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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 12th, 2022)

Accessibility | Team Morale | SFM Labs | Confidence | Glubiz

Crypto Grand Finale | Food for Thought | Ranking | SafeMoon Laughs

Bitcoin Mining | Bank of Russia | North Korean Cyber Attacks | Crypto Salaries Partner News | SafeMoon Stats | Reminders


CEO John Karony Tweeted,

"Accessibility is important in our industry. Accessing and creating a wallet should be as easy as typing in a username and password, but just as secure, if not more secure than the 12/24 word passphrase."

Team Morale

Samarium, one of our Discord community members, asked John,

"How goes, CPT? Clear sailing today?"

John replied,

"Clear skies and calm seas, crew morale is high and motivation is superb."

SFM Labs

SafeMoon Education Gandalf shared,

"Thank you for listening to my weekly education Space SFM Labs - Subjective & Objective Opinions 😊 The recording will be uploaded to the SafeMoon Education YouTube Channel at the end of the week."


While talking to the community on Discord, John said,

"I'm confident in the team and leadership. I love the evolution."


Glubiz gave an update to the community:

"Status on the Multi Wallet Tracker... I have been hard at work the past few days, trying to get my vision realized. I will not be able to have it ready today, it will however go live tomorrow 🙌 The only this that is missing is the combined stats across all wallets 🔥"

LBank's Crypto Grand Finale

LBank is holding their Crypto Grand Finale! Our community has gotten us to the finals after defeating SHIB, FLOKI and QUACK.

"Crypto Playoffs #GrandFinale 📍 💪Crypto with the most #votes win Finals and we will have the strongest👑#cryptocommunity $SFM $BTC #LBankPlayoffs Tag with your favorite token to count 👇"

Veno reminded the community,

"You know what to do #SafeMoonArmy! Let's remind everyone how amazing our #SafeMoonCommunity is! Use tags #SafeMoon, #LBankPlayoffs, and $SFM!"

Food for Thought

"Imagine if every day we woke up with only the things we gave thanks for the night before. I'm thankful for all of you."

- Vico

"Do the right thing when it’s hard. Keep a good attitude when people are not treating you right. Go the extra mile when nobody is watching. You may not see anything happening, but you’re getting prepared to go to new levels."

- Gary Goodridge

"How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves"

- Paulo Coelho

(Shared by Darren)


According to TradeDog, SafeMoon has the 4th highest social engagement of all top BNB chain projects!

BitMart Research has listen SafeMoon as #9 for BitMart's Weekly Search Popularity!

SafeMoon Laughs

Credit to Spyros

Crypto News

Top 10 States with the lowest electricity costs for mining 1 #Bitcoin:

• Georgia: $13,143

• Louisiana: $14,955

• Oklahoma: $15,194

• Idaho: $15,911

• Utah: $16,469

• Wyoming: $16,469

• Arkansas: $16,568

• Nevada: $16,588

• Washington: $16,588

• Texas: $16,648

Bank of Russia opposes private stablecoins in the country

"Russia's central bank sees the digital rubble as the only technological payment option to support."

‘Nobody is holding them back’ — North Korean cyber-attack threat rises

"North Korea-backed cyberattacks on cryptocurrency and tech firms will only become more sophisticated over time as the country battles prolonged economic sanctions and resource shortages. Former CIA analyst Soo Kim told CNN on Sunday that the process of generating overseas crypto income for the regime has now become a 'way of life' for the North Koreans."

Crypto Increasingly Used To Pay Salaries in Developing Economies

"Individuals who live in nations that are experiencing hyperinflation or have a history of financial instability are increasingly accepting cryptocurrencies as their main source of income.

In countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Turkey and parts of Africa, people are turning to cryptocurrencies as inflation runs hot, Philipp Sandner, founder of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, told Blockworks.

Companies utilize blockchain technology to source talent worldwide and pay their employees in cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ether and US dollar-pegged stablecoins, as a cost-effective alternative to traditional international money transfers."

Partner News

Would you like to check out other information about our partners?

Check them out at our Partner Page!!

SafeMoon Stats


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SafeMoon Podcast: Table 32: EP01

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MoonCast Transcript

MoonCast - Exciting times are ahead!

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SafeMoon Security Awareness 🔐


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