoon Listing

BSCDaily announces the listing of SafeMoon on Latoken yesterday.

"🎉 @safemoon is Now Listed on @latokens 🚀

#SafeMoon - a decentralized finance (#DeFi) token that forms part of the expanding SafeMoon ecosystem. 😍

#LATOKEN - a global digital asset exchange for the next billion traders and the next million tokenized assets"

SafeMoon Wallet

Today the SafeMoon Wallet sent a notification of SafeMoon comet partner Pawthereum's $10k SFM giveaway.

Crypto History

Documenting Bitcoin reminds everyone that,

"Twelve years ago today, one #bitcoin became worth one penny."

Documenting Bitcoin also shared an image and tweeted,

"What the greatest investors in the world think about #bitcoin"

"Bitcoin is math. Math has been around for thousands of years. 2+2 will equal 4. And it will for another thousand years. I like the idea of investing in something reliable, honest, secure, and hundred percent certain.

-Paul Tudor Jones

"I'm comparing bitcoin to technologies like the printing press, steam engine, railroad, automobile, or electricity...a well understood path for the adoption of new tech"

- Bill Miller

"I own some bitcoin. Bitcoin is one hell of an invention. Bitcoin has made a tremendous achievement over the last 11 year"

- Ray Dalio

"Do you know that when Bitcoin went from $17,000 to $3000, that 86% of the people that owned it at $17,000 never sold it? Well, this was huge in my mind. So here's something with a finite supply and 86% of the owners are religious zealots. I mean, who the hell holds something through $17,000to $3000?"

-Stanley Druckenmiller

Crypto Education

A simple explanation of Blockchain is explained by a ten-year-old in this video. 👀👇🔥


Crypto News

Russia Considers Jail Time for People Helping Crypto Scammers Launder Proceeds

"The interior ministry of Russia has decided to go after those providing money-laundering services to crypto fraudsters, suggesting they should go to prison. The department wants to introduce criminal liability for the activities of these people, also known as ‘droppers.’"

Why Migrants Are Turning to Crypto:

"A growing number of African migrants and expatriates could now be using peer-to-peer #crypto exchange platforms when sending funds back home." - BTCTN

To send money in some regions costs as high as 11.2% per every $200 sent. Sending money via cryptocurrencies costs approximately $0.01 to send $200 via the BCH network making this the preferred method.

"Our view has changed and we now regard [cryptocurrency] as a financial asset and we hope to regulate it as a financial asset. There has been a lot of money that has flowed in and there is a need to regulate it and bring it into the mainstream."

Kuben Naidoo

South African Reserve Bank (SARB) Deputy Governor

Article was written by Terence Zimwara, "a Zimbabwe award-winning journalist, author, and writer. He has written extensively about the economic troubles of some African countries as well as how digital currencies can provide Africans with an escape route."

Check out his full article by clicking below



The New York Yankees will leverage Bitcoin fintech NYDIG’s platform to allow its employees to convert part of their salary into bitcoin.

  • The New York Yankees MLB team has partnered with NYDIG to enable its employees to be paid in bitcoin.

  • NYDIG offers a benefits plan which allows employees to choose any portion of their salary to be converted into BTC with no transaction fees.

  • The Yankees will become the first MLB team to pay its employees in bitcoin."


1960 New York Yankees/WikimediaCommons

3 reasons why Polygon (MATIC) is up 100%+ during a bear market

Steady adoption and internal growth back MATIC’s 118% gain, even as most altcoins struggle to hold on to their short-term gains.

"Three reasons why the long-term outlook for Polygon remains positive include its continued adoption by mainstream entities, the migration of multiple projects to the Polygon network and an increase in the platforms offering liquid staking services for MATIC."

- Jordan Finneseth

Cointelegraph Journalist

Partner News


"We had a really great meeting with our awesome @EverCommunity team today. So many great people giving their time to support the project & community. Everyone cares so much about the #EGCFAM. Some potentially incredible ideas & opportunities also came up…"


EverGrow Chairman

EverGrow will be an in-game currency

Would you like to check out other information about our partners?

Check them out at our Partner Page!!

SafeMoon Stats


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