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SafeMoon Lowdown (July 11th, 2022)

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

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SafeMoon's Global HR Director, Kate Porter liked Simon Sinek's most recent post on LinkedIn.

"Passion is an output developed by working toward something we believe in. Recorded at Realty One - One Summit, April 2022." - Simon Sinek

Scam Prevention

Thank you for reminding everyone to stay safe out there Frankie!

"Be Careful out there! These scumbags are getting more and more sophisticated. NEVER GIVE YOUR SEEDPHRASE TO ANYONE!"

He shared this scam example image:

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats made a suggestion.

"Wonder if @dutchprogrammer could have a bot spam this for a while with a bot? Couple hundred thousand requests should do it"

"I can do that 😅😁" - Danny replied


For those of you who missed yesterday's Mooncast, Grove token COO was unable to join in and will be the guest speaker in next week's Mooncast instead.


Unfortunately due to personal circumstances @GroveToken will not be able to make #MOONCAST. We hope that those within the team made a speedy recovery! They are looking to join us next week on the 17th of July."

- SafeMoon Education manager, Cats

"I apologize for having to reschedule to next week. I have strep and bronchitis. It is best that I give my throat a day of rest, as we have all heard in spaces lately. Thank you for understanding."

- Mendy, COO GroveToken

MoonCast # 44 - Calmness is brewing excitement

Spartan Race

SafeMoon sales and growth manager Jonas participated in the Spartan Race held at Snowbasin Resort. Well done, Jonas!!!💪👏🗻

"Should've run more to get ready for this, but got 2nd in the 1pm heat and 111 overall 🍻. "
"It was actually 6km and the last one killed me."

Snowbasin Resort

What is the Spartan Race?

I race that takes place on Mount Ogden located in Ogden, Utah. "Mount Ogden is no stranger to elite athletics: this course was home to Winter Olympic events in 2002. At a 3,000 foot vertical climb to the peak, this course is one of our toughest yet. The trek to the summit will be challenging, but that just makes the breathtaking views from the top so much more worth it. Take a Gondola ride to enjoy the views when not on the course."

Image published by Snowbasin

Click the icon for more event details


SafeMoon Labs

Today's SafeMoon Labs hosted by Gandalf will be on "Subjective and Objective Opinions" at 2 PM est. See your timezone and set your reminder below.

Community Content

"Successful people don't play victims to their circumstances, they adapt and play victor. The team has been quiet for a while now, I know and you all know where this is going. Each day is another day gone, but it's another day closer to the goals SFM has set."

SafeMoon artwork posted by u/BUGOOGA2 on Reddit

"Good Morning #SAFEMOONARMY #grovegreenarmy, I believe in the teams of #SafeMoon, #GroveToken and #Brewlabs 💙💚💛" - Syko


(be.lieve) verb;

  1. Accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth.

  2. To have faith, confidence, and trust.

Food for Thought

"Invest in yourself. You can afford it. "

"You don't need to be in your 20s to start a business. I started my SaaS company at 35. Let's encourage: - Bootstrapped founders - Late bloomer founders - Getting skills in your 20s, building in your 30s Don't listen to anyone that says you're too old or lack the funding."

Inspirational quote shared by u/Ecstatic-Abrocoma-7 on Reddit.3

SafeMoon Ranking

SafeMoon was ranked #2 among the TOP TRENDING USA COINS by Bitmart Research.

Crypto News

US dominates crypto ATMs installations and BTC hash rate worldwide

"Despite the myriads of state and federal regulatory hurdles faced by crypto businesses in the region, the United States plays a major role in preserving the Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto ecosystem. With China moving out of the picture following a permaban on crypto, the United States maintains the top position in terms of hash rate contribution and ATM installations worldwide."

The Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum

"In the media, the terms Bitcoin and Ethereum are as tightly associated as chair and table. Also, there is consensus among investors that these ‘crypto blue chips’ are the most investable coins. But that obscures the fact that Bitcoin and Ethereum are very different. In what sense?"

  • Bitcoin is digital hard money that you can own and transact without permission.

  • Ethereum is a software development platform for financial applications.

The similarities:

  • Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are currencies that can be used without needing anyone’s permission.

  • They both use blockchain technology.

  • They are both founded on the principle of mining to protect the network.

To expand on these very broad similarities and differences read the full article by clicking below.


VIP NFT Tickets

"Paris Saint-Germain [ a professional football club based in Paris, France] is selling NFT VIP tickets worth ≈$218,000 each for its friendly matches in Japan "

Circuit Grown Flowers

"#Bitcoin ASICs [application-specific integrated circuits] are being used to grow flowers "

"#Bitcoin ASICs(application-specific integrated circuit) are being used to grow flowers "

Partner News


"Huge progression for @GroveToken/@JohnGh87/@justbeingmendy! Massive cards are being played in Dubai. I am excited to see where their journey takes them. #SAFEMOON | #SAFEMOONARMY | #SAFEMOONSWAP | #Partnership"

Would you like to check out other information about our partners?

Check them out at our Partner Page!!

SafeMoon Stats


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SafeMoon Podcast: Table 32: EP01

Full transcript with corresponding video sections live for Table 32!!

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